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Alex Pall Contributions to the EDM World

Alex Pall is synonymous with catchy musical curation and great hits. As part of the best EDM group, Pall continues to redefine this musical niche. His musical journey is arguably one of the most exciting adventures to music. Although he previously worked in a formal job, music to him was his best way to reconnect with himself. In one of his recent interviews, Alex Pall pointed out that he was confident that he would get into music at one point in his career. His time at an art museum gave him a chance to explore the New York musical scene.

Alex Pall attributes the success of this specific group to how they have always approached music. To them, music is always a tool of expression apart from being their occupation. Therefore, as a group, Pall points out that they always give their music the best input. It is because of this reason that the music-writing process is essential to them as a group. Unlike the other mainstream EDM groups that source songwriting services from other people, Pall points out they are part of creating process. In case they are collaborating with another artist, they prefer co-writing. This approach has always given the group a signature is their lyrics.

In order to remain competitive and inspiring, Alex Pall points out that they regularly share musical projects with other artists in the genre, Spotify, for example, has been instrumental in their growth as a group. Chainsmokers additional creative points out creating playlists on this platform enable them to push an inspiring sound to the consumption world. Other platforms such as YouTube and Apple Music serve as the group’s alternative platforms for sharing their work.

In the last three years, Alex Pall has been impressed by the Chainsmokers expansion in the music consumption world. More specifically, Alex points out that the group has penetrated in geographical areas that no other EDM act has been able to grasp. This expansion according to Pall has inspired them as a group to restructure their world tour to include other countries such as South Africa and Asia.

What is next for The Chainsmokers? An Interview with Alex Pall

Andrew Taggart was in college when he was introduced to Alex Pall; Alex Pall was already DJing in New York City at the time. The two were introduced through a mutual associate and became The Chainsmokers, a DJ/producer duo that has released several hit records since their introduction.

“It was a hobby of mine,” Alex Pall said in reference to DJing. Alex Pall had already made a career for himself as a DJ in New York City. “It was more just side work that I was really passionate about,” Pall confessed. Pall was in an art gallery when he realized that music was the center of his life, and it was time to take it seriously.

Andrew Taggart first became truly invested in the music world after posting a couple of his songs to Soundcloud. Eventually, Taggart caught the eye of Interscope Records and began working as an intern. Taggart was here working at Interscope when he was introduced to Alex Pall.

Both Pall and Taggart knew from the start that their partnership would be a success. “It was mostly about what we liked musically and what we were into growing up,” Alex Pall said about their first series of conversations. “It became a chat about how drive and ambitious we were.” Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart both wanted to be a known entity in the music industry. This drive is what has turned The Chainsmokers into a sensation.

Alex Pall confessed that due to their choice of genre, it is hard for people to take them seriously. The EDM-pop music genre is generally seen as simple dance music, but almost any music can be danced to. Even though The Chainsmokers do not typically perform their own vocals, they do write their own music. Their music is a representation of how they see the world; it is a glimpse into the lives of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, despite most people simply seeing it as dance music.

The methods of song production changed for The Chainsmokers when Andrew Taggart wanted to sing on “Closer.” Alongside Halsey, Taggart provides the vocals for the first ever Chainsmokers song. With just drastic changes already in effect, the future of The Chainsmokers is always a mystery.