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George Soros: Philanthropy at Its Best

What makes a great philanthropist? Honestly, it just takes someone who’s willing to contribute a large portion of their time to helping the helpless. George Soros is such a man. George Soros is a billionaire hedge fund manager who found success on Wall Street shortly after moving to the United States.

Soros moved to America from London, but he was born in Hungary. As a Jew growing up in a Nazi-occupied nation, things weren’t easy. Even after the Nazis left, Hungary remained a Communist country, practically forcing Soros to leave as soon as possible.

Once he’d found success as a hedge fund manager, he began getting into philanthropy. The benefit of having so much money was being able to help dozens of organizations at the same time. He developed a passion for giving back, so he founded his own organization, Open Society. Open Society is a philanthropic organization that promotes democracy and human rights.

It’s also one of the largest charitable foundations in the world. In fact, the only organization that’s bigger is the one founded by Bill and Melinda Gates. Open Society grew to such a large size because of Soros’s multimillion-dollar donations. Over the past 30-plus years, Mr. Soros has transferred $18 billion of wealth to the Open Society Foundations. The NY Times was the first to break this story, and

Most of that money has gone to hundreds of smaller organizations and regions that Open Society supports. The organization operates in more than 120 countries, more than any other foundation. Soros is admired by everyone in the philanthropy community as one of the greatest of all time.

Recently, his organization’s been assisting the United States with its many issues. Since the 2016 election, dark forces have awoken in the United States. These dark beings have repeatedly attacked and degraded numerous minority groups. Open Society is trying to protect these groups and prevent future acts of violence.

Along with philanthropy, politics is another part of Soros’s life. He’s not a politician, but he supports several Democratic leaders all over the country. His political focus made him an enemy of right-wing conspiracy theorists. Not only do they make up stories about him, they twist the true stories about him, and more information click here.

JPost mentioned some of the weird accusations against George Soros. According to Roy Moore, an Alabama Senate candidate, Soros has been hiring women to accuse him of sexual assault.

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