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Adam Milstein Is Anything But A Debbie Downer

Adam Milstein is someone who is lucky enough to be able to express his political opinions publicly. He is a real estate guy who is employed by Hager Pacific Properties. His hard work has allowed him to have a fruitful career and a comfortable life in Southern California. Adam Milstein and Gila, his wife, are the proud parents of three daughters. Fortunately, they are also now the proud grandparents of three children.


In the eyes of their religion, this is important because it is important to churn out more generations of Jews. The existence of Jews exists upon procreation. This is something that the state of Israel encourages. Israel is all about population and numbers, because the human element is the most important. They are so gung-ho about this concept that Israel is very anal when it comes determining who is a true Jew and who can gain citizenship.

A million faceless Debbie-downers like to mope around and lament that many people with Jewish ancestry are no longer identifying as Jews. People with this viewpoint try to validate their argument by referring to the fact that, over the past 100 years, people with Jewish ancestry have assimilated into Western societies and have become disinterested with Judaism. However, when you look at the big picture of history, what appear to be happening, now, does not really matter. This is because of the fact that Jews have always survived and stayed themselves throughout the ages. Of course, some individuals left the civilization and joined other civilizations. However, this is something that has always happened, but it has never led to the dissipation of Jewry.

People who have strong, secure Jewish identities are the rock that keeps the presence of Jewish identity solid and in existence. Such people have always existed, and still exist. These are the types of people who really keep Jewry going. Adam Milstein has a special place in his heart for these types of people, because they are the future of the religion, identity and culture. Adam Milstein, himself, is one of these people.

George Soros: Philanthropy at Its Best

What makes a great philanthropist? Honestly, it just takes someone who’s willing to contribute a large portion of their time to helping the helpless. George Soros is such a man. George Soros is a billionaire hedge fund manager who found success on Wall Street shortly after moving to the United States.

Soros moved to America from London, but he was born in Hungary. As a Jew growing up in a Nazi-occupied nation, things weren’t easy. Even after the Nazis left, Hungary remained a Communist country, practically forcing Soros to leave as soon as possible.

Once he’d found success as a hedge fund manager, he began getting into philanthropy. The benefit of having so much money was being able to help dozens of organizations at the same time. He developed a passion for giving back, so he founded his own organization, Open Society. Open Society is a philanthropic organization that promotes democracy and human rights.

It’s also one of the largest charitable foundations in the world. In fact, the only organization that’s bigger is the one founded by Bill and Melinda Gates. Open Society grew to such a large size because of Soros’s multimillion-dollar donations. Over the past 30-plus years, Mr. Soros has transferred $18 billion of wealth to the Open Society Foundations. The NY Times was the first to break this story, and

Most of that money has gone to hundreds of smaller organizations and regions that Open Society supports. The organization operates in more than 120 countries, more than any other foundation. Soros is admired by everyone in the philanthropy community as one of the greatest of all time.

Recently, his organization’s been assisting the United States with its many issues. Since the 2016 election, dark forces have awoken in the United States. These dark beings have repeatedly attacked and degraded numerous minority groups. Open Society is trying to protect these groups and prevent future acts of violence.

Along with philanthropy, politics is another part of Soros’s life. He’s not a politician, but he supports several Democratic leaders all over the country. His political focus made him an enemy of right-wing conspiracy theorists. Not only do they make up stories about him, they twist the true stories about him, and more information click here.

JPost mentioned some of the weird accusations against George Soros. According to Roy Moore, an Alabama Senate candidate, Soros has been hiring women to accuse him of sexual assault.

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Larkin and Lacey Offer New Opportunities for Rights

Human rights are an essential part of having a society that is functioning properly. There are too many agencies that do not respect the rights of citizens and this is a huge problem for people who want to be able to do more with the options that they have. Because of the way that things are done in different situations, it is important that everyone do what they can to make sure that they are getting what they need from their lives. Agencies do not have the right to control what citizens do. Even law enforcement agencies are not able to control citizens after a certain point. Human rights must be respected.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin know a lot about human rights and what it is like to have their own rights violated. After using the freedom that they had to talk about different things that were going on with the sheriff’s department in their own county, they were arrested for speaking their mind. They were, of course, arrested by the department that they were speaking out against. This was something that was completely illegal and even someone with now knowledge of the law would be able to see that it was against their rights to do that.


After they were arrested and jailed, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin worked to make sure that they were not going to actually be in trouble for anything that they did. They made a big deal about the problems that were going on and that led to them being able to appeal the decision with a local court. That appeal did not go the way that they wanted so they took it another step further. This was something that was somewhat of a problem and something that they needed to make sure that they were doing the right way.


After the appeals that they had to go through, they were eventually able to settle for slightly over 3 million dollars. This was a huge settlement and all depended on the rights that they had. Since they were doing what they could in different situations, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin wanted to show people that they were going to be able to do more. They also wanted to be able to get the help that they needed from the experiences that they had and show other people that they did not have to go through the same struggles.

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The Achievements of Thor Halvorssen

Many leaders hope that once they are out of the office their succeeding generations will be successful and gain respect in their country. Thor Halvorssen is the descendant of the first president of Venezuela –Cristobal Mendoza. He comes from a family that has accomplished a lot in their life. For instance, his father Thor Halvorssen Helllum, was a Venezuelan Ambassador whose responsibility was for the antinarcotic affairs. Consequently, he was also appointed as an investigator at the international level of Venezuelan senate Commission. Thor Halvorssen grandfather, Oystein Thor Halvorssen served the Norway’s King at the position of the counsel and was a representative for the Venezuelan companies in Norway. With this success of due to the dedication of services in Venezuela, one would assume that Mendoza is happy of the rising Thor Halvorssen.

Thor Halvorssen holds a Bachelor’s as well as Mater’s degree in political science and History from University of Pennsylvania an Ivy League college. He is also very active in the government matters as well as legal affairs. Particularly Halvorssen has chosen to focus on a matter relating slavery, combating tyranny regimes as well as human trafficking.

He has also made a major impact in his own home country as well as the on the international sphere. In 1999 he was given the opportunity to serve as the chief executive officer of the America Civil liberties organization FIRE the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. It was in the same year that he campaigned to convince a U.S based Lucent Technologies to implement a policy that would eliminate slave labor in the manufacturing of its products in China. This would require that China citifies that none of the product come from its territory are made using slave labor.

One of the most recognized output to the society in his work is the work with Human Right Foundation. From time to time Halvorssen has helped in leading the foundation, it became a world recognized because of it a vocal protest against the oppressive regimes. At one particular time, he was fought for the rights of the longtime Chinese political prisoner Liu Xiaobo. As a result, he was asked to be Xiaobo guest during the Nobel Prize ceremony in 2010 in which Xiaobo was awarded in absentia.

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Performance in Angola, Africa Stirs Controversy for Nicki Minaj

Human Rights Foundations Requests Cancellation
There is much controversy being stirred up surrounding Nicki Minaj. Minaj and her girls have already jetted off to Angola, Africa. This is ahead of a scheduled performance. The event has been stirring up much controversy. The raptress is scheduled for a Christmas performance on Saturday. This is sponsored by Unitel. The Human Rights Foundation has requested That Nicki cancel this Christmas performance. This request came in an open letter.

The Communications Company Concerns
Unitel is the communications company that is controlled by the family of José Eduardo dos Santos. He has been the Angolan President since the year 1979. This controversy has come into play because the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Organization has called this president a dictator. This is the reason for the request to cancel the Christmas concert. The open letter to Nicki stated that her payment for her performance would be a direct result of government corruption along with violations of human rights. The outlined information in the letter warned Nicki of the three decade authoritarian rule. The violations include the exploited Angola’s diamond and oil wealth. This was exploited in order to maintain control over branches within the government along with civil society. It has been stated that Dos Santos had the following included into his policy for those who protested his rule. These included:
* harassment
* imprisonment
* the killing of politicians, activists, and journalists
This is the overall reason that the cancellation had been requested for the concert that that Minaj will be performing in.

Human Rights and Thor Halvorssen
Thor Halvorssen is a film producer and he is also a human rights activist. He has been described as an individual with a strong passion for the underdog and the powerless. Halvorssen started to advocate for human rights in the year 1989.

Thor Halvorssen Had Motivation
Thor Halvorssen does have an intriguing background. Perhaps his motivation for his powerful human rights passion is due to the fact that his own father had become a political prisoner. This occurred in Venezuela. Hal’s own background is Norwegian and Venezuelan. His mother had been shot while participating in a political protest. Thor does seem to have a solid and clear motivation for human rights and those who are powerless.