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Rick Smith’s Passionate Leadership Catapults Securus to The Top

Securus Technologies provides cutting edge civil and criminal justice solutions to correctional facilities. The service offering includes communications and facility management platforms. Its primary goal is to enhance public safety and reduce recidivism by creating a contemporary incarceration environment.



The company has invested heavily in technology through strategic acquisitions, a robust team of engineers and customer service representatives. As of 2016, the company spent over $600 million in acquisitions, technology buyouts and patent development.



Rick Smith is the man behind the company’s rapid growth. He is serving as the firm’s CEO. He assumed the CEO position in 2008. He took control of the board as the company Chairman in 2009. Rick Smith attended the State University of New York where he graduated with a master’s degree in Engineering. He then proceeded to the University of Rochester for further studies.



Securus Technologies recently acquired JPay, a leading technology company with a strong focus on electronic payments and billing, communications and entertainment platforms for correctional institutions. The deal enables Securus to boost its service offering including payment platforms as well as inmate tablets packed with infotainment applications.



Speaking during the announcement, Rick Smith reiterated that Securus now has increased capacity to provide comprehensive technology solutions in line with the requirements of modern correctional facilities. According to the CEO, the company must stay ahead of innovation and technology to be effective in its mandate.



The company is uniquely positioned as the leading provider of technology solutions to correctional facilities in the country. Under his leadership, the firm continues to deliver value to stakeholders including facility staff, inmates as well as their families and associates. Rick Smith mentioned that JPay retained the management team and most of its staff. As a subsidiary, it will leverage Securus’ vast resources and business networks to achieve growth.



The Success of Jason Hope

An established entrepreneur, Jason Hope is an active philanthropist, successful investor and also a futurist. He is a lover of technology and is committed to giving back to the community. Jason Hope was born and brought up in Arizona and has always had a passion for technology since he was young. He attended the Arizona State University where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. Jason also went to The Arizona State University’s WP Carey School of Business where he earned his MBA. According to Jason, technology has many opportunities and offers a bright future. The specialty of Jason Hope is to develop gaming software, mobile applications and also devices. He says that these products assist in embracing connectivity. Jason seeks to empower and enhance the life of humankind through technology and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

Jason Hope has been making human life easy through the new inventions in technology. He is also studying technology infrastructure with the aim of understanding potential trends. Being a futurist, Jason Hope works in collaboration with businesses and individuals to assist them in getting on the right track when it comes to making innovating technical advancements. Jason is a strong believer that starting a new business is never easy and that people should be helped especially the young in actualizing their ideas. Majority of upcoming entrepreneurs normally have innovative ideas but then do not have the insights and finances to bring these ideas into reality and his Facebook.

For a long time, Jason Hope has been giving grants to many college and high school senior students. Through these grants, students can actualize their ideas while they work in order to for their thoughts to make technological breakthroughs. Jason Hope offers the require support for many entrepreneurs who have great ideas. An active philanthropist, Jason Hope offers both his time and resources in assisting many charitable organizations. According to him, his assets and skills place him in a good place in improving the welfare of many people in the society. Many local organizations in Arizona have benefited from the philanthropic activities of Jason Hope. The success of Jason Hope can be attributed to his great passion in technology, discipline, hard work and commitment. Many young entrepreneurs look up to Jason Hope for advice on how to succeed in their businesses and how to incorporate technology when it comes to making new inventions. Jason Hope has earned a reputation as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world and more information click here.

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Securus Technologies Keeping Gang Violence Under Control

The hardest part of my job as a corrections officer is being able to keep gang members from causing problems in the prison. As the population explodes in our facility of gang members, we have to walk that fine line of keeping the peace but keeping order as well. When you separate prisoners based on gang affiliation and they still try to kill each other, innocent people are going to get caught in the cross-fire.


To try and lessen the chances that innocent people are going to be hurt by gang members inside the jail, we have to stay vigilant and do certain things daily to tighten things up. When a visitor comes to the jail to see an inmate, we have to really be on our toes. We try to do a physical search and then have then walk through scanners, but contraband still changes hands.


Despite our best effort to do surprise cell inspections, these inmates often are a step ahead of my team and hide what they do not want us to see. That leaves us with perhaps the most powerful and revealing of all the tools at our disposal to fight this growing problem. When Securus Technologies placed their call monitoring system inside our prison, we were able to listen to these gang members on the phone in a whole new light.


Once the call monitoring system alerted my team of chatter from a gang member, it revealed things we had no idea were happening. Inmates talking about not only hiding drugs in plain sight, but forcing other lower-level gang members to sell those drugs and kick up the cash to the top-level gang members. This type of illegal activity is not tolerated, and besides being dangerous, is just something we can now identify and eliminate.


An Unlikely Candidate Wins the Stevie Award This Year

The winner of the 2017 Stevie Award for Best Customer Service Training Department was a surprise. Securus Technologies, a civil and criminal justice technology company, won that category in the 11th annual Stevie Award for Sales & Customer Service. I can’t say that I expected a company like Securus to win that award. It turns out, Securus takes customer service seriously, and how could they not take it seriously in the industry they are in?


Securus was one of more than 2,300 companies nominated for the award. The finalists were chosen by a panel of 77 professionals worldwide. The judges’ comments cited the difficulty of customer service in the industry that Securus serves and the marked improvement that it has shown in customer surveys.


Danny de Hoyos, who is Securus’s SVP of Operations, said that “[t]he training team recognized empathy for the customer’s situation and solving issues on the first call were the keys to improving the customer’s experience.” I’d say that strategy couldn’t go wrong.


It turns out that Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and serves thousands of law enforcement and corrections facilities and over a million inmates. The company provides them with the technology services needed to help make the world safer.

Securus Technology Rising To Forefront With New BBB Accreditation

The Better Business Bureau offers accreditation to willing companies around the country. Each company is held up to the light to see if it qualifies for BBB’s highest award. And the crazy thing is that accreditation is voluntary. The company that wants to be accredited has to actually pay for it and then jump through the hoops of the accreditation process. It’s not something that every business owner can afford. It’s also a big time hassle that can really put a drag on the business itself.


That’s why it is so mind blowing to see a company like Securus going through the process. Securus Technologies is a tech company that provides solutions to the law enforcement community. But most people in American know the company for servicing prisons and jails. They are the ones that run the phones connected to the walls inside of those prisons.


It’s crazy that they went out of their way for accreditation because of the way the business works. Securus, along with other telecommunications companies, bid for contracts in order to be the only company to provide telephone services in that facility. Once the contract is signed, they have no competition and they don’t really need to treat their customers well. After all, the prisoners have to use that service in order to make a call. They don’t have to happy about it.


But Securus has had an A+ rating from the BBB for a long time and they finally went through the accreditation process. It’s as if they are internally driven to run a good, ethical business despite the conditions of that business. I wish that every technology company worked like this, even on the outside of prisons. It would make my life a lot easier dealing with a company committed to customer service.


Investigator Pro 4.0 By Securus Technologies: Find Specific Voices In Phone Calls

Investigator Pro 4.0 by Securus Technologies could be a real game changer. It is a means of specifically identifying convicts and perpetrators without cumbersome police work.


The theory of Investigator Pro 4 has to do with individual voices. A person’s voice has a uniqueness to it that is every bit as individual as a fingerprint. Computational technology has become streamlined enough it can now identify people by their voices alone. What Investigator Pro 4.0 does is take that information to the next level.


It has been said that modern correctional facilities oftentimes function as a sort of collegiate institution for crime. To that end, big “crime lords” that get busted end up in jail, and are visited by echelons of their previous crime “empire”. Additionally, there will be crime networks which are partially incarcerated, and the ingenuity of such inmates results in operations conducted from the inside. Oftentimes these can be difficult or impossible to foil, but with Investigator Pro 4.0, any phone call made by any inmate to anywhere can be analyzed. Who they are calling can be examined, making it easier to determine whether or not that individual has done time previously, or has made any other calls to other inmates. Investigator Pro 4.0 helps identify criminals outside incarceration facilities and can help solve crimes that have been puzzling investigative personnel for years.


Securus Technologies currently serves over 2,600 correctional facilities across the nation, and serves over 1.2 million prisoners through it’s IT applications. In such a population group, there are bound to be instances where multiple crimes are committed by individuals which go unsolved. The larger the pool of possible suspects, the more likely it will be that conviction will be made, and additional danger be removed from the streets of a given city.


Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

With ConnectUs By Securus, Inmates And Correctional Facilities Both Profit

Normally, a correctional facility is going to have a great deal of paperwork tied up in day-to-day operations. For legal reasons this is often a necessity. Establishing a paper trail demonstrates legal acuity, and the following of established procedures. It’s a very necessary component of the modern legal system. However, properly categorizing information can be time consuming; especially if this is done using antiquated 20th century methods. Unfortunately, most correctional facilities don’t have direct access to the kind of tech corporations do, and so must resort to older tech. That’s a problem swiftly being solved by Securus Technologies of Texas, however.

Formed in 1986, Securus Technologies is the leading technology provider for corrective facilities in the United States, and likely the world–though their concentration is primarily within the country. It is Securus’ goal to continuously be on the cutting edge of all technology developments related to law enforcement. They’ve been very successful at this over the last several decades. One of their most notable recent innovations is called ConnectUs.

ConnectUs is a platform that provides inmates with endless features and applications that were previously beyond availability or imagination. These apps and features are strictly customizable and can be completely controlled by the institution which unveils ConnectUs. The full name of this new software innovation is ConnectUs Automated Forms. All the ubiquitous paperwork of operations is consolidated digitally, saving the paper, the time, the storage, and the aggravation of antiquated infrastructural operation.

The potential for savings across the country is in the multi millions with ConnectUs. Securus Technologies already caters to some 2,600+ corrective facilities across the country. Additionally, they cater to 1.2 million inmates across the country. This from a company that only has 500 to 1000 employees, according to LinkedIn. Streamlined, efficient success is the name of the game at Securus, and ConnectUs Automated Forms just proves that once more.