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New Beneful Grain Free; The Recipe You’ll Both Love: This commercial features a young man and his furry, fluffy dog scarfing down a bowl full of Beneful. The owner tells us that Beneful is now grain free and the dog chimes in saying he doesn’t care about the lack of grain but loves the real farm-raised chicken and hints of spinach and other farm vegetables. Wagging his tail, the dog starts fussing over how cute his owner is and how happy Beneful’s new recipe has made him.

Dinner for Two: This commercial is narrated entirely by the dog as he tells us that his owner and him have been together for years and that his favorite time with her is dinner time. He scarfs down his bowl of Beneful commercial  and makes fun of his owner for eating no more than a cheese stick and cracker for her dinner. He clearly things that his owner feeds him better than herself and should probably get her own bowl full of Beneful.

Beneful Prepared Meals: In this commercial, the owner pulls a few Beneful Prepared Meals off the shelf and lets his dog choose what he wants for dinner. Like a waiter at a fancy restaurant, he tells his dog what is on the menu. The dog chooses beef stew at which point the owner pulls back the tab revealing a gourmet dinner dish made especially for his best friend.


Go Grain-Free with Beneful

Today, dog owners are becoming more knowledgeable and proactive in making healthy food choices for their beloved pets. Simple changes to diet, specifically to grain-free food formulas, can have a great impact on many common conditions our fur babies suffer with and more information click here.


What Is Grain Free Dog Food?

Most dog foods on the market contain high volumes of grain-based ingredients, like corn, wheat, oats and rice. Grain free diets eliminate these ingredients, replacing them with healthier grain-based starches and added proteins such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, tapioca or green peas. The food is easier to digest, allows for smaller portions, and lowers stool volume.


What Health Issues Can It Help?

Changing to a grain free food can reduce obesity in dogs. Traditional foods have high calories and carbs, and can contribute to your pet becoming over weight. Another benefit to switching to grain free foods, is improvement with skin conditions such as eczema. These formulas contain higher levels of fats and amino acids found in the healthier replacement starches. Allergies can also improve, as many dogs are allergic to the grains themselves, or to the toxic pesticides used on these ingredients which are commonly found in regular dog foods and learn more about Beneful.


What Brands are Best?

One of the best brands available on the market is Beneful Grain Free formula. The #1 ingredient is real, farm-raised chicken with accents of blueberries, pumpkin and spinach. The formula is 100% complete and balanced nutrition, with a taste even picky eaters will devour!


Beneful Has Nice Choices for Dogs

Some say dogs will eat anything. To a certain extent, this is true. The comment is also foreboding. Dogs may eat a number of things that are not healthy for them. This is the reason why pet owners have to be very careful with what they purchase for a beloved pooch. Beneful is selling tons of gourmet selections on Walmart. Any dog lover who wants a healthy diet for his or her pet should check out Beneful’s list of choices.
Beneful Chopped Blends with lamb, brown rice, carrots, tomatoes, and spinach does a perfect job of revealing all the amazing ingredients this Purina-owned company serves up. Not all of the wet foods [] under the Beneful brand have this many items mixed in, but all are impressive in their own way. This particular Chopped Blends package is impressive and loaded with good things for a dog’s physical health.

Beneful Beef Stew might not be as ingredient stacked as the previously mentioned Chopped Blends package, but it does contain a lot of good things. Peas, carrots, barley, and rice are fine compliments to the protein-rich beef. The stew is hearty enough even for very large dogs.

Dogs great and small love to munch of dry food and Beneful is in no short supply of these side dishes.

Beneful Playful Life dry food has a nice mix of ingredients intended to serve a unique purpose. The primary two ingredients, beef and egg, deliver protein to help fuel muscle recovery in an active dog. Blueberries are added into the mix as a source of energy. For humans, blueberries are excellent carbohydrates for fuel. There is no reason why they wouldn’t help dogs in a similar way. Spinach is also part of the dry food mix and the vegetable’s benefits are too numerous to list. This variety is available on

Incredibites with real chicken also comes with spinach, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Like Playful Life, a bag of Incredibites with real chicken delivers a nice amount of protein and carbohydrates. Dogs surely will go for this dry food with glee.

The same surely can be said of all of Beneful’s choices.

Choose Beneful!