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Fabletics Hinges on Automatic Shipments from Consumers

Fabletics is a true competitor when it comes to athletic clothing. This company has managed to grab the attention of young athletic women that are looking for stylish workout clothing. It has become one of the most important companies in recent years. It changes the way that women engage in buying clothes online.


Lot of clothing companies have allowed women to buy stylish clothes for working out, but few of these companies have the VIP membership where customers can sign up for automatic shipments. This is a great revenue stream for Fabletics, and it shows just how loyal people are to the brand. When customers make a decision to sign up for clothing without even questioning what is being sent to their address it shows that they really are fans of this brand. It shows that they trust the style profile quiz that they have utilized to define their style.


Kate Hudson believed that automatic shipments would give her an edge on the competition. This would be something that would actually engage the consumers and truly make them consider what they were looking for when they were planning to work out.


So many people that shop for athletic clothing are not really certain about what type of athletic clothing that they need for their work out process. What the style profile quiz does is actually engage the consumer. It allows the consumer to consciously think about what they may need for the workout process. This is a good thing because it saves them a lot of time down the line. People that you don’t have to style profile to set up automated shipments of clothes can always go back and change their selections if their workout routine changes. VIP members that are getting shipments find that this is a better way to save time. It also helps customers that may have assumed that working out with something that they could not do in style. Kate Hudson is certain that consumers can buy affordable clothes for working out, but they also can look stylish while they’re doing it.


She is setting a higher standard and raising the bar when it comes to athletic clothing. Her fans are appreciative of what she’s doing, and it is a very interesting thing to see how this brand is shaping up against big-name competitors like Amazon. Fabletics is dedicated to a high level customer satisfaction.

Fabletics Satisfies More Than Customers

Companies that offer products have much more of a responsibility than many people would believe. For one thing, meeting these responsibilities is important for the prosperity of the company. Even the most popular companies could benefit from taking ethical measures. If they are caught in something that is hurtful to others, then the company as a whole is going to suffer. In many cases, the damages are slow but growing. It is actually quite rare for companies to lose all of their customers that they have gained. There are always going to be some loyal customers for companies that provide good products.


Fabletics is one of the companies that makes sure that it handles every aspect of its business in an ethical manner. They make sure that they provide their workers with a good work environment so that they will be better able to provide top notch products. The managers of the company also work as hard as they can in order to make sure that the other workers are not only comfortable with the company, but also encouraged to be very productive as well as creative. This fun and welcoming environment is what enables people to produce high quality products.


Where it really matters is what the customers have to say about the quality of the clothes that are worn. Fabletics outfits have some kind of quality that is exclusive to it. Many people that work out in these clothes have stated that they feel good even after a good workout. One thing that is certain about many clothes is that after a while of sweating from strenuous activity, the clothes still feel good. Therefore, people are going to want to buy more of these clothes because of the material they are made of.


The clothes of Fabletics do more than just look good. They have been designed with functionality in mind as well. After all, Fabletics is run by a man. Men have a great sense of what is functional as well as what is aesthetically pleasing. This combination brings forth something that has purpose in what it offers.

Fabletics proves trendy active wear is big business

Kate Hudson, CEO of Fabletics has made workout clothes a big business. Joining forces with CO-CEOs of Justfab Inc, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, they introduced a profound solution to the active wear arena. They successfully filled the gap in women’s fashion where active wear was not a major player. They saw an opportunity to add glamour and convenience around a stale component that existed within fashion that no one had targeted.


Starting this powerhouse just over 3 years ago, the brand has proven to be more about inspiring women to live free and look fabulous while doing so. What was once thought of as the attire for a workout enthusiast, is now the necessity of any woman as a go-to outfit for running Saturday morning errands, going to cycling class, or meeting a girlfriend for yoga and then grabbing lunch. Fabletics has made a significant footprint in the active wear industry by utilizing the reverse showroom technique. Fabletics mastered this technique by combing both the in store and online shopping experience into their business model.


Show-rooming is a strategy that many retailers use. It is however a costly strategy as most consumers will look but end up buying a cheaper version somewhere else. Reverse show-rooming is where people go online to research what they want to buy to help make their buying decision. In today’s retail market consumers want as much information as possible before making a buying decision. This means that the retail experience must take the pressure off of the consumer and have information at their finger tips that answers their questions now. This is how Fabletics used reverse show-rooming to accelerate their brand.


Their membership based platform provides exclusivity at an affordable price with high quality and trendy apparel. Fabletics understands who their customer is, what they want and how they want it. Knowing all of the specifics around their customers provided a road map to how to create the best consumer experience. Some of the main points that make reverse show-rooming work for Fabletics is their ability to have a program that tracks purchases and reward repeat buyers, utilizing current technology and engaging the power of social media marketing. Based on this, Fabletics offers more flexibility and convenience to their customers than a typical active wear retailer.


Although their online presence is probably how most consumers know the brand, they have ventured in to the traditional store front model as well. An equally added bonus to their online store, as members that shop at a traditional Fabletics store can have items they liked added to their online cart. That technology in itself is impressive as it adds another level of to the customer experience and it adds another level of marketing.


Fabletics has taken the reverse show-rooming strategy and made it their own. Focusing on their customers and understanding how to make this strategy effective for their business model.

WEN By Chaz Puts The WOW Factor In Blogger’s Fine Thin Hair

There’s nothing wrong with fine, thin hair, but it doesn’t like to cooperate and hold a style. It can be quite a challenge forcing limp locks to do anything but lie flat. blogger Emily McClure admits she has that kind of hair. She desires celebrity tresses that have shine, movement and manageability. So, as a beauty blogger with access to many products, she decided to give the famous WEN hair by Chaz system a 7-day trial.

WEN by Chaz was developed by the well-known and well-liked Hollywood stylist Chaz Dean. He’s been around hair for years and understands that store bought shampoos and hair care products are hiding a dirty little secret. These products are filled with damaging chemicals like sulfates, which weaken the hair shaft. So, Chaz Dean created his brand of no lather shampoos with zero chemicals and instead, added amazing and nourishing plant-based, pure ingredients.

WEN’s unique cleansing conditioners are designed to improve any hair type in any condition. His formulas repair and strengthen the hair from root to end, from inside and out. WEN by Chaz delivers shine, volume and manageability in its special 5-in-1 formula.

Emily chose WEN’s Fig cleansing conditioner for extra body and moisture for her medium length locks. Emily was afraid to use the suggested amount of product and skimped, saying the amount was too excessive. WEN users should always follow the directions, because no lather shampoos need a lot of product to thoroughly cleanse and condition. Still, Emily’s hair came out gorgeous, and her friends were wowed, noticing the difference immediately. Even her hair selfies show the beautiful results.

Emily believes WEN by Chaz works best followed with a blow-dry and styling with your favorite hair tools. You would never know Emily had fine, thin hair after washing with WEN. Need Wen Hair care? Get their products on guthy-renker or at


Getting Better Hair With Help from Wen By Chaz And One Reporter

Hair is something that women everywhere spend lots of time thinking about. A woman’s hair is not just the stuff on the top of her head. Her hair is also something that she can use to show off her own individual style and her fashion sense. When a woman has hair that she knows has been well cared for, she has hair that she can take from day into night without worry. One reporter knows this and wants to help other women find the right products for their hair. This is what led her to try a new product on the market.
Her Experiences

Her own experiences are highly documented in an article she writes for Bustle Magazine. In this article, she shows others what happened when she tried a product called Wen By Chaz. Wen By Chaz is a new item on the market that is all about being able to help provide women with products that can work on their hair type. The reporter tried these new products on her own locks for several days. As she recounts to her many readers, she was quickly able to see results from using it that pleased her a lot.

New Products

Wen hair By Chaz is devoted to the notion that any hair products being used should be as simple to use and as effective as possible. They offer their customers a product that they can count on that is made from ingredients that have been shown to be highly effective on all types of hair. Wen hair products are available on both Guthy Renker and Sephora. It can also be bought here: .The ingredients used by Wen By Chaz are ingredients that have been relied on for many centuries. Those at this company know it is possible to harness such ancient knowledge and use it to meet the needs of today’s women and her specific hair style. Check out the Wen hair Facebook page for more inforrmation.


Ankle-Wrap Shoes are Literally Everywhere

We started seeing it last season with lace-up ballet flats, but with the onset of spring, a similar trend has become ubiquitous: ankle-wrap sandals and pumps. Don’t confuse these designs on with the gladiator-style flats of a few years ago, these looks all have laces you will need to tie, rather than buckle. Need further proof that you will soon be seeing this design coming to a street near you? Read on.

Exhibit A: This piece from Manrepeller
Of the five shoes the author says we need for spring, three have a tie-up element going on in the ankle region. Some designs keep the lacing close the foot, while others climb midway up the calf.

Exhibit B: This post from the popular style blog “The Girl from Panama”
She styles her lace-up heels with white jeans and a denim jacket, but they would also work for a girls’ night out or a creative office look.

Exhibit C: Zayn and Gigi’s Sexy Vogue Spread
Who cares about Zayn? The real eye candy in this spread is that pair of gorgeous Miu Miu pair Gigi is wearing.

The list goes on and on. If you are looking to get the latest shoes for spring, JustFab is for you. This subscription service delivers the newest trends at affordable prices. And they’re not just shoes. JustFab also has denim, accessories, and more. Head to and see what styles fit you.

JustFab has a complete set of fashion that every people needs. They have casual wears for boys and girls.