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William Saito: Forcecasting Russia’s Potential Ascendance As Tech Leader

William Saito Believes Russia Is Capable Of Becoming A Tech Leader If They Pursue this Correctly


According to the link here with Hi-Tech Chronicle, William Saito has vast experience in computer programming going back to the 1970s, which also states he began programming since Saito was 10 years old. Adding to this is William Saito’s reported experience in cybersecurity itself since 1991 with the company he founded named I/O Software. With this and other ventures with various people across the world in computing, his view would expectedly be vast enough to analyze what a nation or its people that utilize technology can potentially achieve.


Thus, his focus on Russia and its possible ascendance into the technological revolution with the vast tools they already utilize in terms of mining, oil production, military and space-related ventures, ergo the Space Station, among other channels per the recent article in Gazette Day via.


How truly intriguing for Japanese-born William Saito and his research with Russia’s technological capabilities when one considers Japan and Russia’s past; in particular the Japanese rout over the Russian Fleet during the Russo-Japanese War of 1905 that many historians consider was the trigger that caused Russia to revamp their overall military and invest in modernizing to keep up with their rival imperial colonial powers of that time which eventually propelled Russia into Super Power status they presently enjoy.

Saito believes that if Russia can get past its own self-governmental restrictions regarding IT-processing, data and creating content-sharing among other items, the giant nation could enter the technological era as a large player like they had done so with their military from 1905 and on into the present time. His background in cybersecurity with METI Japan’s-Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry -would seem to lend strong credence to Saito’s viewpoint.


However, as William Saito mentioned in the Gazette Day article, this would not happen overnight at the present moment, knowing the basic mechanics of Russian governmental policy in general. This ascendance towards becoming a world technical leader may just need a massive overhaul in regards to the way the nation processes and compartmentalizes information all together to reach this foreseen potential.



How Jason Hope’s e-book is Bringing Transformation in Technological Industry

Jason Hope is the author of the recently released e-book about the Internet of Things (IoT). Jason is a successful entrepreneur, a writer, and commentator on the current tech trends. His ebook about Internet of Things has brought a new wave of advancement that will transform the technology industry. Internet of Things talks about the integrated technology that enables various devices to synchronize with each other. The e-book describes how to connect technology in daily life such as street lights, cars, appliances and electronic devices.

The new ebook by Jason Hope was officially released on Amazon and describes this. You can access the book online in the kindle book store of Amazon. The title is available for download at a reasonable cost. Jason gives clear guidelines on how the internet of things works. The internet of things is going to transform technology networks applications at many homes. Internet of things explains how modern technology network help to solve problems improve efficiency in technological industries.

Internet of Things demonstrates the ability of integrated technology to use the same network and share information to enhance productivity and reduce wastage of resources. The release of this ebook will completely transform the efficiencies in operating the businesses. It Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era“ stands out to be the best ebook on the advancement of the tech industry in many years to come. The Internet for Things provides insight about technology that will be useful to people and business that are searching for the best approaches to optimization of technology in the future.

Jason Hope is a graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in finance. He went for a postgraduate degree at College’s W.P Carey School of Business where he was awarded a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Mr. Hope established his career in the mobile communications company. Jason has played a big role in the industry of mobile communications. He uses his experience and skills to mentor young youth in high schools of Scottsdale. Mr. Hope is a successful entrepreneur and he is now focused on investing in startups and biotechnology. Jason is involved in several philanthropic programs as the way of giving back to the community around Scottsdale in Arizona.

In 2010, the Jason Hope Internet Entrepreneur foundation pledged to donate $500,000 to SENS Foundation which is a non-profit organization based in California. The donation was meant to Support SENS and promote research to identify the role of rejuvenation biotechnologies in treating age-related disease. Jason is a role model for people are interested in technological trends.


The Philanthropy And Career Of Entrepreneur Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey and attended Teaneck High School graduating in 1984. He then attended Harvard University and graduated in 1988 as Magna Cum Laude. Over the years he has developed into an entrepreneur. He is also an author, philanthropist, and public speaker on range of issues. His specialty is in the technology industry where he has founded a number of companies.

Based in Los Angeles, Eric Pulier first moved to this city in 1991. The first company he founded in his professional career was People Doing Things. This business was involved primarily in education and health care but also addressed other issues that he sought to improve through the use of technology. The next company he founded, in 1994, was Digital Evolution which was an interactive agency. Through a merger in 1998 he was then involved with the new company, US Interactive LLC.

While at US Interactive, Eric Pulier focused on Starbright World. This was a social network that was privacy oriented. It allowed children with life threatening conditions an avenue to discuss their disease and other issues with those going through similar circumstances. His success at this endeavor led to him being named to both create and follow through on the Presidential Technology Exhibition in 1997. This initiative, called “The Bridge to the 21st Century”, sought to increase the pace and scope of technological innovation. He was also selected by Vice President Al Gore to take a part in his technology and health care forum. He also was an advisor on other initiatives in both of these industries to learn more about us: click here.

Following these career events, Eric Pulier founded a number of other companies. Among these is Media Platform, Akana, and Desktone. He has also spent the time to work as a writer and published a book called, “Understanding Enterprise SOA” which helps readers understand the field of service oriented architecture about which he has become an expert.

Outside of his work Eric Pulier is a dedicated philanthropist. Among his activities is having a seat on the X-Prize Foundation’s innovation board. This foundation’s challenge to its participants is figuring out ways to address mankind’s greatest challenges.