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Jeunesse Global: Youth Preserving Creams, Supplements, and More

Jeunesse Global is a company that is breaking boundaries for independent business people. Their system is a marketing and selling platform that revolves around youthful products, programs, and supplements. The team members are offered more than just compensation. They receive education, leadership training, and guidance to success. Jeunesse Global stands behind its products, personel, and culture.


One product that has sold millions is Instantly Ageless. It minimizes fine wrinkles and soft folds. The product is a topical cream, not a harsh chemical. The results are almost instantaneous, hence the title. Changes in the skin take approximately two to three minutes, and the results are often very noticeable. Once applied, the changes last for several hours. The cream is dispensed in small vials, so it can be thrown in a handbag and used later on in the day if needed. The areas where it can show the most effect are:

  • Forehead line – These can be from sun damage or repeated facial gestures.
  • Eyebrow sag – This area can naturally sag over time.
  • Heavy eyes – Sometimes heavier lids are often referred to as eye hoods.
  • Crow’s feet – The familiar laugh lines.
  • Bags underneath the eye – Bags are often caused by stress or lack of sleep.
  • Pores – Instantly Ageless can help minimize the appearance of large or deep pores.

Another favorite item is the liquid supplement MonaVie. It is made from plants and fruits. The combination of the ingredients makes a powerful supplement that encourages joint health and mobility. It is a unique blend of berries, amino acids, and antioxidants. Some of the fruit juices used are apple, kiwi, and cranberry. The beverage provides glucosamine, which has been shown to contribute to healthy joints, and because it is completely derived from plants, it safe for people who are allergic to shellfish and are looking for an alternative form of glucosamine.

Jeunesse Global offers many more products, such as a flawless misting foundation and a complete weight loss system. The business model, team building power, and useful products are something the co-founders, Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, are proud to offer to people looking for youth promoting products and individuals looking to start their own business.