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3 Great Dating Apps

Finding the perfect match can be both an exciting and difficult endeavor. However, dating is not the same as it was several generations ago and it does not come with the same considerations. The advent of the internet has changed the enterprise of dating on a fundamental level. Young people are using the internet as a platform for meeting others. But what are internet dating platforms?

1 – Skout
Young people have been enamored with Skout for its’ resemblance of social networking. Every user has a profile with pictures and a feed that they may update with their thoughts. It reminds them of social networking sites such as Facebook. However, it has a unique feature that has been the allure of many young people. It is designed specifically to be used for flirting, and even styled a flirting app. Skout will classify each user based on their peer group, which looks at factors such as age and location. When somebody new who might be a potential match joins the Skout community, the user will receive a notification. Putting them in touch with everyone in their age group who lives near them will optimize their chances of finding that ideal match.

Some may raise the question of safety. What about older men? Will they have access to younger girls? Since Skout has the unique feature of putting everybody in a peer group, older individuals will not be in that same group. Further, there is a teens-only section that is moderated fairly well, keeping older individuals away and allowing teens to mingle freely and in peace. One can understand why so many young people are turning to Skout to meet new people.

2 – Tinder
People like Tinder for two reasons. First, it is based on location. You are not going to see anybody who lives hundreds of miles away. You can limit your search to just your local area. Second, you have to “swipe” their photo and agree that you like them before they can message you. This means that if you do not like somebody, they cannot message you. Definitely a good choice to keep away weirdos.

3 – Plenty of Fish
Since POF is one of the most popular free dating sites, there are a lot of options. However, there are also a lot of weirdos and perverts. Someone could have success on POF, but they need to approach with wisdom and caution. Plenty of Fish also has a lot of great features, but unfortunately, they have monetized their site and blocked a lot of these features from free accounts. But the free accounts can still send and receive messages and view profiles.

DeVos Family’s Rainbow Of Good Lights Up The Lives Of Many

There is a reason that everyone is here on the earth. Dick DeVos and his family foundation is definitely making the most of their time here. They have instilled the value of giving back to their family, making it an important part of their heritage, they have given back more than 90 million dollars in one year. They have continued to celebrate with others what a blessing it is to be able to help others. Their charities are giving back to others in many ways both through money and by serving which is an important aspect of their story. The article which is attached here for your reading pleasure. Gift of the DeVos family to America and the World.

Dick DeVos  earned his fortune through his previous work for Amway before he left to build his business, the Windquest Group. They have been said to be worth nearly 8 billion dollars in 2015 so giving away over 1.2 billion over their life is simply amazing. That is a huge portion of their wealth. There is no doubt that they also do it in a manner that not only helps people but, it is contagious making others want to give. It is said that the family judges other not on what they have but, on what they give and that is where the true worth of a person is found. Those kind of sediments are all over their family foundation as a testament to their vision as people with strong faith and a great sense of family. Check out their website for more information on their great efforts.

Giving back to others is something they do in many forms. They recently gave a million to the Kennedy Center for their renovations and additions. Education is another place they often give back to as well both far and local, especially to Dick’s self-founded aeronautically-focused high school, West Michigan Aviation Academy. They are from Michigan which is dear to their hearts and they often give back to places that are in their home area. These are very important in helping with those who do not have the ability to access care as well as others and with the lack of state funding their efforts are always appreciated by many people within the community.

Stephen Murray: Why You Need To Consider CCMP Capital

Looking for a reputable private equity investment firm? Wondering what makes CCMP Capital a reliable company for investing purposes? Over the years, many people have benefited immensely from the services and guidance provided by CCMP Capital. Any company or businessperson who wants to achieve tremendous success in their investment endeavor should consider utilizing the services of this reputable investment firm.

While these types of organizations may focus on a wide array of investment strategies, including drumming up venture funds, they routinely buy undervalued or under-appreciated firms, develop them, and then sell them for a huge profit, kind of like house flipping but in a commercial setting.

As the industry attracts the most recommended on and brightest in corporate America, the professionals at these enterprises are usually highly effective in deploying investment cash and in maximizing the market values of their portfolio companies.

Immediately after acquiring a company, a private equity company, such as CCMP Capital, will take it off from the stock market. This allows the organization to make difficult decisions without having to disclose sensitive information to shareholders or the public generally. By making the company private, the company is in essence only liable to its smaller group of investors.

Although there are many companies offering various types of investment services, not all of these companies have the quality resources and expert skill you need to reach your goals. It is imperative to research properly and choose one of the most recommended investment firms in the industry. When it comes to selecting a highly regarded investment firm, consider CCMP Capital.

It is important to choose a private equity company that meets all of your requirements and that has the same preferences for investment as you do. Companies often publicly list what their equity investment preferences or choices are and how they can be contacted.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is definitely is your clear choice for all your equity investment needs.
All of their investment advisers and financial services professionals are highly knowledgeable in various aspects of financial and investing issues. If you are serious about finding one of the most dedicated private equity investment experts or firms available, look no further than CCMP Capital.

Wall Street’s Stephen Murray, the former President and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital, had a great reputation in the investment industry. Stephen was a hardworking investment professional and rendered top notch service to his clients. He personally mentored many of his associates and was considered one of the most knowledgeable in the field. Stephen was highly dedicated to ensuring complete satisfaction of clients and associates and earned a lot of respect from his peers. Murray passed away on March 12, at age 52.

Why Has Coriant Hired Shaygan Kheradpir As Its CEO?

Coriant is an emerging technology firm that manages networks for communications. The company was once happy to use those networks to make money, but Coriant has decided it wants to move into the 21st Century with greater product offerings. Coriant will succeed with help from Shaygan, and his work experience with Verizon makes him more than capable. This article explains how Shaygan Kheradpir will bring Coriant into the 21st Century.

#1: Prototyping New Technology Products

There are many prototypes Coriant must create for the market, and Shaygan is prepared to bring his prototype system to Coriant. Shaygan knows how to create these products in 30 days, and creating several different products in a short period of time will help Coriant get in front of competitors who cannot move as quickly.

#2: The New Telecommunications Structure

The new telecommunications structure in North America will be populated with Coriant phones, telecommunications products and many other devices that will make users around North America more connected than ever. Coriant will create more competition in the marketplace with their new phones, and Shaygan will help the company move quickly to offer as many devices as possible.

#3: Coriant Is A Wonderful New Option For Consumers

Coriant a new option for consumers who are concerned about saving money and finding new products to use. The newest products from Coriant will offer customers new ways to stay in touch with one another, and Coriant could become the newest player in a cell phone and telecommunications network that competes for customer dollars. Shaygan Kheradpir knows how to help the company explode on the marketplace, and he will use his considerable knowledge of the industry to make quick changes to Coriant.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a holder of three degrees from Cornell University in electrical engineering, and his education gives him a method of solving problems that other CEOs simply do not have. He has climbed the corporate ladder through GTE Labs, Verizon and now Coriant to become a scion in the technology. He is a trailblazer who will make Coriant into the powerful telecommunications company that will compete with the best.

Performance in Angola, Africa Stirs Controversy for Nicki Minaj

Human Rights Foundations Requests Cancellation
There is much controversy being stirred up surrounding Nicki Minaj. Minaj and her girls have already jetted off to Angola, Africa. This is ahead of a scheduled performance. The event has been stirring up much controversy. The raptress is scheduled for a Christmas performance on Saturday. This is sponsored by Unitel. The Human Rights Foundation has requested That Nicki cancel this Christmas performance. This request came in an open letter.

The Communications Company Concerns
Unitel is the communications company that is controlled by the family of José Eduardo dos Santos. He has been the Angolan President since the year 1979. This controversy has come into play because the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Organization has called this president a dictator. This is the reason for the request to cancel the Christmas concert. The open letter to Nicki stated that her payment for her performance would be a direct result of government corruption along with violations of human rights. The outlined information in the letter warned Nicki of the three decade authoritarian rule. The violations include the exploited Angola’s diamond and oil wealth. This was exploited in order to maintain control over branches within the government along with civil society. It has been stated that Dos Santos had the following included into his policy for those who protested his rule. These included:
* harassment
* imprisonment
* the killing of politicians, activists, and journalists
This is the overall reason that the cancellation had been requested for the concert that that Minaj will be performing in.

Human Rights and Thor Halvorssen
Thor Halvorssen is a film producer and he is also a human rights activist. He has been described as an individual with a strong passion for the underdog and the powerless. Halvorssen started to advocate for human rights in the year 1989.

Thor Halvorssen Had Motivation
Thor Halvorssen does have an intriguing background. Perhaps his motivation for his powerful human rights passion is due to the fact that his own father had become a political prisoner. This occurred in Venezuela. Hal’s own background is Norwegian and Venezuelan. His mother had been shot while participating in a political protest. Thor does seem to have a solid and clear motivation for human rights and those who are powerless.

Analysts Give Nobilis Health A Clean Bill Of Health

As we head into the fourth quarter of 2015, markets are down substantially. However, according to Russell Stanley, an analyst at Mackie Research Capital, there is an industry player in the provision of healthcare services that will buck this trend. Nobilis Health Corp is the player. He identified this firm in a comprehensive report by analysts at Mackie Research Capital. This report allows the analysts to present their top picks for Q4. Nobilis Health Corp is a healthcare provider that owns and operates, in parts of the United States, surgical hospitals. The company boasts a track record of high organic growth, according to Stanley. He also goes ahead to point out that the firm is also successful when it comes to M&A. A case in point is the acquisition of First Nobilis Hospital in September 2014 for $7.5 million in cash. Nobilis Health Corp on September 23rd made an announcement that they had managed to acquire a 60% stake in the former Freedom Pain Hospital, giving them management control over the same. This acquisition was at $3.2 million. At a different research firm, Zacks, Nobilis Health Corp. has received a short-term rating of buy, with a rank of 2. Nobilis has received a rating of 1 from a brokerage firm. Another analyst has also described the firm as a strong buy. In the last three months, Nobilis Health Corp. has dropped by 22.32% on yahoo finance. In the last five trading days, Nobilis shares rose by 4.02% and by 8.17% in the last four weeks. Financial analysts have commented on the rating of the company. The current rating of the Nobilis shares, according to Stephens Inc., is Overweight. The firm’s equity analysts announced the price target as $10 per share. This rating was issued on the 20th of August 2015. Nobilis Health Corp is a healthcare provider that excels in the provision of ambulatory and acute care facilities. The focus of the firm is the provision of access to care to patients. This is to be achieved by the provision of procedures that are minimally invasive and at a low-cost outpatient setting. Nobilis engages in direct-to-patient marketing and employs proprietary technologies carry out patient engagement and education. Nobilis has ownership and manages surgical facilities in Dallas, Scottsdale and Houston. The firm is also in contractual partnerships with facilities in New Jersey, Tennessee, Oregon, Michigan, Arizona and Minnesota.

Dick DeVos Is a Helpful Philanthropist

If there is one thing I have a lot of respect for, it is philanthropy. There is one person that I am hearing about recently who is making a lot of charitable contributions. This man is named Dick DeVos. He is making a lot of contributions for many people and giving plenty of opportunities. Watch the testimony video below to see how his donations helped this young Michigan man.


He has made an impressive contribution to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts which has blown it past its goals for a project of expansion. However, this has caused it to raise its target by $50 million. The original goal of the fundraiser was to raise up $125 million. You can see more of his upcoming charity work by visiting his Facebook.

The original start of this campaign was sometime in 2013. This fundraiser has gone on for two years. There have been a few changes in the design during the fundraiser. In 2013, a $50 million donation was made by David Rubenstein. His generosity went unmatched as the money kept pouring in. However, DeVos has recently made a huge contribution of $1 million. The amount that was donated boosted the fundraiser past its goals.

Dick runs a family foundation along with Betsy DeVos. They have been married for more than 30 years. I personally believe that if someone is able make a marriage work for 30 years, they are doing something right.  This shows that they are able to work out their issues in a way that is constructive. DeVos is an accomplished author and dispells much of his life views in his New York Times Best Selling Book, titled Believe. Their family hails from Dutch heritage and they have four children of their own. They have one daughter-in-law, two sons-in-law. They also have two granddaughters. All of their children are working careers in their business.

Dick is an excellent example of a philanthropist to look up to. He does a lot to help people. He also makes many contributions to new projects. He definitely has inspired me. For one thing, he has made a lot of efforts in revitalizing downtown Grand Rapids. He also serves int he RDV Corporation as a board member. DeVos education includes his attendance at Northwood University and other public schools. He is also involved in an investment firm called The Windquest Group which is where he gets his ability to provide funding to some of the best projects in development. 

About CCMP Capital and how former President Stephen Murray helped them grow

About CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is an investment firm that is private. This firm’s main focus is leveraged buyout and growth of the capital transactions. CCMP Capital employees over 50 people and has many different offices, they even have offices in Tokyo, London, Hong Kong and in New York. They were ranked to be number 17 in terms of the world’s largest equity funds. They are specialized in the buying out and growth of equity investment all throughout Europe and North America, within 4 different industries. The name of CCMP Capital actually came from it’s ancestor organizations, Chase Capital, Chemical Venture, Manufacturers Hanover Capital/J.P. Morgan and Partners. They became an independent firm during the month of August in 2006.

The History of CCMP Capital

This company, CCMP Capital, has been called on Wall Street many names during the past 20 years. It was originally named Chemical Venture Partners when it was founded in 1984. It was meant to be a private equity and venture capital arm of the company Chemical Bank. After the 1996 acquisition of Chase Manhattan Bank, done by Chemical Bank, Chemical Bank took the Chase name and then Chemical Venture Partners chose to make their name be Chase Capital Partners, and the name changing went on from there.

Stephen P. Murray

Being a great philanthropist and private equity investor, Steven P. Murray was the president and chief executive officer at the company CCMP Capital. Murray decided to take part in a credit analyst training program that was offered in 1984 at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. By 1989, he had decided to join the MH Equity Corporation, this corporation was a combination of the Manufacturers Hanover’s private equity group and it’s leveraged finance sector. Stephen became the head of the buyout business at JP Morgan Partners in the year 2005. He co-founded the CCMP Capital company in August of 2006, and in the year 2007, he decided to become the CEO of CCMP Capital.

Sam Tabar and THINX

Sam Tabar, a famous NY lawyer, looks closely at many potential companies that get his attention in order to see whether or not the company is worth investing in. He has found a potential asset in a company called THINX. This company was funded in a Kickstarter campaign and has a business model that is very special to Sam Tabar. Sam Tabar has found that this company addresses the business model and global issues in a way that satisfies him. They provide actual solutions to problems and not just try to make money of of their customers. Sam Tabar sees this in THINX and is impressed with its model, and as a man who has given many investment tips in the past, he definitely knows what he’s talking about.

THINX offers undergarments for women that handle menstruation. This gives women the chance to go to work or school. One thing that Sam Tabar noticed on Twitter about THINX is that they are making a difference in the lives of women with their product. With each purchase comes seven cloths that are both washable and reusable. In countries like Africa, women are not able to handle menstruation in a way that allows them to leave home. With the products offered by THINX a woman in Africa has better means to handle problems with menstruation. It is this practical solution to a significant problem that Sam Tabar respects and admires about the company THINX.

Sam Tabar himself is all about solving problems, and his history makes that pretty clear. He is not just trying to succeed for himself, but to find a way for others to succeed. He is willing to advise others on what to look for in a potentially profitable business. He is always willing to tell people about his portfolio and what he looks for in a business that gains his investment. He is also willing to invest in companies that make things convenient for their customers. THINX allows customers to order from the website so that they can receive their items without having to travel to a location if they live far from it.

Having met them in one of his earlier career opportunities, Sam Tabar had some friends who knew the founders of THINX. This is how they met. Sam Tabar initially was wanting to understand the business before he decided to invest in the company. One of the things that stood out in their presentation of THINX is the business model. He also showed that they are very wise about how they handle their finances. Even a great product could fail if the company did not have a sound financial strategy. It is not enough for a company to make money. It must also know how to use the money in a way that is profitable. THINX has shown wisdom in how it plans to handle its finances. This is what impressed Sam Tabar along with the products that the company offered.

Scott Lumley’s Gift of Industrial Space to Nashville Coming Soon

Nashville will be getting a 600,000 square foot industrial warehouse that is geared to solving the problem of lack of industrial space. The cost of this space was nearly $2 million dollars, and it’s 44 acres of space which is on pace to start building this month.

This development was scored by the largest commercial developer in Nashville, Pannatoni Development Company. While the project is on schedule to be completed by the fall of 2016, there are currently no tenants on hand. This will be the largest industrial space built without tenants in nearly a decade.

This warehouse is coming at a time when the city desperately needed warehouse space close to downtown. This could potentially solve the problems for more businesses than anticipated that are in need of more space for their goods. With the warehouse within a three to four-mile radius of downtown, access to the interstate will make this space favorable for all who are in need of the extra space. Will this space be sufficient? The real test of the business acumen for Pannatonni will be how many tenants grab the open spaces and start the ball rolling.

The commercial Realtor to watch is Scott Lumley. As an entrepreneur, Lumley knows that the fuel for his fire is all about making sure that every customer is absolutely satisfied with everything you do. Lumley knows that the needs of his market change frequently, and that has helped him get to the top as the principal member of Resolve Financials LLC.

The purchase of older commercial buildings is what has drawn his attention to Nashville. This is what drew Lumley to The City Center. His goal was to help redefine the way most warehouses are built in an attempt to make things easier for future tenants. Perhaps commercial developers and Realtors are going to ride on the coattails of Lumley to see if they can duplicate his success.

Lumley’s passion for commercial real estate and finance, coupled with his understanding of how the internet will help businesses thrive, is a pathway to success for all who are involved in his transactions.