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Alex Pall Contributions to the EDM World

Alex Pall is synonymous with catchy musical curation and great hits. As part of the best EDM group, Pall continues to redefine this musical niche. His musical journey is arguably one of the most exciting adventures to music. Although he previously worked in a formal job, music to him was his best way to reconnect with himself. In one of his recent interviews, Alex Pall pointed out that he was confident that he would get into music at one point in his career. His time at an art museum gave him a chance to explore the New York musical scene.

Alex Pall attributes the success of this specific group to how they have always approached music. To them, music is always a tool of expression apart from being their occupation. Therefore, as a group, Pall points out that they always give their music the best input. It is because of this reason that the music-writing process is essential to them as a group. Unlike the other mainstream EDM groups that source songwriting services from other people, Pall points out they are part of creating process. In case they are collaborating with another artist, they prefer co-writing. This approach has always given the group a signature is their lyrics.

In order to remain competitive and inspiring, Alex Pall points out that they regularly share musical projects with other artists in the genre, Spotify, for example, has been instrumental in their growth as a group. Chainsmokers additional creative points out creating playlists on this platform enable them to push an inspiring sound to the consumption world. Other platforms such as YouTube and Apple Music serve as the group’s alternative platforms for sharing their work.

In the last three years, Alex Pall has been impressed by the Chainsmokers expansion in the music consumption world. More specifically, Alex points out that the group has penetrated in geographical areas that no other EDM act has been able to grasp. This expansion according to Pall has inspired them as a group to restructure their world tour to include other countries such as South Africa and Asia.

The Chainsmokers – Diversity Going Forward

The Chainsmokers are a duo of two DJ producers named Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. Both do things their way in terms of making music that they want to play, make, and put out into the world; like in getting back to a Hip Hop genre as in a form of history repeating itself. The Chainsmokers work with producers and singers which they find very fun, and exciting. This duo has won a Grammy already, and just recently, Drew specifically, received a Grammy nomination.

This pair has been wildly popular for the past two years, their latest single is “Sick Boy”, which has been described as having dark undertones, unlike their previous work.

Taggart stated, “anger and frustration” went into the making of that song. The frustration was with social media, gossip, and criticism. This song was a form of reaction to it. It is important to Taggart that especially the younger crowds really listen to the words of their songs.

Pall has stated they do hold themselves to very high standards and “Sick Boy” was like taking off in a new direction. They have music they are very excited about and are having much fun doing it without all the drama. Having fun and enjoying it is where it’s at.

For sure they are, and, want to be different, and plan to keep the tunes coming. Tunes that make you feel good, and lift you up, this is what drives The Chainsmokers. Their work is always a reflection of what happens to be going on in their lives at the moment and the world around us.

They took some time away for about nine months and came back with, “Sick Boy” and are back now and plan to make some tracks that are just straight dance for a festival. They are at an in-between space that isn’t quite EDM nor quite pop, but you can bet The Chainsmokers will find the right balance.

Desiree Perez Makes Her Mark at Roc Nation

Desiree Perez is the person that you have to see if you are going through Roc Nation. She is the CEO that has getting things done over at Roc Nation, and people are noticing the talent that is part of the roster. Roc Nation is one of those talent management companies that keeps getting more talent because it is growing so much. The thing that has made Desiree important is all the work that she has been able to do. There are people that are interested in some of the top talent artists that she has, but there are also some up and coming talents that are moving as well.

Perez has definitely made a name for herself, and it appears that Roc Nation is growing because of her powerful contract negotiating skills. This is top talent like J.Cole and Shakira in place. There are also up and coming artists like DJ Mustard and Carmen Key that have a lot of new products. Desiree Perez is going to make it possible for Jay-Z to make the best possible decisions because she is helping him sought out the contracts. There are a lot of people that are interested in becoming part of the Roc Nation roster, and this is all because of the work that Desiree Perez is doing.

More people are seeing Desiree Perez because she is becoming more vocal in building much more of a presence in the industry. She is becoming much more engaged in the process of making Roc Nation better, and people are impressed with what she is doing. There are a wide range of artists and athletes that are getting better contracts because she is putting time into getting them better deals. Her business skills are going to change what Roc Nation is doing altogether.