Crosses For Losses

Eric Lefkovsky Takes On a Mission

Anyone who has been involved in the medical field knows that cancer treatment is a highly complex aspect of medicine, and one that is growing and changing continually. New forms of treatment are being developed continually, but for anyone who is dealing with the illness, the reality is that effective treatment can’t come fast enough. All of this is why tech developer and entrepreneur Eric Lefkovsky (the visionary behind Groupon, Tempus Labs, Echo Global Logistics and more) is so passionate about putting his tech savvy and philanthropic expertise into helping speed up the treatment process for those in need.

Aligning The Tech Savvy of Tempus to Treatment

Lefkovsky is the CEO and also founder of Tempus Labs, which today is one of Chicago’s top health labs. One of the jobs of Tempus is to store vast amounts of data taken from patients in cancer treatment. It’s Lefkovsky’s view, however, that right now there is breakdown in communication between this stored molecular data, and the physicians who need access to it in order to develop effective patient care regimes. When patient’s need care, time is of the essence, especially when we are talking about cancer treatment. This is why Lefkovsky is making it a priority for Tempus to be part of the solution, as far as getting physicians greater access to the information that is critical to providing a top level of care, fast.

Developing an Information Platform

Tempus has been created to collect gene sequencing information and provide data analysis. Lefkovsky wants to create a platform that would act as an educational center for doctors that need patient data. This platform would integrate patient data along with the clinical information needed to dictate treatment plans. This would be a personalized patient care model that could provide a revolutionary advance in providing access to cancer treatment.

Lefkovsky’s plans are certainly ambitious, but if his history tells us anything, it’s that once a goal has been set, he will meet it, all of which is great news for medical research, to be sure.

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