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Doing Things the Doe Deere Way

Doe Deere
I honestly believe that sometimes you have to take the alternate route in the business world. That is what Doe Deere had to do in order to bring forth a new style of cosmetics. She has really went out on a limb to bring forth the best possible solution for business. Doe Deere has taken to social media, and I believe that this is what has saved her. Her company has gained new life simply because she reached out to her fans through the social media circles.

The world is starting to embrace what she is doing because she has a cosmetics line that is so different than anything else that is out there right now. People are going to be impressed by what she is ushering in. Her ability to sort out a collection of shades that was different from anything else that out there would make people recognize her talent in the cosmetics industry. I came across the Unicorn Makeup that she was promoting. The lip gloss was something that my sister had. It was a product that was different from what I was used to seeing, but I didn’t pay much attention to it at first. It was when I discovered the Lime Crime brand of unique shades through Instagram that I gain more interest in Doe Deere.

She has more than a million people that are following her Lime Crime brand. This, in my opinion, was the sign of someone that was willing take the time to build her social media presence. Doe Deere has considered herself to be a unique individual that has shades of makeup that are dazzling to the eye. She comes up with fun colors that are bold and interesting to people that abandoned those standard colors.

I think that Doe Deere was smart to come out as an alternative to the other brands that were out there. She made it known that she was presenting something different to the mainstream. Her investment in building an alternative brand has paid off. She could have went left of what was the norm and easily failed at this. Doe Deere was smart enough to make people realize that she had a lot more to offer. She would manage to build a brand that would bring people into a realm of cosmetics that was unlike what they were seeing in any other makeup. I thought that this what has made the brand work against the competition.

If Doe Deere would have tried to duplicate what Revlon or Cover Girl was doing it would have been hard for her to survive. She studied the market and realized that the only true way to bring fame to her name would be by standing out. This is what the legion of fans are interested in. They didn’t want another Cover Girl makeup brand. They wanted the opportunity to stand out and do something that was different. This is why Doe Deere is the success that she is today.


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Investigator Pro 4.0 By Securus Technologies: Find Specific Voices In Phone Calls

Investigator Pro 4.0 by Securus Technologies could be a real game changer. It is a means of specifically identifying convicts and perpetrators without cumbersome police work.


The theory of Investigator Pro 4 has to do with individual voices. A person’s voice has a uniqueness to it that is every bit as individual as a fingerprint. Computational technology has become streamlined enough it can now identify people by their voices alone. What Investigator Pro 4.0 does is take that information to the next level.


It has been said that modern correctional facilities oftentimes function as a sort of collegiate institution for crime. To that end, big “crime lords” that get busted end up in jail, and are visited by echelons of their previous crime “empire”. Additionally, there will be crime networks which are partially incarcerated, and the ingenuity of such inmates results in operations conducted from the inside. Oftentimes these can be difficult or impossible to foil, but with Investigator Pro 4.0, any phone call made by any inmate to anywhere can be analyzed. Who they are calling can be examined, making it easier to determine whether or not that individual has done time previously, or has made any other calls to other inmates. Investigator Pro 4.0 helps identify criminals outside incarceration facilities and can help solve crimes that have been puzzling investigative personnel for years.


Securus Technologies currently serves over 2,600 correctional facilities across the nation, and serves over 1.2 million prisoners through it’s IT applications. In such a population group, there are bound to be instances where multiple crimes are committed by individuals which go unsolved. The larger the pool of possible suspects, the more likely it will be that conviction will be made, and additional danger be removed from the streets of a given city.


Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

The Best Lip Balm on the Market

Lip balm isn’t something that people think about on a regular basis. Most people just people just buy this product and move on. It is a small item that doesn’t cost a lot. That is why the Evolution of Smooth works so hard to make the products from the EOS lineup standout. This company has laid out all the details for consumers to see.
This is good marketing. Granted, there are people that may pick up the cheapest lip balm that they see. These consumers may not care about quality. They may have their minds set on saving money and saving money only. Evolution of Smooth executives  ( are not really focused on this small percentage of customers. The EOS brand is going to target those customers that are out to get quality. That is what serves as the driving force behind the EOS product line.

Lip balm from the Evolution of Smooth comes in a variety of flavors. This may be one of the things that makes people take interest in this. This obviously makes the lip balm more expensive than some of the other cheaper brands, but there is a message behind this. The old adage of getting what you pay for certain applies here. If people want quality they will check out out the lip balm products from the Evolution of Smooth by default.

There are flavors like blueberry and strawberry sorbet that are appeasing to many consumers. The customers that are interested in trying to find a long lasting lip chap product line will also consider this. That is another aspect of quality control that has EOS has emphasized quite well. This company has managed to appeal to customers that actually put more thought into their lip chat products. EOS is the leader in premium lip balm. EOS lip balm products are  available on Walmart, Ulta, Amazon, eBay and many other retailers.


IAP Worldwide Services Global Leadership in Logistics

IAP Worldwide services are renowned because they are a global leader in the areas of logistics. With the announcement of the acquisition of DRS Technologies, Inc.’s (DRS) Aviation and Logistics business, the capabilities of IAP has been enhanced, and they have now doubled their access to the market. Their portfolio of services and solutions in the United States and internationally has been improved. That means that they will enhance their effectiveness to customers as well.

Background of IAP Worldwide
More than 40 years ago, Pan Am World Service Inc was born, and the company was tasked with the building of the first launch complex in the United States on Bloomberg. For 45 years, the company provided complete facilities maintenance and support. That included airport master planning, the management of construction and engineering services. The company was then acquired by Johnson Controls Inc and became Johnson Controls Worldwide Services Inc. Johnson Controls emerged as a leader in the operations, maintenance and management of military bases and commercial facilities by finding innovative approaches to enhance energy efficiency.

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IAP Worldwide Emerges
Another company called IAP was started. It specialized in logistics and procurement. IAP then acquired Johnson Controls Inc and its subsidiary, Readiness Management Support (RMS), and the company was renamed IAP Worldwide Services. IAP also acquired the British engineering company called G3 Systems. Today the company has more than 2000 employees in over 25 countries and more than 100 locations and has been providing solutions to the challenges faced by the public as well as the private sector. The company has built a reputation spanning over 60 years as a leader in the provision of global-scale logistics, the management of facilities, and advanced professional and technical services. The firm is known as a responsive and reliable leader in the market because they have always exceeded the expectations of customers on

Growth and Development of IAP Worldwide
Recently, they acquire two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.’s (DRS). The business units include the Aviation and Logistics business and the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business (TCNS). The two units have been merged to form a single unit, the Aviation & Engineering Solutions, and IAP Worldwide Services’ existing National Security Programs unit. With this acquisition, IAP Worldwide has enhanced its capabilities to deliver to their customers and have increased their market access twofold. IAP Worldwide has thus expanded its portfolio of services and solutions both locally in the United States and internationally. The company has continued to experience growth while remaining true to its business ideals. Its mission, vision, and values remain that of solving their customer’s most challenging situations.

Understanding the Kabbalah Teachings

Philip Berg, his wife, and two sons are the current spiritual leaders of Kabbalah Center. Kabbalah Center is a religious non-governmental organization with its head offices based in New York City, Los Angeles, London, and Toronto. They have other offices in 50 regions in Asia, Middle East, Europe and other parts of United States.
The organization offers spiritual courses based on the Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings to its students. The Kabbalistic teachings are not based on Hebrew or Jewish foundations and neither do they substitute any religion. Instead, they add more religious knowledge to students from different faiths.

The Kabbalistic teachings are based on five main principles.
1. The first principal recommends that sharing is the only way that one can receive fulfillment. Generous sharing overpowers all negative forces and gives one a chance to connect with the divine power, Light.
2. Ego is the main source of all evil acts like selfishness, irresponsibility, and hatred. However, ego motivates one to work either righteously or in an evil way, it is one’s duty to choose the direction of his actions.
3. There are spiritual powers that control every aspect of life.
4. Every man has a spark of the creator that unites us into one. For this reason, you must treat every human with dignity since you cannot acquire the infinite source of goodness while others are suffering.
5. Giving ourselves to help others is a source of goodness and fulfillment to our lives.

The teachings are mainly designed with an aim if improving life by teaching values that can be used to improve the status of their lives alongside those of other people. Due to its unifying teachings, many notable personalities have joined the movement to improve unity relations and peace across the world. Some of the public figures in the movement include Madonna, James Van Der Beek, Donna Karan, Kyle Richards, Ariana Grande, Jerry Hall, Alex Rodriguez, and Sandra Bernhard.

Kabbalah Center gives its followers vital insights that eliminate hatred among all people in the world. Kabbalah educational materials can be accessed online in the form of eBooks and downloadable texts.


Richard Blair is a self-governing financial expert. He joined the financial business after graduating from college in 1993. Mr. Blair attained his Bachelor’s Degree in finance from the University of Houston. He later founded Wealth Solution Corporation in 1994. Solutions is a registered investment company based in Taxes. Mr. Blair’s goal of Wealth Solutions Company is to offer information and make a positive change not only in the lives of people and families but also to small firms in the local area. Mr. Blair enjoys helping people to achieve their financial objectives.

Security and Exchange Commission registered Richard Blair as an investment advisor. He has over twenty-four years of expertise in the financial industry. Mr. Blair has improved his knowledge in retirement planning. He holds business titles like Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS) and Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) as well as Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) among others. He focuses on helping his customers differentiate between planning and living in retirement. The aim of Richard Blair is to assist his clients in pursuing their dream of an adequate retirement. He supports his customers to avoid common mistakes by giving strategies for retirement revenue planning.

Mr. Blair spent his entire life surrounded by teachers. He learned that teaching could improve a person confidence. Mr. Blair combines finance and education knowledge to improve his customer’s financial investment skills. He has retirement planning experience. He gained the knowledge while working as an investment consultancy. Mr. Blair assists his clients in wealth management. He has a plan on how to manage property that he uses to advise his customers on the best methods of accruing and protecting their resources. Investors can use the asset management systems to enter into investment programs.

The financial markets are constantly changing every day. Mr. Blair firmly believes that financial plans should not only change but also adapt to the modifications. Mr. Blair always seeks chances to offer dynamic solutions to his clients. He persistently strives for investment solutions that will help his customers to contribute to the benefit whereas they still concentrating on lessening risk. Mr. Blair confidently believes that his client’s primary objective are to preserve their capital and develop a stable retirement revenue as well as leave an inheritance to their beneficiaries. He is determined to assist his clients to grow a complete financial strategy that will support them pursue their retirement goals.

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Why Thor Halvorssen Goes Far

Thor Halvorssen has managed to go very far in his life because he has found something that he is very passionate about. His passion is human rights. Thor has found himself to be so passionate about human rights that he has started his own company called Human Rights Foundation. This is where he is able to not only look at the different issues of human rights violations, but also look for ways to bring these violations to the light. However, Thor is not going to stop there with his campaign for a more global world of equality. He is going a lot further than other human rights activists.

Where other human rights activists do little more than talk about the issues, Thor Halvorssen gets even more involved in the issue.  Huffinton Post describes how he himself has taken physical beatings for the cause. He has chalked it up to being all in a days work. His philosophy is that if he is not willing to roll up his sleeves and get dirty, then he is not going to be very effective as a human rights activist. Therefore, he has decided that he is willing to lay down his life if need be for the cause.

One of the reasons that he is so passionate about human rights violations is that he has been one of those that have been victimized. In fact, his family is full of victimization as a result of the fight for more honest and humane government. Therefore, he has taken to heart all that has happened to him and his family and has decided that he is going to give people the assistance that he himself has wanted. Thor is gaining a lot of trust and respect as a human rights activist. Unlike other prominent activists, he is one that is being taken seriously.

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Taking Venezuela to New Heights

Venezuela is a country that has struggled in recent years. The country’s economy is tied to the price of crude oil, and oil has been going down for many years now. This has led to a lot of issues within the country. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is someone who thinks that he can help. There are a lot of people looking at the long term implications of him winning a political office in the country. The country needs a lot of great leadership right now, and with the economy in shambles having someone with some business sense makes a lot of people happy. Jose Manuel Gonzalez knows how to impact the lives of others, and he is very passionate about how he is going to help the world through his political seat.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez

From an early age, Jose Manuel Gonzalez knew that he wanted to change the world. At first, he was able to have a lot of success in the world of business. However, he now wants more than just to make a lot of money. There are people who are hoping that he can help change the country for the better. After many years of tough rulings, the country is trying to bounce back from a deep recession. Only with strong leadership will the country be able to get back to where they need to go. Over time, Jose Manuel Gonzalez knows how to take things to the next level through economic reform. Getting more people back to work is an essential part of his plan.

Final Thoughts

Over the next few years, Jose Manuel Gonzalez hopes to win his election and get into political office where he can impact the country in a positive way. There are a lot of people who are looking forward to him winning. Jose Manuel Gonzalez knows how to run a business, and he will take this knowledge with him as he looks to change his country in the best way possible. Getting help from others is going to be critical to his success in the election as he is going up against people with a lot of political experience.

Getting Better Hair With Help from Wen By Chaz And One Reporter

Hair is something that women everywhere spend lots of time thinking about. A woman’s hair is not just the stuff on the top of her head. Her hair is also something that she can use to show off her own individual style and her fashion sense. When a woman has hair that she knows has been well cared for, she has hair that she can take from day into night without worry. One reporter knows this and wants to help other women find the right products for their hair. This is what led her to try a new product on the market.
Her Experiences

Her own experiences are highly documented in an article she writes for Bustle Magazine. In this article, she shows others what happened when she tried a product called Wen By Chaz. Wen By Chaz is a new item on the market that is all about being able to help provide women with products that can work on their hair type. The reporter tried these new products on her own locks for several days. As she recounts to her many readers, she was quickly able to see results from using it that pleased her a lot.

New Products

Wen hair By Chaz is devoted to the notion that any hair products being used should be as simple to use and as effective as possible. They offer their customers a product that they can count on that is made from ingredients that have been shown to be highly effective on all types of hair. Wen hair products are available on both Guthy Renker and Sephora. It can also be bought here: .The ingredients used by Wen By Chaz are ingredients that have been relied on for many centuries. Those at this company know it is possible to harness such ancient knowledge and use it to meet the needs of today’s women and her specific hair style. Check out the Wen hair Facebook page for more inforrmation.


With ConnectUs By Securus, Inmates And Correctional Facilities Both Profit

Normally, a correctional facility is going to have a great deal of paperwork tied up in day-to-day operations. For legal reasons this is often a necessity. Establishing a paper trail demonstrates legal acuity, and the following of established procedures. It’s a very necessary component of the modern legal system. However, properly categorizing information can be time consuming; especially if this is done using antiquated 20th century methods. Unfortunately, most correctional facilities don’t have direct access to the kind of tech corporations do, and so must resort to older tech. That’s a problem swiftly being solved by Securus Technologies of Texas, however.

Formed in 1986, Securus Technologies is the leading technology provider for corrective facilities in the United States, and likely the world–though their concentration is primarily within the country. It is Securus’ goal to continuously be on the cutting edge of all technology developments related to law enforcement. They’ve been very successful at this over the last several decades. One of their most notable recent innovations is called ConnectUs.

ConnectUs is a platform that provides inmates with endless features and applications that were previously beyond availability or imagination. These apps and features are strictly customizable and can be completely controlled by the institution which unveils ConnectUs. The full name of this new software innovation is ConnectUs Automated Forms. All the ubiquitous paperwork of operations is consolidated digitally, saving the paper, the time, the storage, and the aggravation of antiquated infrastructural operation.

The potential for savings across the country is in the multi millions with ConnectUs. Securus Technologies already caters to some 2,600+ corrective facilities across the country. Additionally, they cater to 1.2 million inmates across the country. This from a company that only has 500 to 1000 employees, according to LinkedIn. Streamlined, efficient success is the name of the game at Securus, and ConnectUs Automated Forms just proves that once more.