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George Soros Offers Guidance on Ukraine

George Soros has decades of experience in handling some of the world’s most massive problems. His focus is now on the situation in Ukraine and how to best advise European leaders to make sure that the country remains free of Russian intervention and is able to stand on its own two feet in the very near future. George Soros recognizes that Europe is in the middle of facing many crises all at the same time. He certainly understands how European leaders find themselves torn on priorities for all of these situations, but he strongly urges that the crisis in Ukraine be given top priority, at least for right now.

Some people may wonder what gives Soros the authority to speak on behalf of the Ukrainian people or to offer advice on the current economic and political situation in Ukraine. His years of experience through his very own Ukrainian foundation have provided a very unique perspective on the historical trends and current situation in Ukraine for Soros. He has actual knowledge of the political and economic conditions, which are undergoing a massive transformation toward democratic principles. Soros does not want to see any of the progress lost in Ukraine, especially as it nears the culmination of years of hard-fought political battles.

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Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

Soros understands the need to be very practical in advancing the reforms in Ukraine. This is why he recommends a serious focus on breaking up the state natural gas monopoly in Ukraine so that the free enterprise system can flourish. Oil and natural gas account for such a large part of the Ukrainian economy. Soros hopes that European leaders can see the value in helping to break up the monopoly through an infusion of foreign capital investment. In order to effect the change toward foreign investment in Ukraine, Soros explains the immediate need for political risk insurance. According to Soros’ plan, the EU member counties would fund the payout for any claim based on pro-rata shares of responsibility.

Beyond the political risk insurance that Soros promotes as a solution for increasing foreign investment in Ukraine, he argues that any additional financial assistance to Ukraine should be marked as a defense expenditure for the EU. This is because any measure of strength that the EU can bring to Ukraine is a step in the right direction toward minimizing the threat of Russian aggression in Europe. For Soros, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in terms of preventing Putin from becoming an even greater global threat. Soros does not think that Ukraine is in a position to defend itself against another military attack from Russia in its current state. In light of that fact, continued assistance from Ukraine’s European friends is necessary to bolster its military defenses against Russia. While Soros contends that sanctions against Russia were a necessary evil in addressing this situation, if Russia continues to deescalate its aggression, then the sanctions should be lifted as a reward. As Soros demonstrates, this is a complicated international situation that demands serious attention.

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Shaygan Kheradpir Revitalizes Coriant As Their New CEO

Shaygan Kheradpir, presently the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Coriant. Coriant is a dynamic company offering its customers solutions to industry cable, transport, and technology accessibility. Products ranging from transport network management systems to cross-connect platforms and accessories. Coriant offers global services by strategically partnering with businesses offering service solutions.

Kheradpir’s experience in business and technology fills over 28 years of financial services, technology, and leadership. Kheradpir began his technology career at GTE Corporation, moving quickly to EVP and Chief Information Officer of Verizon as part of their executive team moving the firm into an efficient, innovative, streamlined service provider.

Shaygan Kheradpir holds his bachelor and master’s degree in engineering from Cornell University. Throughout his career, Shaygan has patented multiple items in the media and telecom industry and served on the advisory board of the U.S. National Insitute of Standards and Technology.

As the CEO of Coriant, Shaygan Kheradpir brings with him a breadth experience, technology, and ingenuity working closely with the senior management. He is walking into this position with his eyes wide open. Kheradpir has spent time working with the management team early on to ensure his approach will blend and improve strategies as he progresses in his new CEO position.

Kheradpir spent approximately 10-months preparing for his new position as CEO of Coriant melding his style with the present management style to ensure the transition was cohesiveness. Seamless transitions are always an aim for new management, but change never comes without a few ripples in the water, and that includes improved management. Although Kheradpir has had a very interesting and varied journey in his career, technology has always been at the forefront of his mantra. Advancing technology, placing it into operation at the right time while focusing on business growth and profits is difficult. Blending and introducing the right blend of technology to the customer base takes planning and seamless motion.

Quoting Shaygan Kheradpir, “be it a few people or a few thousand people, the key was always to take a step back, look at the responsibilities assigned and try to figure out how to make a big difference in markets and the customers that we serve.” Excellent advice for many business operations. One way to be noticed and many times receive approval is to use this technique suggested by Kheradpir.

Much of this information was obtained from The Little Black Book of Billionaire Secrets, where Peter High interviewed and wrote articles about innovative ideas in the world of techno-info.

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A Guide to Burying Negative Searches

Reputation is everything, and it takes effort to maintain a good reputation, whether online or offline. A great reputation will take you everywhere. Any successful company can attest to this. Particularly, now that almost everything can be done online and customers will be searching for products and service over the internet. Companies need to do everything to ensure that they get positive searches. Otherwise, even their digital marketing efforts could be jeopardized. However, if bad articles do appear, all is not lost. With the following guide, you can bury negative articles appearing on your searches.

SEO Reverse
If you are getting negative searches, the first thing you can do to correct the issue is do an SEO reversal. An SEO reversal involves utilizing positive keywords below the negative searches. This is important on pushing down the negative articles, such that, they no longer appear on the first page of search engines.

Blogging is also a great way of burying down negative articles. You can choose to blog on your company’s official website or you can choose to blog externally. If you choose to blog externally, ensure that the URL link contains your company name. Make sure that the content you post in your blog are high-quality and helpful. This will help people forget about the negative articles in no time.

Get Active on Social Media
If your company does not have social media accounts, it is time that you had one. Open accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Do not stop at that. Ensure that you post positive posts on a regular basis. This accounts, along with your posts will be listed on various media. Therefore, pushing down any negative searches.

Responsiveness will help you avoid the negative searches in the first place. You should create a reliable forum for your customers to give feedback. Ensure, that complaints are addressed immediately. This will prevent customers from taking to the internet as the only means to be heard. This protects your brand from negative profiling.

Get Help from a Professional
If you cannot do it by yourself, get the help of a professional. Bury Bad Articles is one of the leading companies, handling such situations.

About Bury Bad Articles
As the name states, the company is involved in burying bad articles. The company was established with an aim of helping companies manage their online reputation by eliminating negative articles.

Helane Morrison’s Success As A Compliance Officer

Unlike in the past when chief risk officers (CROs) were only found in the insurance industry, these professionals are now getting more roles, especially in financial firms. Apart from the technical expertise that they have always employed in their day-to-day duties, the firms require CROs to be critical thinkers and have excellent leadership qualities.
I believe that the 2008 financial crisis spearheaded the introduction of CROs to the financial firms. These professionals were the only ones who could enhance transparency, accountability and risk management that was demanded by the financial regulators. The new roles require the professionals to augment their broad and independent view of their organization in order to anticipate any potential disruptions besides advising the firm accordingly.
Identification, monitoring and mitigation of risks are important to financial institutions as they determine the success of most financial services. This ensures that market risks, operation risks and credit risks are managed appropriately. I agree that in order to manage a company’s reputation and conduct risk analysis, CROs should work closely with compliance officers. This information was originally reported on The Wall Street Journal as posited in the following link Chief Risk Officer on a Broader Role.
John Olert, Fitch Group’ CRO, is an example of the close relationship that exists between CROs and compliance officer. He worked in the compliance department of the group for some years before becoming the acting chief compliance officer. During his time in the office, he was charged with managing regulatory risks for the company. Following the 2008 financial crisis, he was involved with setting up processes and structures that the group used to assess and manage risks. These efforts saw him become the firm’s first chief risk officer in 2010.
About Helane Morrison
An example of a chief compliance officer who works interacts with CROs is Helane L. Morrison of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is the managing director and doubles up as the General Counsel of the firm. Helane serves on the Board of the Regional Parks Foundation and is a member of the American Bar Association’s Hedge Fund subcommittee. Morrison is also a speaker. She speaks lecturers on how private funds and investments advisers are affected by compliance and legal issues.

Ms. Morrison has worked with many institutions and influential individuals. She started her career as a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun before joining Howard, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin as an attorney. She also worked at the San Francisco SEC office before joining Hall Capital Partners LLC in 2007. Helane has a degree in Journalism from Northwestern University and studied law at the University of California.

Michael Zomber Is More Than Just an Arms Dealer

Michael Zomber is a name that many people think about when they think of historians.  By and large, he is actually much more of a collector than anything else, though it is true that he does deal in some arms of an antique nature. His fascination with antique arms started at a relatively young age. Over the years, he has managed to build up a rather impressive collection of items. These items include not only guns of various types that were used during some of the most formative decades in history, but also ancient swords and other arms of a similar nature that were carefully guarded centuries ago. Obviously, Zomber is not your everyday, run-of-the-mill collector.

What he is, however, is someone who truly understands the bigger picture when it comes to these types of items. After his exoneration, Michael understands that much better the historical significance behind them and he knows that is what makes them so important. It isn’t so much about the item itself, but far more about what it represented in history and how it helped shape individuals from every conceivable area of the world. Without these arms, the world might indeed be a very different place than it is today. This is why he goes to such extremes to collect the antique arms that he is in search of.

This has led to a number of additional opportunities for Zomber and others associated with him. For instance, he is heavily involved in the film industry, largely because of his enormous collection of antique arms. In addition, he is a generous philanthropist and has used his success as an arms dealer to help other individuals who are not as fortunate. Without his success, it is highly doubtful that he would be in a position to help these individuals like he has in the past. Therefore, Michael Zomber cannot be described in a single term such as arms collector. Instead, he has used his love of antique arms to affect many different areas within his own little corner of the world.  Follow his journey through Facebook.

Andy Wirth Emerge Victorious in the Olympic Valley Incorporation Battle


Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He went to Colorado State University and Edinburgh University. Last year, Reno Airport Board appointed Andy as their new chair.Andy is a major contributor to the community and environmental organizations in the Lake Tahoe area. He is dedicated to improving the area as well as making the resort one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Andy spearheaded the construction of a base-to-base Gondola by getting to an agreement with Troy Caldwell.

The Reno-Gazette Journal reported that Lake Tahoe North Shore communities have been facing a rough time after an epic drought damaged the winter resorts and the small businesses that depend on them. The community is also facing a civic challenge in the form of an incorporation battle over the Olympic Valley, where Squaw Valley Resort and most iconic winter sports terrain are located. Andy Wirth considers incorporation of the valley as a huge threat not only to the businesses in the area, but also the political climate.

It has been tough for the last four years. Nevertheless, good news to Andy Wirth is that there is a relief on both challenges. Nature has been fair with them since cold temperatures and early storms set in earlier, and this enables the resorts to open weeks earlier than they did in the previous decade.

The other challenge was eliminated when the supporters of the incorporation formally withdrew from their determinations to incorporate Olympic Valley. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings spent a lot of money to oppose the incorporation. They battled the incorporation since it would have resulted to increased taxes on the businesses as well as the residents in the area and decreased level of services such as snow plowing and road maintenance. In addition, Olympic Valley would have been isolated from the rest of the North Shore communities, which they pool resources to deal with local issues.

The incorporation would be a long-term challenge to people operating businesses in the area. The incorporation’s backers said that Squaw Valley opposed the incorporation for their self-gain. According to the backers, Squaw Valley has plans for a gondola that would connect the two resorts, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. In addition, the backers said that Squaw has plans to venture more in the real estate by having more commercial and residential developments.

Olympic Valley incorporation supporters reported that Squaw Valley feared answering to a town council and instead opted to go through the Auburn, California based County Board of Supervisors for land matters. Ski Valley rejected the accusations from the backers and pointed out that the backers had also spent a considerable amount of cash.With the Incorporate Olympic Valley threat eliminated, Andy said he want the community to unite and work on issues like transportation.


White Shark Media Offering Free Adword Evaluations

With technology taking over everything, most business is now conducted online. Therefore, businesses have literally taken their business online. This is of course followed by the need for digital marketing.

One of the ways in which companies can increase traffic into their website and potentially increase their sales and customer base is through the use of Google Adwords.

White Shark Media Review is one of the world’s leading companies offering digital marketing services. This makes it the perfect company to go to when in need of an Adwork campaign for your business. Their previous successes is assure you that they are truly the best in the game.

The company offers free Adword evaluations to all companies that would like to use this tool for their campaign. The first step to getting your free Adword application is making an application. The application can be made through their website. They will then get back to scheduling an appointment for the real evaluation. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

During the evaluation session, the company utilizes the interactive software to allow the applicants to follow the evaluation process. The specialists helping you with the evaluation are highly- trained by Google Adword experts and go through the training for a number of years to enhance thorough understanding. On top of this, they have handled many evaluation projects which makes to handle any evaluation project.

White Shark media evaluates your Google Adword campaigns through six steps. This includes keyword selection, tracking efforts, Ad extensions, overall campaign performance, Ad testing strategy and the optimization techniques utilized by your company.

After successfully completing the valuation, you are now free to decide whether you will contract them to manage your Ad campaigns. The free evaluation does mean that you have to hire them. Whatever you do after the evaluation, your company will definitely be better than it was before the session. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

If you choose not to hire them, you will have at least learnt some strategies that will help take your company to the next level in terms of digital campaigns. However, if you do hire them, you have even greater chances at excellence.

Like any other company, experiencing rapid growth, White Shark Media get their fair share of complaints. However, what sets them apart from other companies is their ability to solve these issues. The company conducts a review of their ratings on regular basis to find out problem areas and as so respond immediately.

George Soros Says That a Brexit Should Be Avoided

Well renowned philanthropist and investor, George Soros, believes that the United Kingdom should stay in the European Union. In fact, Soros is not the only one who is lending his support on this issue. Soccer star, David Beckham, and his wife, Victoria Beckham, are also urging the United Kingdom to not quit the European Union.

David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, is also urging the same thing while uttering the famous epithet “Brits don’t quit.”

Both David Beckham and David Cameron are urging Brits to consider their children, their children’s children and the future when considering this issue. If the United Kingdom were to leave the European Union, the outcome would be irreversible. Beckham, Cameron, and George Soros are all urging that a “Brexit” not happen anytime soon.

According to George Soros, if the United Kingdom were to leave the European Union, it could decrease the value of the pound. As evidence, Soros cites the events of Black Wednesday on September 16, 1992 when the pound lost 15 percent of its value. This means that the pound will be worth as much as the Euro. Furthermore, Soros is anticipating that a decrease in the value of the pound today to be even greater than in 1992. Soros believes that when Brits votes this Friday on June 24, 2016, the day will be infamously known as Black Friday, causing a greater wave of financial insecurity than the Black Wednesday of 1992.

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How Billionaire George Soros Profited From Brexit’s ‘Black Friday’

And yet, Soros believes that a devaluation of the pound can cause some positive benefits to the British economy in the long term. One benefit is the increased amounts of money flowing out of the region. Another benefit is the ability of the Bank of England to use monetary policy in a novel way to offset the current fiscal costs of the Euro.

But at the same time, Soros believes that a devaluation of the pound in 2016 should not be repeated because it could be much more detrimental than in 1992. Soros cites the tremendous power of investors. Also, due to the differing valuation of the pound, it will undoubtedly make the one percent richer while making everyone else poorer.

When Brits go to the polls this Friday, they should consider not only the financial implications but the future. A Brexit should be avoided at all costs, at least for now.

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Beneful Has Nice Choices for Dogs

Some say dogs will eat anything. To a certain extent, this is true. The comment is also foreboding. Dogs may eat a number of things that are not healthy for them. This is the reason why pet owners have to be very careful with what they purchase for a beloved pooch. Beneful is selling tons of gourmet selections on Walmart. Any dog lover who wants a healthy diet for his or her pet should check out Beneful’s list of choices.
Beneful Chopped Blends with lamb, brown rice, carrots, tomatoes, and spinach does a perfect job of revealing all the amazing ingredients this Purina-owned company serves up. Not all of the wet foods [] under the Beneful brand have this many items mixed in, but all are impressive in their own way. This particular Chopped Blends package is impressive and loaded with good things for a dog’s physical health.

Beneful Beef Stew might not be as ingredient stacked as the previously mentioned Chopped Blends package, but it does contain a lot of good things. Peas, carrots, barley, and rice are fine compliments to the protein-rich beef. The stew is hearty enough even for very large dogs.

Dogs great and small love to munch of dry food and Beneful is in no short supply of these side dishes.

Beneful Playful Life dry food has a nice mix of ingredients intended to serve a unique purpose. The primary two ingredients, beef and egg, deliver protein to help fuel muscle recovery in an active dog. Blueberries are added into the mix as a source of energy. For humans, blueberries are excellent carbohydrates for fuel. There is no reason why they wouldn’t help dogs in a similar way. Spinach is also part of the dry food mix and the vegetable’s benefits are too numerous to list. This variety is available on

Incredibites with real chicken also comes with spinach, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Like Playful Life, a bag of Incredibites with real chicken delivers a nice amount of protein and carbohydrates. Dogs surely will go for this dry food with glee.

The same surely can be said of all of Beneful’s choices.

Choose Beneful!

Saving Time And Money With WEN

There are so many hair care and beauty products out there it can be hard to navigate which ones will work the best for us. Some products are all hype, while some have a substantial amount of great results behind their claims. When we first saw all of those Wen hair videos with the ladies showing off their luxurious long and shiny manes, we were shocked. Could a product that really streamlines our hair care routine really be this effective at washing our hair?
Beauty writer and professional hair stylist decided to do some investigative research and let us in on the details and results. The original article can be found here:

What Emily found was that, yes, using WEN by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean did streamline her routine. She did have to use more WEN at once than her regular shampoo. While regular shampoo filled maybe a quarter’s size in her palm, the WEN totally filled up her palm. While the volume of product she had to use was more, this is no bother as WEN is filled up with luxurious botanical ingredients for the hair, the more the merrier. WEN cleansing conditioner also takes the place of a shampoo, a conditioner and a styling product, so using more cleansing conditioner all at once actually makes sense.

One thing Emily did save on was time. She was able to complete her usual shampoo and condition with just the one step of the WEN cleanse. Blow drying was even more effective after the cleanse, because she did not need to spray in a leave in conditioner or a styling gloss because her hair was already so vibrant and shiny from the WEN, also saving her money in the end. Wen hair is available on high end stores like sephora.

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