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Magellan Health and Talkspace

There’s a new app called Talkspace that is shaking up the therapy world. The app connects users with trained mental health care professionals and allows users to receive therapy remotely over the internet. Oren Frank created Talkspace with his wife in 2012 and it was recently picked up by Magellan Health. Magellan Health plans to offer the Talkspace service to its insurance customers in the future.

Talkspace works by pairing its users to one of over 1000 mental health care specialists. Users and therapist communicate through text message or through video chatting, depending on the user’s needs and which plan they have selected.

Accessible at any time, Talkspace has quickly become a favorite app for people who are always on the go and don’t have time to go to regularly scheduled traditional therapy sessions. Because the therapists contact users through text messages, therapy sessions are quick yet effective. Many users praised the speed at which therapy happens, with some users finding better results on Talkspace than they were getting at traditional therapy.

Unlike traditional therapy, Talkspace is affordable. One of the Talkspace plans is $49 a week and provides multiple daily text message chat sessions with a therapist, as well as a video chat session with the therapist once a month.