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Sussex Healthcare Brings on a New CEO to Enhance Operations

Sussex Healthcare is in a constant state of growth. The organization recently announced the name of its new CEO. Amanda Morgan-Taylor takes the reigns and brings more than three decades of experience to the new position. The new CEO spent a lot of time learning about her new organization before stepping into the role. She wanted to thoroughly understand the organization’s culture and how it meets the needs of its residents. Read more on

After taking over as CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor promoted operational excellence by creating a new position that would oversee quality, service improvements, and compliance. This fits right into how Sussex operates and maintains such a high standard of innovative healthcare. The company feels that adding her to the team is another example of its commitment to improving the lives of its residents.

Another plus for Amanda Morgan-Taylor is that she chose to visit each Sussex Healthcare home to meet residents, their families, and staff members. This way, she could get a feel for each home’s operations. She could learn directly and develop plans to further enhance and improve Sussex Healthcare’s mission.

Her commitment to excellence goes back a long way. Taylor became a mental health nurse in 1984, and became aware that numerous facilities did not have the knowledge, or tools, to provide effective care for mentally impaired people and the elderly. Thus, she stopped her nursing career and pursued management roles. Over the years she became expert at creating and overseeing development tasks that improve elderly healthcare. Her experience covers both the public and private sector. Visit

Her years of experience enables her to fully understand the relationship between residents and those who provide care. She can quickly identify and correct issues that hamper operations. Her mission is to take Sussex Healthcare to new heights of customer service and individualized healthcare. So far, she looks to be right on track.

How Medicare Advantage Can Help You Live a Better Life

Medicare Advantage is a health insurance system that offers benefits to users through the Parts A and B plans. Unlike conventional healthcare costs, Medicare Advantage is a cheaper way to guarantee yourself and your family quality healthcare. The insurance program has been in existence for more than four decades, offering users several rights to access medical services.

Through the Part A plans, you can access healthcare services that are confined to in-patient services and you cannot rely on the plan for appointments to your dentist or physician. Part B offers you an opportunity to enjoy appointments to your physician and dentist. It offers more services than the earlier and you are required to submit monthly premiums.

Pros of Medicare Advantage
One of the reasons why you need to choose Medicare Advantage plans is the fact some insurance firms offer up to $0 premiums for the plans. The availability of the plan, however, is dependent on your state of residence. Secondly, Medicare Advantage plans may offer provisions for inclusion of services that are not covered under the original plan when signing up for health insurance.

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There are items that are not catered for in both Parts A and B, so you need to look for an additional package that will help you to handle the future issues. You also note that each plan offers an out-of-pocket rate that is to help you cover costs once you have used a certain amount. Once you reach the limit, you will not need to pay anything from that point for services that are listed in the program.

Who is eligible?
To qualify for the Medicare Advantage plans, you must have enrolled in both Part A and B Medicare plans. Individuals with end-stage renal disease cannot gain entry into the program. You also need to live within the service area for the kind of plan in InnovaCare Health you would like to embrace.

InnovaCare Health
Managed by a team of experienced professionals, InnovaCare Health is an established provider of managed healthcare services. The company covers the North American market and has created a strong system that is managed by different teams.

The leadership of InnovaCare Health, led by their CEO Dr. Richard Shinto, has been instrumental in ensuring the company offers high-quality services. Dr. Rick Shinto enjoys over 20 years experience in the healthcare industry. He works together with the Chief Administrative Officer of the company, Penelope Kokkinides, to ensure InnovaCare Health emerges as a leading healthcare provider within the region.

Analysts Give Nobilis Health A Clean Bill Of Health

As we head into the fourth quarter of 2015, markets are down substantially. However, according to Russell Stanley, an analyst at Mackie Research Capital, there is an industry player in the provision of healthcare services that will buck this trend. Nobilis Health Corp is the player. He identified this firm in a comprehensive report by analysts at Mackie Research Capital. This report allows the analysts to present their top picks for Q4. Nobilis Health Corp is a healthcare provider that owns and operates, in parts of the United States, surgical hospitals. The company boasts a track record of high organic growth, according to Stanley. He also goes ahead to point out that the firm is also successful when it comes to M&A. A case in point is the acquisition of First Nobilis Hospital in September 2014 for $7.5 million in cash. Nobilis Health Corp on September 23rd made an announcement that they had managed to acquire a 60% stake in the former Freedom Pain Hospital, giving them management control over the same. This acquisition was at $3.2 million. At a different research firm, Zacks, Nobilis Health Corp. has received a short-term rating of buy, with a rank of 2. Nobilis has received a rating of 1 from a brokerage firm. Another analyst has also described the firm as a strong buy. In the last three months, Nobilis Health Corp. has dropped by 22.32% on yahoo finance. In the last five trading days, Nobilis shares rose by 4.02% and by 8.17% in the last four weeks. Financial analysts have commented on the rating of the company. The current rating of the Nobilis shares, according to Stephens Inc., is Overweight.  Nobilis Health Corp is a healthcare provider that excels in the provision of ambulatory and acute care facilities. The focus of the firm is the provision of access to care to patients. This is to be achieved by the provision of procedures that are minimally invasive and at a low-cost outpatient setting. Nobilis engages in direct-to-patient marketing and employs proprietary technologies carry out patient engagement and education. Nobilis has ownership and manages surgical facilities in Dallas, Scottsdale and Houston.