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Man Of Innovation, Man Of Vision: Marco Antonio Marques da Silva

Would such an illustrious career, Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was recently honored by the PUC-São Paulo. Nothing short of amazing, let’s take a look at the life of such a monumental figure.

From the age of 15, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva had a strong interest in law. He began his lifelong pursuit of law in 1977 while attending PUC. Graduating in 1981 paved the way for further educational attainments this man has achieved. While attending the Pontifical Catholic University, Marco pursued a masters degree and a doctorate as well. Later on, Marco became a professor at the PUC where he still teaches till this day. With such a phenomenal background in teaching as well as being a specialist in his chosen field, it can be easily seen why Judge Marco da Silva has been awarded such a prestigious honor.

What stands out about this phenomenal individual is that he has written over 35 articles and over 10 books. In this way, Mr. da Silva is able to manifest his thoughts and ambitions between pages to be absorbed by those who peruse his writings. There are many people from colleagues to students the world over that has been influenced by such an intriguing figure today. With such vigor and unrivaled excellence, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has given us a fine example of what it means to follow your dreams. Lifelong pursuits are easily attained one step at a time and with such an example we can follow in his footsteps. As being a Judge, Marco joined the State Judiciary in 1983 where he worked in various counties. After becoming a substitute Judge, he became a Court of Appeals Judge in 2007. With a firm eye for justice with a determination to provide excellent judgments, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has set the standard in the courtrooms today.

In conclusion, we have before us an example of integrity, honor, and commitment. This is just a brief overview of such an achievement being attained with an illustrious career. Many more achievements to be made, Judge da Silva has his eye on continued excellence.