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Millennial Women Rejoice For New EOS Lip Balm

The once archaic lip balm aisles of department stores have now been spruced up with EOS’ orb-shaped containers. Unlike traditional-style lip balm, EOS lip balm products are appealing to all five senses. Users celebrate the myriad scents and flavors that EOS lip balm comes in. Additionally, the container itself is easy to hold and makes a satisfying clicking noise when closed. With several color schemes, EOS has successfully created a product that is both fun to use and functionally efficient.

Since joining the market around 7 years ago, the founders of EOS have built the company from a startup to a $250 million company. Fast Company had the opportunity to discover the methods employed to help create such a successful business. Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra didn’t randomly decide to make a lip balm product. Instead, they saw an opportunity for success in the unchanging market that had been dominated by large companies such as Chapstick. In order to create a product specifically for women, EOS redesigned the container and began to market specifically to their target demographic.

Focusing their efforts primarily on women of the millennial generation, EOS targeted their advertisements with precision. Besides traditional magazine and television ads, EOS took their marketing strategies to a whole new level. They contacted famous beauty bloggers with large social media followings to review and feature EOS lip balm. Additionally, they were able to make their way into music videos with superstars Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus. Taylor Swift even became a spokesperson for the company at one point. EOS also focused on their own social media projects by amassing millions of followers on Instagram and Facebook. These platforms give EOS valuable avenues for communication with their target demographic. With around one million units being sold per week, EOS has grown themselves to the top of the lip balm market. Today, the products are also available thru online retailers Lucky Vitamin and Racked.

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Securus Technology Rising To Forefront With New BBB Accreditation

The Better Business Bureau offers accreditation to willing companies around the country. Each company is held up to the light to see if it qualifies for BBB’s highest award. And the crazy thing is that accreditation is voluntary. The company that wants to be accredited has to actually pay for it and then jump through the hoops of the accreditation process. It’s not something that every business owner can afford. It’s also a big time hassle that can really put a drag on the business itself.


That’s why it is so mind blowing to see a company like Securus going through the process. Securus Technologies is a tech company that provides solutions to the law enforcement community. But most people in American know the company for servicing prisons and jails. They are the ones that run the phones connected to the walls inside of those prisons.


It’s crazy that they went out of their way for accreditation because of the way the business works. Securus, along with other telecommunications companies, bid for contracts in order to be the only company to provide telephone services in that facility. Once the contract is signed, they have no competition and they don’t really need to treat their customers well. After all, the prisoners have to use that service in order to make a call. They don’t have to happy about it.


But Securus has had an A+ rating from the BBB for a long time and they finally went through the accreditation process. It’s as if they are internally driven to run a good, ethical business despite the conditions of that business. I wish that every technology company worked like this, even on the outside of prisons. It would make my life a lot easier dealing with a company committed to customer service.


Norka Luque and Her Belief in Music being Her Fate

Norka Luque is a Venezuelan musician who is currently based in the United States. She holds a belief that everything that has happened to her in her life lessons, experiences, languages, culture and family have all played an important part in sealing her fate which is music. Norka Luque is lucky to have Emilio Stefan Jr. for a producer as he has helped her to make a great debut into the world of music. Emilio is known in the inner circles as the King Midas of music and anything he touches turns to gold. It was after meeting Emilio that Norka Luque was able to record her first ever album known as “Miracle” that got a great reception in radio stations broadcasting in Latino and those based in the United States. The album was produced with the input of the great team assembled by Emilio. The team comprised of Archie Pena, Luis Giraldo and Cuco Pena from Puerto Rico and the brothers Alberto and Ricardo Gaitan. The genre of the album took some time before it was determined. It comprises a fusion of tropical, R&B, ballads and pop and rock rhythms.

Her journey in music started from way back when she was young as she used to take part in several music competitions. Her passion for music went on when she went to high school although she was pursuing other different courses. Her mind was constantly on music and this shaped her decision to join a music band. The band, ‘Bad Moon Rising’, Funk and Rock, enabled Norka to make appearances in various platforms and this also shaped her musical career.

About NorkaLuque

The Venezuelan musician was born on February 7, 1986 in her native city Caracas, Venezuela. Her musical journey is inspirational as it follows the story of a young girl who followed her passion in music until she finally became a star. Norka aspires to create music that will bring forth a positive message that will offer hope to the many people out there undergoing through difficult patches in their lives. Her parents were very supportive of her career when she was still young by ensuring that they took her for musical training. Her sessions involved training in voice practice, ballet, academic education and flamenco.

She proceeded to France for her studies in Business Administration that also entailed Marketing, Fashion and Culinary arts. Her music career took off in a blast after she met Emilio Stefan Jr., her producer. She believes that her music will help in changing the world to become better.

How Medicare Advantage Can Help You Live a Better Life

Medicare Advantage is a health insurance system that offers benefits to users through the Parts A and B plans. Unlike conventional healthcare costs, Medicare Advantage is a cheaper way to guarantee yourself and your family quality healthcare. The insurance program has been in existence for more than four decades, offering users several rights to access medical services.

Through the Part A plans, you can access healthcare services that are confined to in-patient services and you cannot rely on the plan for appointments to your dentist or physician. Part B offers you an opportunity to enjoy appointments to your physician and dentist. It offers more services than the earlier and you are required to submit monthly premiums.

Pros of Medicare Advantage
One of the reasons why you need to choose Medicare Advantage plans is the fact some insurance firms offer up to $0 premiums for the plans. The availability of the plan, however, is dependent on your state of residence. Secondly, Medicare Advantage plans may offer provisions for inclusion of services that are not covered under the original plan when signing up for health insurance.

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There are items that are not catered for in both Parts A and B, so you need to look for an additional package that will help you to handle the future issues. You also note that each plan offers an out-of-pocket rate that is to help you cover costs once you have used a certain amount. Once you reach the limit, you will not need to pay anything from that point for services that are listed in the program.

Who is eligible?
To qualify for the Medicare Advantage plans, you must have enrolled in both Part A and B Medicare plans. Individuals with end-stage renal disease cannot gain entry into the program. You also need to live within the service area for the kind of plan in InnovaCare Health you would like to embrace.

InnovaCare Health
Managed by a team of experienced professionals, InnovaCare Health is an established provider of managed healthcare services. The company covers the North American market and has created a strong system that is managed by different teams.

The leadership of InnovaCare Health, led by their CEO Dr. Richard Shinto, has been instrumental in ensuring the company offers high-quality services. Dr. Rick Shinto enjoys over 20 years experience in the healthcare industry. He works together with the Chief Administrative Officer of the company, Penelope Kokkinides, to ensure InnovaCare Health emerges as a leading healthcare provider within the region.

WEN By Chaz Puts The WOW Factor In Blogger’s Fine Thin Hair

There’s nothing wrong with fine, thin hair, but it doesn’t like to cooperate and hold a style. It can be quite a challenge forcing limp locks to do anything but lie flat. blogger Emily McClure admits she has that kind of hair. She desires celebrity tresses that have shine, movement and manageability. So, as a beauty blogger with access to many products, she decided to give the famous WEN hair by Chaz system a 7-day trial.

WEN by Chaz was developed by the well-known and well-liked Hollywood stylist Chaz Dean. He’s been around hair for years and understands that store bought shampoos and hair care products are hiding a dirty little secret. These products are filled with damaging chemicals like sulfates, which weaken the hair shaft. So, Chaz Dean created his brand of no lather shampoos with zero chemicals and instead, added amazing and nourishing plant-based, pure ingredients.

WEN’s unique cleansing conditioners are designed to improve any hair type in any condition. His formulas repair and strengthen the hair from root to end, from inside and out. WEN by Chaz delivers shine, volume and manageability in its special 5-in-1 formula.

Emily chose WEN’s Fig cleansing conditioner for extra body and moisture for her medium length locks. Emily was afraid to use the suggested amount of product and skimped, saying the amount was too excessive. WEN users should always follow the directions, because no lather shampoos need a lot of product to thoroughly cleanse and condition. Still, Emily’s hair came out gorgeous, and her friends were wowed, noticing the difference immediately. Even her hair selfies show the beautiful results.

Emily believes WEN by Chaz works best followed with a blow-dry and styling with your favorite hair tools. You would never know Emily had fine, thin hair after washing with WEN. Need Wen Hair care? Get their products on guthy-renker or at


Dr. Walden Is Loving Her Life

The world of medicine is one that can offer near miracles. Doctors today can offer amazing things to their patients. While this is true of many field of medicine, it has become even more true of the world of plastics. As one of the foremost plastic surgeons in the entire country,Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone who has been able to offer access to new and impressive developments in her field to her many important clients. This resident of Austin, Texas fell in love with the world of medicine from a very young age. She began to realize just how wonderful it could be to help patients while growing up in a medical family in one of the most family friendly neighborhoods in the entire city.


Earning Her Training


Her training in the field of medicine began when she entered the University of Texas. Here, she quickly fell in love with all that her undergraduate biology major had to show her. As a biology major, she decided that medicine would be the right way to use her fierce intelligence and many impressive talents. She entered one of the state’s best medical schools and graduated second in her class. Her love of medicine continued as she decided to become a plastic surgeon. She ultimately decided to go to New York City to complete a fellowship in this field.


Coming Back To Austin


Despite the lure of New York City, it was Texas that claimed her heart. She wanted to be back where she grew up so she could be with her friends and family in the area that nurtured her. With the birth of her twin sons, it was more evident that ever before that she should be here. Her skills allowed her to open up an office in plastics that has proven to be quite popular. With her skills as a plastic surgeon, she has quickly earned a national reputation that has allowed her to speak out on this subject to groups all over the country. This is where she feels at home and has chosen to make her own life.

ClassDojo Bringing Students and Parents Closer Together

ClassDojo is a revolutionary cell phone application actively used by teachers in 85,000 schools in the United States of America. ClassDojo allows the teacher to make parents aware of their child’s progress in school, and it allows the parent to have a more in-depth question to ask their child other than, How was school today?” ClassDojo shows the daily progress in their child’s class, allowing for more in-depth questions about learning and their student’s progress.

Ina recent article in TechCrunch it was announced that ClassDojo had received an additional $21 million in start-up funding. The two innovators of this creative company concept are Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. The 85,000 schools using the ClassDojo range from exclusive private schools to huge public school systems.

This innovative system will free up teachers from having to meet with sometimes overly concerned parents at PTA and school meetings. ClassDojo allows a daily contact to the parents with the progress taking place in the classroom. Good behavior will be seen by the parent and rewarded, and bad or dismissive behavior will also be seen and should be addressed by parents, as well.

As a parent such open-ended questions like, “How was school today? Or what did you learn in class today?” will no longer be answered by the most rudimentary of responses. Instead, the parent will now have specific activities to ask about, and the child will have the opportunity to respond accordingly, furthering the necessary communication between parent and child.

Class Dojo works at all elementary levels of education and parents are immediately made aware of the positive or negative behavior of their student and can lead to the insightful questioning about their student’s progress in class. This observation in the classroom can give the parent a clear picture of what is taking place in school and what changes could be made to make their child’s education and social development better.

ClassDojo is a further example of how the internet and social media are changing our lives for the better. Parents are allowed to enter the classroom without making a disturbance to view their child and his or her classmates and to watch the teacher and the process of education taking place. ClassDojo will further the needed communication among parent, teacher, and child.


Why People are Investing in Gold After Brexit

The moment that Britain decided to leave the European Union was one that a lot of people were up in arms about. This particular instance is known as Brexit and a lot of people who have been involved with this are scared about what will happen to their money as far as banking is concerned. This is why so many people have chosen to invest in gold now that they know that Brexit is there and that it could possibly lose them a lot of money as far as their cash is concerned. Investing in gold is a lot more stable than hoping that your money stays at the price that it is supposed to while in a bank. This is why so many people have decided to invest in gold coins and bullion because of the fact that it can truly help them to keep the value of what they are investing in.

Because of the fact that Brexit is something that has affected a lot of banks and other material options, lots of individuals have chosen to invest in gold and silver. The price of gold and silver is continually going up simply because it does not lose value like cash paper. You will find that more and more Britons are actually investing their money into gold and silver because it is something that is more stable for them and their families. This might be a wonderful option for you as well and you can use a company known as the US Money Reserve in order to get the most out of this auction for yourself and your loved ones.

The US Money Reserve has been establishing themselves as one of the top gold and silver providers in the world. If you have never heard of the US Money Reserve before, this is something that you will definitely want to consider for yourself if you would like to invest in a more solid way of keeping your money in tact. More and more people who are living in Britain are realizing that investing in gold and silver is a great option for themselves and can be exactly what they need when banks are faltering because of the recent change in country standards. The US Money Reserve can be the company that you need in order to find the gold and silver that is high-quality enough for you to invest into.

Why You Should Join a Kabbalah Center

Kabbalah Center is a not-for-profit organization based in United States. It was started in Jerusalem but is currently headquartered in Los Angeles. The organization’s primary service is to enhance spiritual knowledge based on Kabbalistic wisdom and the Zohar.
Kabbalah Center operates more than 50 chapters based in Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Texas, Puerto Rico, Germany, Russia, and Israel. The chapters expand Kabbalah Center’s courses to its ever-increasing followers.


Kabbalah teachings use a set of philosophical and psychological tactics to interpret various passages from the Bible that have a real effect in different life situations. In earlier days, Kabbalah was practiced by Jewish people but due to the increasing spiritual demand, Kabbalistic teachings are offered even to non-Jewish people.


To alleviate the initial perception that Kabbalah offers its lessons to individuals with an understanding of the Jewish laws, new teachings do not acknowledge any Jewish text. Most of the teachings are centered on a strong belief in astrology. According to Kabbalistic wisdom, life is controlled by various cosmic forces.


Kabbalah teachings recommend kindness as one of the greatest value. Through unconditional sharing, people receive the light of God. Sharing improves one’s life and that of other people. This is the reason why Kabbalah is focused on supporting various charity works and relief organizations working to improve the living standards of individuals.


Over time, Kabbalah Center has attracted students from all walks of life, some of them being celebrities. Madonna is Kabbalah Center’s known star. After joining Kabbalah, she adopted the name Esther and wore a red band on her wrist to symbolize her affiliation with Kabbalah.


Other celebrities who have joined Kabbalah Center include Elizabeth Tailor, Mick Jagger, Lucy Liu, Nicole Richie, James Van Der Beek, Ariana Grande, Alex Rodriguez, and Britney Spears.


Kabbalah center does not substitute any religion. Rather, its teachings are aimed to increase knowledge of different faiths. Its teachings are drawn from Islamic, Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist teachings. Students who are not close to a Kabbalah Center can enroll in an online class. Some of the learning materials that can be accessed online include books, online lectures, and downloadable texts.

Doing Things the Doe Deere Way

Doe Deere
I honestly believe that sometimes you have to take the alternate route in the business world. That is what Doe Deere had to do in order to bring forth a new style of cosmetics. She has really went out on a limb to bring forth the best possible solution for business. Doe Deere has taken to social media, and I believe that this is what has saved her. Her company has gained new life simply because she reached out to her fans through the social media circles.

The world is starting to embrace what she is doing because she has a cosmetics line that is so different than anything else that is out there right now. People are going to be impressed by what she is ushering in. Her ability to sort out a collection of shades that was different from anything else that out there would make people recognize her talent in the cosmetics industry. I came across the Unicorn Makeup that she was promoting. The lip gloss was something that my sister had. It was a product that was different from what I was used to seeing, but I didn’t pay much attention to it at first. It was when I discovered the Lime Crime brand of unique shades through Instagram that I gain more interest in Doe Deere.

She has more than a million people that are following her Lime Crime brand. This, in my opinion, was the sign of someone that was willing take the time to build her social media presence. Doe Deere has considered herself to be a unique individual that has shades of makeup that are dazzling to the eye. She comes up with fun colors that are bold and interesting to people that abandoned those standard colors.

I think that Doe Deere was smart to come out as an alternative to the other brands that were out there. She made it known that she was presenting something different to the mainstream. Her investment in building an alternative brand has paid off. She could have went left of what was the norm and easily failed at this. Doe Deere was smart enough to make people realize that she had a lot more to offer. She would manage to build a brand that would bring people into a realm of cosmetics that was unlike what they were seeing in any other makeup. I thought that this what has made the brand work against the competition.

If Doe Deere would have tried to duplicate what Revlon or Cover Girl was doing it would have been hard for her to survive. She studied the market and realized that the only true way to bring fame to her name would be by standing out. This is what the legion of fans are interested in. They didn’t want another Cover Girl makeup brand. They wanted the opportunity to stand out and do something that was different. This is why Doe Deere is the success that she is today.


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