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Julia Jackson: wine proprietor, philanthropist, and artist

Julia Jackson

The wine industry is mostly male-dominated, but that is in the process of changing. Educated and poised Julia Jackson of Jackson Family Wines is sharing her passion for wine and continuing her family’s legacy.Her love for wine started at an early age. Her father Jess Jackson and mother Barbara Banke are legendary in the wine industry. It all started in 1974 when Jess Jackson purchased a whopping 80 acres in Lake County. It was a pear and walnut orchard and Jess turned it into a winery. In 1983 Kendall-Jackson Winery debuted their first wine, which was award-winning.In 1988 Julia Jackson was born, giving way to another generation of wine makers. Her father taught her and her siblings what hard work is. They would work during the summer in the vineyards picking and sorting grapes in 100 degree weather. They also learned to value their success, and not take it for granted. As a young adult she attended Scripps College where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art in 2009. Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson went on to get her certificate in General Management at Stanford Graduate School Business in 2009.The family owns a number of wineries all over the world. They make chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. Every bottle of wine is made with care, knowledge, and a lot of love. It’s no wonder they are award-winning. Julia is also very passionate about giving back, especially to women. In 2014 Julia founded Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. Every year they give away $100,000 in cash grants to non-profit organizations that exemplify the program’s main points, which are community, spirit, and equality. It is all about women who have overcame life’s challenges to become leaders and teach others to do the same. Julia feels like there are not enough strong female leaders and role models in the media today, so she has made it her mission to support women who are changing the world.

The Traeling Vineyard Is Excellent

When you and your travel companions are visiting Napa Valley, you will be in the heart of the wine country. Make sure that you go on as many, wine tasting events that you can. After that, here are some places that you will also want to visit according to the Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides:

The Napa Art Walk

Heading over to the Napa Art Walk will prove to be fascinating. You will get to see a lot of art pieces, and most of them will be in 3-D.

Some Time At The Auberge Spa

For your tension release, take in some time at the Auberge Spa. You will have your chance to take soothing baths  receive massages.

An Afternoon At The Robert Lewis Stevenson State Park

The Robert Lewis Stevenson State Park will allow you to spend some time having a great picnic and enjoying the outdoors. Fantastic scenery will lend to some great picture taking.

The Napa Valley Historical Society

If you want to learn more about the Napa Valley and its people, then the Napa Valley Historical Society is right up your alley. You will be pleased with all the great information that you gather.

A Cooking Class At The Silverado Cooking School

Do you want to cook up a storm? Head on over to the Silverado Cooking School, and enjoy some time there. You will also want to make sure that you know which wines go with which foods.

Make It A Point To Look Up The Traveling Vineyard Website

Visit the Traveling Vineyard website. Get to know what they do, and how they can utilize you. It will be to your benefit to apply to be a Wine Guide with the Traveling Vineyard.

Are You Going To Love Being A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide?

Do you love wine and people? If you do, you will make an excellent Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide. You can make your own hours, and enjoy wine parties events. It will be a great job that you will love. You can make as much income as you desire when you become a Wine Guide with the Traveling Vineyard.

The social media presence is fantastic with the Traveling Vineyard. You will receive great exposure when you are a Wine Guide for them. You will also have the help of others who have done this job before. They will help you every step of the way.

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Being A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide Is No Different Than Your Typical Evenings With Friends And Wine

Having your own business holding wine tastings promoting the Traveling Vineyard’s wines is the ideal way to earn extra money. People who enjoy wine already gather to discuss the wines that they have brought to a gathering, therefore, the wine tastings will feel just like these evenings with friends.

As a Wine Guide, you will be the expert, teaching your new friends which foods pair well with the wines and showing them the correct way to judge a wine’s quality. The tastings are relaxed events, focusing on the wine and new friends, not hard selling. At the end of the evening, you will take orders from individuals who would like to order some of the Traveling Vineyard’s exclusive wines. That’s it; the Traveling Vineyard takes care of shipping the wine to your customers.

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Once you join the Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide program, you will learn everything that you need to know to hold your own wine tastings. Even though you will work as your own boss, you will have an experienced Wine Guide near you who can answer your questions and help you plan your first wine tasting. Once you gain experience and begin to feel confident holding wine tastings events, you will start building your own team, mentoring new Wine Guides and earning additional money for your effort.

Initially you will purchase your Success Kit, which contains training materials and everything that you will need to hold two wine tastings. You will learn how to operate your own business as a full time career or as a part time opportunity to earn extra cash. In addition, you will receive the Traveling Vineyard’s Sommology Kit, which shows you how to pair wine with food to make each wine tasting a special event for the guests. Follow the Traveling Vineyard on Twitter.

You will earn a commission on each bottle of wine bought at your tastings, however, you will also have a website for repeat orders and to encourage individuals to become a part of your team.

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