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Victoria Doramus Reinvents Herself

Victoria Doramus has helped herself come back from drug addiction, and she wants to help many other people that are able to hear her story. She has become quite vocal about her drug use and the recovery that she needed to take get back to where she wanted to be. As a digital media profession she had a big hand in handling marketing projects. Victoria wanted to get back to work and she was willing to get help from addiction experts.

She has proven herself to be an expert when it comes to identifying trends. Editing and conducting reports on global trends is what she has become known for. She has an eye for fashion, and this has allowed her to create blogs and put her writing skills to use as well. Victoria has also worked as an assistant to a film director. These are the type of things that have given here a diverse amount of experience.

There is always a need for someone to predict market trends so Victoria Doramus (@iamvictorialynn) is in high demand. She has managed to channel a world where companies can make better marketing decisions when it comes to what they are trying to sell to customers based on the trend analysis. This has become something that she is well-known for, and that has allowed her to gain jobs with a variety of companies in the marketing business.

What Victoria Doramus realized is that her passion for marketing and fashion would be greatly overshadowed by her addiction if she did not get help. There was going to be a need for Victoria to power through her addiction and get the help that would give her room to break free from drugs. This would allow her to change directions. Her ability to heal and change her life gave her the courage to also share her story.


Victoria Doramus is a Recovery Expert on a Mission!

There are times in life when the very thing that serves us becomes our imprisonment. For Victoria Doramus, this was a prescription medication called Adderall. Victoria took these pills for fifteen years and in the process became so addicted that she destroyed her relationships, burned all her bridges, became homeless, and went doctor shopping across Manhattan to uphold her bottle-a-day habit.

Victoria entered her first rehab at age 26, for a 45-day stay at a facility called “Sierra Tucson” in Arizona. Five years later, she’d spend 60 days in another rehab in Connecticut. On Thanksgiving day 2016, Victoria Doramus was arrested.

Two months later, Victoria, a consumer trends expert and creative marketer, would finally make a turning point when she found her way into a twelve-step inpatient program in Austin, Texas called “Burning Tree.” There, she’d undergo a tough-love, no-BS approach to recovery that would have her on a scheduled regiment of chores, groups and AA meetings, and she would remain there for a year. According to IMDB, Victoria then moved into a halfway house and would work full time as well as continue with AA meetings five days a week until she saved enough money for a ticket back to her home in New York.

Today, Victoria Doramus is clean and sober and she’s on a mission to help others who are going through their own trials of addiction. Since her return, Victoria has been working steadily with several addiction non-profits and hopes to begin a sober house in New York. She believes transparency and honesty are the keys to sobriety and recovery is a constant evolution of self-discovery.

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Igor Cornelsen Reflects on his Successful Career

We are many people living this life, but our personal lives should be about our decisions. Igor Cornelsen perceives life as an independent affair for every individual. It does not matter how professional or prominent an individual is. Opinions did not influence Igor’s life and decisions. This attitude has worked well for Igor and taken him far. He is a successful financial specialist running his investment firm.

When Igor started college, he did not know he was interested in investment banking. He was studying engineering until he realized that was not his calling. Igor changed immediately and started a program in economics. After completion, it was not long before securing his first job. Igor worked for an investment bank that revealed the unexpected. His two years of engineering school were not in vain.

Igor Cornelsen combined this knowledge and managed to do what others rarely could. During his time, Igor never had the privilege of computers and calculators. He was able to calculate interest rates using his engineering and economics knowledge. This ability gained him popularity, and in no time, he had received an offer in Rio. Igor was now an investment banker.

Working at the new bank, motivated Igor to work until he attends the CEO of the bank diligently. Unfortunately, the bank was merging with another one and Igor would probably lose his position. He moved on to explore other venture when he got a job with a London firm. This was another door to rising higher and thriving.

Igor moved to London and later started his investment firm. All the knowledge he acquired over the years would be utilized in running his firm. Igor is an investment manager at his firm. He enjoys this work because it allows him to operate investment fun and help other people. Many people have thrived through Igor Cornelsen’s work.

Through The Life Of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest recently moved to New York from Los Angeles to host the “Live” morning show alongside Kelly Ripa. He also organizes a nationally syndicated radio show, produces shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians, and the American Idol. He also manages his skin care and clothing line.

Morning Routine

He wakes up at 6 o’clock and gets ready by taking a shower, shave, and apply moisturiser on the face. Since it is the first time to work in New York, he has to check the weather forecast for the day. Ryan Seacrest’s dressing is very simple, involving just a pair of sweatpants, a zip-up hoodie, T-shirt, and Uggs. After getting ready, he takes matcha tea and coffee for its health benefits.

Physical Training

Men’s Journal mentioned that Ryan indicates in his early twenties, he felt guilty to work during work hours. He could even go for workouts at noon. However, he is now able to balance the tight schedule and training. In fact, he regularly involves a trainer to help him keep the routine. He indicates that running in the park is more fun than using the treadmill.

Daily Downloads

Part of the morning routine involves consuming overnight news and watching TV. The commute from home to the office takes approximately seven minutes. He prefers to commute because it gives him little time to read.

Learning to Triage

Initially, Ryan had a hectic and disorganised routine. He used to think that he could handle everything at the same time. However, through self-training, he has learned to take each task at a time. This has helped to put things in order.


Ryan Seacrest describes himself as a massive foodie and mostly vegan. He admits that he is only working to eat and drink wine, otherwise life will not be enjoyable. However, the work schedule is very tight on weekdays, and he can only manage to enjoy a good meal and wine during the weekends.

Association with The Phone

Although he (@ryanseacrest) has been advised to try meditation, it has been challenging due to attention deficit disorder. Recently, his mobile phone has become the most significant distraction. Putting the phone away, especially during trips, enables him to concentrate on other matters.

Follow Ryan on Twitter: @RyanSeacrest


The Great Icon- Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is a celebrated icon in the financial industry, especially in the private equity department. For decades, he has offered financial services, and hence this has made him an expert in the field. He is also known to be a great manager since he has occupied many top positions in different institutions. Being recognized globally, Randy Nardone graced the Billionaire List as position 557 in the Forbes Magazine.

Randal Nardone went to the University of Connecticut and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and studied English and Biology. He also went to Boston University School of Law and acquired a Juris Doctor.

Randal Nardone is a co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group, which was founded in 1998 and became its CEO in 2013. The company deals with private equity, credit, investments for example in real estate, transport, etc. Through his excellent leadership style, Randal Nardone has helped the firm grow in different industries and form valuable partnerships. Randal Nardone also worked at UBS, a renowned Swiss company; as a Managing director. He later became the principal, BlackRock Financial Management. He was also a partner of Thacher Proffitt &Wood

Randal Nardone has worked in other companies before joining Fortress Investment Company. He worked as a principal for Fortress Credit Corporation; he also worked for Springleaf Financial Holdings as a Director. Others are Fortress Investment Fund, Fortress Transportation LLC Newcastle Investment Holdings among others. He is very dedicated to serving in different institutions, and his impact as a leader is always felt.

What are some of his duties at Fortress Investment Group that brings so much success at the firm? Randal Nardone comes up with unique strategies, ensures their implementation and monitors the progress of the firm to get profits. He is very professional in financial matters of the company and also has a basis in law. Employees enjoy working under him since he is very keen on teamwork within the company. He ensures each professional gives their best at the workplace hence guaranteeing overall success for the company. Randal Nardone is excellent in leadership, making sure that every client gets the best service. Meet Fortress Investment Group’s Ex-Billionaire Interim CEO


Lori Senecal Leaves a Great Legacy in CP+B

CP+B has been fortunate to have a great leader who has its primary goals in her fingertips. The company appointed Lori Senecal to the position of Global CEO two years ago, and this has served as a new start for the successful organization. Lori Senecal knows her duties so well, and she always leaves a great legacy in all the companies she has worked for. CP+B recently announced that they will be looking for a new CEO because Lori Senecal will be stepping down at the end of the financial year.

According to an inspirery interview, when Lori Senecal took on the leadership of the prestigious company just two years ago, the competitors felt that this was just a strategy to ensure that the company remained in the good books. Two years later, everyone is talking about the milestones the company has achieved with hardships. Senecal is a leader who is always looking for ways to empower the company employees so that they can work harder and empower themselves at the personal level. Her actions were questioned at first, but she has shown the world that women leaders can accomplish so much in the male-dominated corporate world. CP+B is already looking for a personality to replace Lori Senecal.

Lori Senecal is always appreciated by people who meet her because of various reasons. First of all, the businesswoman has a robust personality, and she perfectly knows the advertising and marketing knowledge to use in the complicated market. The businesswoman has managed to device strategies that can be used to advertise and bring results in any company, regardless of the economy of the country. Lori Senecal has worked with various companies, and adds she is known for the great results she has left in international companies in the world. The businesswoman avoids staying at her comfort zone at all times, and this is why she has been so successful in her career. While women are known for having great expertise in the kitchen, the businesswoman has been brought up to compete with men in the corporate world and emerge victoriously. Lori Senecal has the educational background needed for the top positions in the corporate world.



Sheldon Lavin Steers OSI Group towards Global Expansion

Identifying an opportunity determines whether your business plan will succeed or not. As for Otto Kolschowsky, he was among the German immigrants who decided to settle in Chicago Illinois during the 20th century. After settling in Chicago Illinois, Otto saw it fit to launch a butcher shop. The butcher shop was serving the people of Chicago with quality meat. Due to the quality service, Otto was even able to expand his business, and he also opened another branch in Maryland, a neighboring city. The growth of Otto Kolschowsky’s business was gradual, and his business entity would later turn out to be one of the leading food service providers globally.

Background Check

OSI Group started out as a butcher shop, and the organization came to be one of the leading food service providers currently. Nevertheless, the journey to success has also been quite murky. To start with, the butcher shop owned by Otto Kolschowsky later became a family business. As a family business, the business was rebranded to Otto & Sons in 1928. Due to quality service by the company, they later engaged in a symbiotic relationship with the McDonald’s restaurant. Otto & Sons were tasked with the provision of freshly ground meat in the various McDonald’s joints.

McDonald’s was growing fast, and Otto & Sons found themselves in a tough situation that involved maintaining the freshness of their products while transporting them over long distances. Luckily, a breakthrough came at the opportune moment. Liquid nitrogen became the answer to the problems. The liquid nitrogen would make sure that the meat products were in a frozen state thereby making sure that the meat products were fresh at all times.

Additional Information

It is good to note that quality leadership is a great contributor to the success of any organization. As for OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin joined the company during the 1970’s as a managing partner. Since Sheldon Lavin was well versed when it came to handling financial matters, Mr. Lavin’s presence at OSI Group would prove to be invaluable. Since Sheldon Lavin saw the bigger picture, he saw it fit to direct the company towards global expansion. By being a major contributor towards the global expansion of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has showcased that he is passionate about what he does and he is dedicated to ensuring that OSI Group prospers accordingly.

The Ascent of Anil Chaturvedi

Success does not happen overnight for most individuals. It is usually a slow process which causes most people to merge off the busy highway which leads to a high return of time invested and settle for an easier route. The character that is reflected within Anil Chaturvedi is that of a high work drive and a blistering determination which has led him up the ranks in the banking world. The journey started in 1970 at Delhi University; by 1973 Mr. Chaturvedi had already received his undergraduate and masters degree. After years of hard work he joined the State Bank of India as a manager; responsibilities for this job included strategic planning with a focus on capturing the attention of customers in the USA. Mr. Chaturvedi and his peers were successful and captured over $500 million in new business relationships in approximately four years. He was honored with Man of the Year Award once during his tenure with his company which lasted from 1987 to 1991. In 1991 Mr. Chaturvedi accepted a job as the Vice President and Senior Representative for U.S. operations for ANZ Grindlays Bank which is located in New York; his stint here ended in 1993 after he was offered the job as a managing director for Merrill Lynch which was also located in New York. His main responsibility for his positition at Merrill Lynch was to engage with individuals with high net worth, and offer them investment solutions which would enable them to achieve a high rate of return for their investments. In 2011 Mr. Chaturvedi began the job that he has currently as the Managing Director at Hinduja Bank located in the Geneva area in Switzerland. He is responsible for developing strategic alliances between corporations in countries which includes the United States, India, and various other countries in Europe and Asia.

NewsWatch TV Never Fails To Give A Good Review

Many companies out there have come to be grateful to the news show, NewsWatch TV. Their reviews have helped many companies and people find success and bring their brand to more people around the country. NewsWatch TV has an excellent team behind them that have perfected their techniques for news reporting and reviews. On their website, they have a huge testimonial page where many people have spoken their words about the television show the impact they have had on their business or lives. NewsWatch TV started up more than 25 years ago and has been on the air ever since every single week bringing out new information, reviews, and even interviews.

People all over the country watch NewsWatch TV to get the latest information on all sorts of topics. One of the reasons NewsWatch has such a dedicated following today is because they have always presented information correctly and accurately without giving out fake news or misrepresenting their information. NewsWatch TV has been the recipient of many different awards over the years, including a platinum and gold Marcom Award as well as a videographer award just last year in 2017. Andrew Tropeano Is the regular host for the show and has taken up a special place in the television shows history.

People watch the program to get the latest on all sorts of products and companies that are out there, whether they are longtime companies or just coming into the spotlight. NewsWatch TV presents their news in an effective manner so that their audience gets a clear picture on whether or not is it something worth supporting. The entertainment industry has been a frequent part of the NewsWatch TV program, featuring all sorts of actors and artists throughout the years to get the latest scoop in Hollywood. Some celebrities that have joined in the show have been Julianne Moore, Denzel Washington, and Will Smith, though hundreds of others have quest appeared over the years.


The Chainsmokers And What They Have Done

The Chainsmokers consists of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart who are an American duo of DJ and production. This pair got their breakthrough into the scene in the year 2014 with their song, “Selfie”.

Their single got to the top twenty which led to a series of their success. These success has enabled them to win different awards including the Grammy Award, American Music Awards, and iHeartRadio Music Awards. They have also released an album.

Earlier this year, Andrew Taggart accepted an award from ASCAP as the songwriter of the year. He is the songwriter as well as the lead singer.

The performance by the Chainsmokers during the Ultra Miami Music Festival was successful as well as epic. They got to headline the event. It was also at that time that they topped Billboard’s top 100 list of new Dance and even the duo’s second single hitting a billion streams.

In this category of Billboard listing, they are the first to have received this kind of attention and recognition for their talent and significant efforts.

In March, the Chainsmokers released, “Everybody Hates Me.” In only a month the song had been viewed more than nine million times, with having no video. Fans came in large numbers in support of the pair.

The duo released another single,” Sick Boy.” The single was different in a manner that there was, Taggart’s vocals as well as more instrumentation. New and old fans were intoxicated and captivated as the song was evocative as well as catchy. They made a video to go with the song that attained more than 136,000,000 views.

Another single by the Chainsmokers,” Owe Me,” reached position four on the Billboard’s hot top 100 singles. The video accompanying the song managed to get more than 34,000,000 views. The views were because the video had an unexpected ending.

“Somebody,” another hit, was a bit different. The duo gave the fans a view of the composition process. The vocals were pitched up. Initially, the vocal was for producing another song.

The Chainsmokers are doing all they can to better themselves by utilizing social media and maximizing on their talents. They are reaching out to their fans by bringing different things to the table and recently introducing vocals as well as live instrumentation.