Crosses For Losses

Dr. Clay Siegall Shares Science And Sports News

Dr. Clay Siegall’s official blog is filled with news about advances in science as well as sports articles he finds of interest. One recent article he posted was about how Quarterback Aaron Rodgers wasn’t talked to before his team, the Green Bay Packers, fired his position coach, Alex Van Pelt. He called the firing “a little strange” and “an interesting change”. It was pretty obvious during his interview that he wasn’t very happy with the move and was especially not happy that neither the head coach or anyone in management had at least called him first.

In science news, researchers are looking into why people so often forget details of things, even the plots of books that they had really enjoyed. It’s believed that a lot of information is stored in what’s called working memory while you’re absorbing it but sometimes that information never makes its way over to long-term memory. One approach they suggest for college classrooms is to practice “slow teaching”, giving students the time to make that switch of information in their head.

In 1998, Dr. Clay Siegall, Ph.D. co-founded a company called Seattle Genetics, Inc. At the beginning of the firm he was the executive vice president. He was made the president of this company in June 2000. In late 2002 he was named as the company’s chief executive officer. He is also now the chairman of the board of Seattle Genetics. His company develops drugs that target cancerous cells and destroy them. As of 2016 he was compensated about $9.56 million annually.

After acquiring his undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland he went on to earn a Ph.D. in Genetics in Washington D.C. at George Washington University. After graduating he spent six years working as a researcher and developer for the federal government’s National Cancer Institute. This experience led to him being offered an r&d position by Bristol-Myers Squibb. He moved across the country to the greater Seattle area where he spent six years at their Pharmaceutical Research Institute.