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Neurocore Establishment


Neurocore is a brain performance oriented company established in 2004. The company not only offers basic neuro improvement strategies, psychotherapy and medication but utilizes neurofeedback in treating a number of brain-related disorders. Their operations are center towards improving the way patients respond to mental related challenges and disorders without necessarily using medication. Some of the conditions and disorders that Neurocore treats include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD, ASD, stress, sleep-related disorders, depression, anxiety, Memory related disorders, migraines, etc. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurotherapy and Neurofeedback in Neurocore.

Neurocore uses both neurofeedback and Neurotherapy in treating the above-mentioned disorders. In neurofeedback, Neurocore employs quantitative electroencephalogram, qEEG, to study the patient’s neuroactivities and applies the knowledge gained from the process to help patients improve their response to stressful situations and the challenges of depression, anxiety and ADHD. The company analyses the patient’s brain performance and develop customized programs for them. Neurocore approaches anxiety in by identifying what triggers anxiety through qEEG and neurofeedback technology. Read more about Neurocore at


Neurocore, in its fourteen-year service, has quickly risen to become a national authority in Neuroscience applications. They have eight brain performance facilities up and about Michigan Florida available to the public. Through its advanced program, like neurofeedback, Neurocore is involved in treating athletes and its programs have been incorporated into different franchises as a way of improving brain performance.

Through its use of advanced technology, the company has developed training gears, Neuromuscle, that helps hyperactive adults in their daily exercises, to simultaneously enhance their mind and bodies. Neurocore believes that moat brain-related disorders are triggered by different parts of the brain when it is communicating with the rest of the body. Therefore, these triggers can be studied and rectified from within the person rather than without. The company has developed and uses customized programs to suit their individual patients and their conditions.