Crosses For Losses

The Benefits of Investing in Insurance Companies

The organization known as Stansberry Research has revealed the investment strategy that has been the key to the success of prominent investors Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham. This investment strategy involves investing in insurance companies that collect more premiums than claims that are paid. With this basic strategy, the two investors have been able to easily build a considerable fortune in the United States. There are plenty of opportunities for investors to capitalize on this trend which will help improve their financial situation.


Stansberry Research is a leading publication that provides financial advice and recommendations to individuals looking to invest. The publication provides individuals with the information they need to best manage their own investment portfolios. In 1999, the publication was founded by Porter Stansuberry from his own home. He would then grow it to over 500,000 subscribers throughout the world with 70,000 of them having a lifetime subscription. This vast growth has been caused by the very effective advice givn by the publication With the quality investment advice provided by knowledgeable experts of investing, many people have benefitted from the publication. One of the most significant facts about Stansberry Research is that it has over 175 years of combined experience among investment analysts.


When it comes to the approach of the publication, the founder Porter Stansberry has used his track record of accomplishments to guide investors. He was the first American editor of the publication known as Fleet Street Letter. This is the oldest financial newsletter in the English language. While the publication uses his name, it now use a number of contributions from a wide range of experts in the field of finance. However, Stansberry still uses his personal insight and knowledge for his publication.


Stansberry is now looking to provide information to his readers about the benefits of investing in insurance companies. He says that insurance companies that use a certain business model are ideal to invest in. It is important to look for companies that do not revolve around investing capital from premiums in the short term. Investors will need to invest in companies that retain money from premiums paid in order to grow and give investors a profitable investment option.