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Waiakea Volcanic Water: Setting A New Standard In Bottled Water

What would life be like if there was a shortage of clean water? This liquid-substance is just as important as food, but the good things about it are that most people receive free water via their homes. As an industry, bottled water is one of the best-selling beverages on the planet as it brings in multi-millions on an annual basis. Across the globe, the bottled-water industry has reached an epic $100 billion in generated revenue. Have you ever noticed the high-amounts of bottled-water brands that line the shelves of your favorite stores? The popular brands included are Aquafina, Dasani, Aquas, Ozarka, Crystal Clear, Poland Spring, Nestle Pure Life, VEEN, Voss, Zephyrhills, Evian and Ice Mountain. The list can go on and on for days.

There’s a new contender on the market, and it has made the headlines. This brand is known as Waiakea. If you’re searching for a bottled-water brand that is strictly natural, Waiakea is the brand for you. Why does this brand stand out? Well, the truth is that Waiakea’s water comes from two main sources, including rain and snowmelt. One of its greatest attributes is that the water is being filtered through an actual volcano. The Mauna Loa volcano of the Hawaiian islands is where the water comes from, and it is purified to the max. As the water drains through the mountain, it’s naturally being cleaned by the mountain’s rocks. Yes, these rocks just so happen to be porous rocks, and porous rocks have a history of providing top-notch purification.

This is why the water is titled as Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water. On top of that, this specific water is loaded with healthy minerals as well as loaded with plenty of electrolytes. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water is rated at an 8.8 pH-level. Just imagine about all of the good things that can from drinking this amazing liquid, but it’s up to you to make the next step.