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One Life to Live Continues To Endure As A Series

One Life to Live is an American soap opera that has been on television since July 15, 1968 to January 13, 2012. One Life to Live was the first daytime drama. The show focused on the wealthy aspects of people verses the working class. The show also introduced the first interracial marriage on a soap opera. It was a well watched series over its 43 years time frame with real life drama.

There were a total of 45 seasons and over 11,000 episodes. It was created by Agnes Nixon and with several actors and actresses. It was eventually cancelled, but was the start of soap operas on television now such as General Hospital. So even at the shows end it was one of the soap opera that has been most known to daytime television watchers. It also set the stage for other big soap operas to happen.

Crystal hunt was an actress on One Life to Live for the years of 2009-2012. She played the character of Stacey Marasco. Stacey’s character was a stripper in Las Vegas that moved back to Llanview with her sister Gigi. He sister Gigi was involved with a man named Rex and since Stacey’s arrival she has done nothing but try to steal him away. She ends about having an affair with him and gets pregnant but has a miscarriage. She does get pregnant again by tricking another man to claim that it is Rex’s child. Gigi was actually the one to find Stacey and ended up taking her baby with Rex jumping in icy water to try and save Stacey but couldn’t.

Outside of the soap operas Crystal Hunt started her career at two years old doing pageants, something she remembers fondly on Facebook. This spotlight gave her the courage to become an actress that started with television soap operas. The two gained her worldwide recognition and a few awards for her performances. Since 2005 she started her on film career and was involved in about 4 separate movies. Also in her spare time she is now a movie producer herself and made her first featured film called Talbot County. She is also from Clearwater Florida and has her own business that is a pet boutique.  Make sure to give her an Instagram follow to see where Crystal’s career goes from here.