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Avaaz: Bringing 195 Countries Together to Bring About Positive Change

It all began as a small internet activism website with lofty goals when was born in 2007. The website has given people all over the world the opportunity to shed light on often overlooked problems. Avaaz is a platform dedicated to giving a voice to all people and to help bring international change through the combined efforts of many.

How Does Avaaz Work?

This non-profit raises funds on their website for global campaigns. Anyone in the world can start a petition for an issue that is important tothem or their community. Larger-scale campaigns are chosen by the Avaaz board with many of the suggestions coming from members. These same members get to vote on what causes they think should be funded. The result is less time for assistance to be delivered to the needy parties because Avaaz’s efficient system eliminates unnecessary delays.

What Causes Are Supported?

Avaaz has been a long time supporter of the Paris Climate Accord, they have worked together with the United Nations Secretary-General along with French ministers to fight pollution and protect the environment for future generations. Avaaz has organized many campaigns for this project to bring the people’s attention to this serious matter, and it worked with many successful People’s Climate Marches with countless participants.

Protecting the ocean along with all of the sea life and plants that calls it home has also been a huge priority for Avaaz. The non-profit has successfully helped to create two very large marine reserves plus a marine national monument. Their efforts continued to be successful as they lobbied with countries globally in order to get them to agree to protect 30% of the oceans by 2030.

There are true challenges all of the world that people are asking for help with to achieve justice. Trying to go about it independently is a daunting task with often minimal success, but with Avaaz things are much different. They unite 195 countries together on important issues such as climate change, corruption, conflict, and poverty. Avaaz gives a voice to the voiceless.