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The Chainsmokers And What They Have Done

The Chainsmokers consists of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart who are an American duo of DJ and production. This pair got their breakthrough into the scene in the year 2014 with their song, “Selfie”.

Their single got to the top twenty which led to a series of their success. These success has enabled them to win different awards including the Grammy Award, American Music Awards, and iHeartRadio Music Awards. They have also released an album.

Earlier this year, Andrew Taggart accepted an award from ASCAP as the songwriter of the year. He is the songwriter as well as the lead singer.

The performance by the Chainsmokers during the Ultra Miami Music Festival was successful as well as epic. They got to headline the event. It was also at that time that they topped Billboard’s top 100 list of new Dance and even the duo’s second single hitting a billion streams.

In this category of Billboard listing, they are the first to have received this kind of attention and recognition for their talent and significant efforts.

In March, the Chainsmokers released, “Everybody Hates Me.” In only a month the song had been viewed more than nine million times, with having no video. Fans came in large numbers in support of the pair.

The duo released another single,” Sick Boy.” The single was different in a manner that there was, Taggart’s vocals as well as more instrumentation. New and old fans were intoxicated and captivated as the song was evocative as well as catchy. They made a video to go with the song that attained more than 136,000,000 views.

Another single by the Chainsmokers,” Owe Me,” reached position four on the Billboard’s hot top 100 singles. The video accompanying the song managed to get more than 34,000,000 views. The views were because the video had an unexpected ending.

“Somebody,” another hit, was a bit different. The duo gave the fans a view of the composition process. The vocals were pitched up. Initially, the vocal was for producing another song.

The Chainsmokers are doing all they can to better themselves by utilizing social media and maximizing on their talents. They are reaching out to their fans by bringing different things to the table and recently introducing vocals as well as live instrumentation.