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Why Paul Mampilly Says Best Industry Sectors To Invest In Should Start With Technology

Want to challenge Paul Mampilly, an investment wizard of sorts, to a challenge? He already parlayed $50 million into $88 million, earning him the Templeton Foundation award. And while working at Agora Financial, he boosted performance of the biotech and life science franchise, FDA Trader portfolio, by 62 percent. His latest stock picks, that more than 60,000 loyal “Profits Unlimited” subscribers follow, have risen by a jaw-dropping 11 to 116 percent. Not only does Paul Mampilly have that golden touch, but most of his stock picks are resilient, and pay you back in good times and bad. Why wouldn’t you follow his advice?

Precision medicine will transform a cancer diagnosis from a death sentence to chronic disease. #precisionmedicine

— Paul Mampilly(@Paul_M_Guru) July 26, 2017

Paul Mampilly Says Start With Technology Stocks

Several sectors are enticing, like technology, medicine, and electric vehicles. Mampilly especially likes precision medicine, or personalized medicine. “It’s the most important trend for the 21st century because it gives a boost to our modern diagnostic methods.” Depending on the category of the diseased tissue or metabolism of each patient, each individual is treated selectively and individually. This helps pinpoint the right treatment and speeds up healing. This approach to healthcare is innovating, and many companies are testing drugs to benefit patients. Mampilly says stock buys should be considered because the medical industry and precision medicine will make a dramatic impact on our future, and learn more about Paul Mampilly.

Also on the list is the technology industry. Experts like Paul Mampilly point out that tech stocks are up and offers us bottomless opportunities. He points out that not only are devices being utilized more than ever before, but also changing the world as we know it. Mampilly says tech stocks are a must-have, since all these devices have become more of an addiction, and hard to ignore, and his Website.

And finally energy efficient electric cars. Lower energy consumption, lower CO2 emissions, cheaper on the pocket than today’s gas guzzlers, and high efficiency, due to diminished heat loss. Let’s not forget electric cars require dramatically less maintenance fees. In the past, the price has kept the sales moderately low, but today, buyers can purchase a new electric car for less than $30,000. The appealing price is driving up demand. The future for electric vehicles is inevitable and investment potentials are high.

With over 25 years of industry experience, at well-known organizations like Deutsche Asset Management, ING Funds, and Bankers Trust Company, the former hedge fund manager and financial analyst imparts his investment knowledge to those looking for wealth. Visit his newsletter, Profits Unlimited to get his latest recommendations, and


Richard Blair is a self-governing financial expert. He joined the financial business after graduating from college in 1993. Mr. Blair attained his Bachelor’s Degree in finance from the University of Houston. He later founded Wealth Solution Corporation in 1994. Solutions is a registered investment company based in Taxes. Mr. Blair’s goal of Wealth Solutions Company is to offer information and make a positive change not only in the lives of people and families but also to small firms in the local area. Mr. Blair enjoys helping people to achieve their financial objectives.

Security and Exchange Commission registered Richard Blair as an investment advisor. He has over twenty-four years of expertise in the financial industry. Mr. Blair has improved his knowledge in retirement planning. He holds business titles like Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS) and Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) as well as Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) among others. He focuses on helping his customers differentiate between planning and living in retirement. The aim of Richard Blair is to assist his clients in pursuing their dream of an adequate retirement. He supports his customers to avoid common mistakes by giving strategies for retirement revenue planning.

Mr. Blair spent his entire life surrounded by teachers. He learned that teaching could improve a person confidence. Mr. Blair combines finance and education knowledge to improve his customer’s financial investment skills. He has retirement planning experience. He gained the knowledge while working as an investment consultancy. Mr. Blair assists his clients in wealth management. He has a plan on how to manage property that he uses to advise his customers on the best methods of accruing and protecting their resources. Investors can use the asset management systems to enter into investment programs.

The financial markets are constantly changing every day. Mr. Blair firmly believes that financial plans should not only change but also adapt to the modifications. Mr. Blair always seeks chances to offer dynamic solutions to his clients. He persistently strives for investment solutions that will help his customers to contribute to the benefit whereas they still concentrating on lessening risk. Mr. Blair confidently believes that his client’s primary objective are to preserve their capital and develop a stable retirement revenue as well as leave an inheritance to their beneficiaries. He is determined to assist his clients to grow a complete financial strategy that will support them pursue their retirement goals.

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Kieth Mann, A Good Heart In The Hedge Fund Industry

Dynamics Search Partners, a top-tier executive talent search firm for private equity, investments, and hedge fund sectors. They have successfully paired clients and with the best of financial sector talent for a decade. Largely, their success manifests from strong partnering, social connections, and extensive networks for professional expertise to offer the best in insight and services to propel any client in parallel with the financial equity industry.

The founder and the man behind Dynamnics Search Partners, Kieth Mann is a philanthropist, public activist, and promoter of good will across the board. Through Dynamics Search Partners, Mr.Mann has developed and pushed forth a successful fund raiser that produced $22,000 for Uncommon Schools in New York. The focus of Uncommon Schools is to prepare low-income students for college and a pathway towards success and purpose in their future careers and the economy. Even before starting the fundraiser, Dynamics had pledged $10,000 to the education group, making sure that student’s testing needs are sufficient and filled. He even started his own scholarship for the newest generation of business and executive leaders, rewarding students who write a 1,000 word essay with a $5,000 gift towards tuition and fees.

Additionally, Kieth is known for his overarching respect for humane treatment of and respect for animals. In an interview with Animal Liberation Front, Kieth discusses his dedication to diminishing animal cruelty and indecent acts in the meat industry. Incredibly, as a pilot, Mann flew a group of over 40 animals from a wild fire in McMurray, saving their lives and reconnecting them with their owners. His commitment to movement is clear by words, but more importantly by his very clear and daring actions.

In respect to his career, Mann has over 15 years in hedge fund structuring and execution. His interest in the rapidly growing hedge fund sector allowed him to bridge the gap from employer to employee and from a need to the talent to fill it. Ultimately, in 2009, his Dynamics Search Partners was conceived and fills over 200 client inquiries each year.