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The Greatest Mathematician

Michael Lacey is a renowned mathematician whose life revolves around the subject. Currently, he is a mathematics professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has held this position for more than two decades. Also, Michael has held other prestigious positions in other different learning institutions across the globe.

Before joining Georgia Institute, he worked as an Ordway Professor at the Minnesota University. Also, Lacey worked as a Wallenberg Fellow in Lund and a professor at the University of Helsinki. Michael has also served as a visiting professor at the Center for Advanced Study in Norway.

His Education Background and Early Life

Born on September 26, 1959, Michael Lacey studied mathematics at the Texas University, Austin. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 1981.

Afterward, Michael Lacey went for higher education at the Illinois University and in 1987, graduated with his Ph.D. in Mathematics. Although Michael has always been enthusiast about the law of iterated logarithm, he based his thesis on Banach spaces.

Early Career

Michael Lacey’s first job was as an assistant professor working at the Lousiana University. He worked in that position for just one year and later moved to North Carolina University. There, he worked at the same position as an assistant professor. Later, he went to the Indiana University and also served at the same level.

In all the years of his career as a mathematician, Michael’s work revolved around probability, harmonic analysis, and ergodic theory.

Achievements and Awards

Michael has been very successful in his career and managed to scoop a number of awards as part of his achievements. All these are in recognition of his skills. He got an award of the National Science Foundation after his doctorate while working at the Indiana University.

While at the North Carolina University and working with Walter Philipp, they developed the proof of the theory of the central limit. His biggest achievement, however, came when he received the Prix Salem Award. The award was for both Michael and Christopher Thiele. This is one of the greatest mathematical awards out there.

There are other numerous awards that Michael has managed to win like the Guggenheim Fellow and Simons Fellow Award, among others.

Apart from teaching, Michael also carries out extensive research, gives talks, and mentors students. All this demonstrates his passion for mathematics. With such self-drive, the sky is no limit for Michael Lacey.

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