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How Jeremy Goldstein has helped employers to implement EPS

Employees in any organization work towards the achievement of the goals of the company. They invest a lot of time in striving to improve the operations of the organization. The improvement is always reflected in their salary. They are reward according to their input in the organization. Many employees request for the increase in the salary when they realize that the operations of the organization have improved. Many human resource managers do not grant the employees their request. The employees find it had to convince the organization to pay their money.


Jeremy Goldstein is a recognized lawyer who has come up with a solution that will solve the problems of the employees. The New York-based lawyer has published an article that describes how the problems of the employees should be addressed. The article is about EPS and how it will affect the relation between the employers and employees. The EPS stands for Employee per Share. EPS requires that each employee should get a share of all the profits that are earned by any company. The increase in the profits is determined by the management of the company then the information is presented to the employees. The move has some problems that have to be handled. The companies, for instance, state the amount that should be paid but they don’t specify when the amount will be paid. The move prevents the employees from asking for their rewards.

Goldstein noted that the management of the companies should be held responsible if the employees are not rewarded. The management staff has discriminated some of the employees when it comes to the implementation of Esther employers is charged with determining who should be rewarded. The employer can then manipulate the issue and reward the people they prefer in the organization. Goldstein came up with a solution to the problems that employees have faced during the implementation of the EPS.

Jeremy Goldstein suggested that the employers should comprise the workers in the company. The company should establish the employees need in the organization. The managers of the company should then come up with criteria which will ensure that the eligible employees receive their rewards. Goldstein observed that the compromise would prevent clashes that are common between the employers and employees.

Jeremy Goldstein is a renowned lawyer who has touched the lives of many employees. Currently, he is the CEO of Jeremy Goldstein and Associates Company. The company has been on the frontline in offering guidance to CEOs and other leaders in the corporate world. Goldstein has a vast experience in the matters that pertain to law. The experience was gained while serving some reputable organizations such as Wachtell and Kats.he has been practicing law for over 15 years. Some of the organizations such as Bank One and Chevron have benefitted from the advice of Goldstein. Learn more: