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Sussex Healthcare Brings on a New CEO to Enhance Operations

Sussex Healthcare is in a constant state of growth. The organization recently announced the name of its new CEO. Amanda Morgan-Taylor takes the reigns and brings more than three decades of experience to the new position. The new CEO spent a lot of time learning about her new organization before stepping into the role. She wanted to thoroughly understand the organization’s culture and how it meets the needs of its residents. Read more on

After taking over as CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor promoted operational excellence by creating a new position that would oversee quality, service improvements, and compliance. This fits right into how Sussex operates and maintains such a high standard of innovative healthcare. The company feels that adding her to the team is another example of its commitment to improving the lives of its residents.

Another plus for Amanda Morgan-Taylor is that she chose to visit each Sussex Healthcare home to meet residents, their families, and staff members. This way, she could get a feel for each home’s operations. She could learn directly and develop plans to further enhance and improve Sussex Healthcare’s mission.

Her commitment to excellence goes back a long way. Taylor became a mental health nurse in 1984, and became aware that numerous facilities did not have the knowledge, or tools, to provide effective care for mentally impaired people and the elderly. Thus, she stopped her nursing career and pursued management roles. Over the years she became expert at creating and overseeing development tasks that improve elderly healthcare. Her experience covers both the public and private sector. Visit

Her years of experience enables her to fully understand the relationship between residents and those who provide care. She can quickly identify and correct issues that hamper operations. Her mission is to take Sussex Healthcare to new heights of customer service and individualized healthcare. So far, she looks to be right on track.

All About Genucel

Genucel is a skincare line that offers treatment for bags under the eyes, wrinkles, and a few other things. There are a few steps to follow if you want to try out the Genucel regimen and have decent results. I will talk about these steps in this article.


The first step you should follow when using the Genucel regimen is to use the plant stem cell therapy that they offer. This product makes your skin appear more youthful. Around 95% of people who used this showed a reduced appearance of bags and puffiness. The next step should be to use the eyelid treatment. This tightens and firms your drooping eyelids giving you a brighter look. It also nourishes your skin and makes it smoother.

After these two steps, you should use the antiwrinkle product. This product speaks for itself it helps to diminish your wrinkles. Step four will be to use the product that they call immediate effects. This product also smoothes away wrinkles, and last 15 to 24 hours! The next and last step is step five, microdermabrasion. This product is just like the products used in spas and dermatologist offices. It treats the look of roughness in your skin and any kind of skin discoloration. This product comes in an easy to use cream and, you will see results within 2-3 minutes!


So as you can see Genucel offers products that range in use from under your eye treatment to wrinkles! A lot of their products are just like those used in doctors offices and spas. They are definitely products worth checking out.