Crosses For Losses

William Saito Is Here To Provide Helpful Tips For Managing Startups

Now that there are a number of financial challenges facing Japan, entrepreneurs are trying their very best to make sense of it all. In addition to these challenges, there are also a wide range of opportunities. William Saito is here to place everything in its proper perspective.


He has many years of experience in the world of technology and this puts him in the perfect position to lend some much needed expertise. He has been working in these fields since he was in junior high school and is responsible for the incorporation of the I/O Software firm. From there, Microsoft came into the fold and offered a partnership that allowed for this technology to be incorporated into Windows.


He eventually sold the business to Microsoft and decided to learn more about venture capitalism. William Saito became well known for his investments in various Japanese startups. Saito also won awards for his work and was feted as a Young Global Leader in 2011. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster took place that same year and he was tapped to provide the necessary IT support.


The National Diet relied on his insights while investigating the disaster. William Saito played a very important role during this time. He has also served as one of top advisers to Shinzo Abe, who still serves as the Japanese prime minister to this day. The Cabinet Office employed him as a supervisor and the Minister of Economy also relied on his knowledge.


The 2020 Summer Olympics will not take place without his assistance either. He has been named a member of the technical task force. All of this experience means that Saito is one of the go to names when it comes to commentary on startups. With nearly three decades of experience in various sectors of the technological world, he is someone who has a lot to say about startups and how they can be affected by financial turmoil.


He believes that startups must take certain factors about the Japanese economy into account in order to avoid the turmoil. For starters, the population is shrinking at a rapid rate. It is also aging just as quickly. The older population does not have an interest in putting an end to deflation because they benefit from it.


Startups are affected by the lack of quality employees that are available. Instead of investing in youth employees and allowing women to ascend to positions of power, older male employees dominate the boardroom. This causes financial turmoil when outdated techniques are used in order to drive the companies once they have been established.


In order to avoid the aforementioned problems, William Saito believes strongly in the importance of surrounding oneself with people who are able to remain resourceful and creative. He is also bullish on the idea of investing in global markets so that Japanese startups can steer clear of the problems that are taking place. He believes that all of Japan’s current problems will be easy to solve.