Crosses For Losses

Jim Tananbaum Making his Foresite Capital Team Stronger

Appearing in the Midas List of Top Tech Investors is no easy feat. Dr. Jim Tananbaum, Foresite Capital Founder and CEO has accomplished it not once but three consecutive times. A Forbes initiative, the list is created in an effort to recognize the top 100 leaders in the venture capital who provide uniquely great returns for their investors by going for the high stakes in the future tech companies.

A Strong Foundation

Dr. Tananbaum studied for his MBA at Harvard Business School, his MS at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and his MD at Harvard Medical School. He also graduated from Yale University with a BS and B.S.E.E. In addition to his impressive educational background, he has more than 25 years of experience in the venture capital industry during which time he has been noted for success of Intarcia Therapeutics, Puma Biotechnology, Amira Pharmaceuticals, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Healtheon, and Amerigroup deals.

Going for Top Talent

One of Dr. Jim Tananbaum’s latest additions to the San Francisco-based health care growth equity firm’s team is Dr. Molly He. Apart from earning a Nankai University biochemistry degree and a protein biophysics Ph.D. from the University of California, one of her greatest qualifications is having worked for more than 15 years in genomic as well as pharmaceutical research and development. According to Dr. Tananbaum, Dr. He has won respect and recognition in scientific research specifically in next generation sequencing. He applauded her not only for exemplary educational background and experience in development of genomics and drugs but also for her leadership talent. The former Illumina Senior Director joined Foresite Capital as venture partner and read full article.

Bottom Line

Foresite Capital is headed for nothing less than the zenith under the leadership of Dr. Tananbaum. By getting Dr. He into the fold, he has succeeded in taking the firm more than a few steps towards its destiny. Jim of Twitter, Having been responsible for improvement and innovation for the Illumina’s protein reagent, she comes with a load of experience. Moreover, she has worked for Pacific Biosciences as the head of protein sciences where she was in charge of development of protein reagent. She has also published more than 20 papers in next-generation sequencing, what Jim knows.

Importance of Managing Online Reputation

Since ancient times there has been this perception that reputation is very important. It does not matter if the reputation is that of a person or an organization, it all goes down to that reputation on an entity. The reputation acts as the image that people have of the person or the entity in question.

After the innovation of the internet, there came up a new type of reputation which is Online Reputation Defender. With online reputation, comes reputation management which is the process by which an organization goes about in improving its image by trying to eliminate the negative feedback in blogs and reviews. By reducing the negative reviews, the products continue to enjoy a positive status and hence increased sales. Organizations in the early days did not have the internet, so there was no need to start an online reputation manager. In today’s world, a negative online review or blog can make potential clients change their mind on whether to buy a company’s products or not. Moreover, these reviews can be shared all over the other sites and even on social media thereby making a company lose many potential clients. Studies that were recently carried out have shown that reviews can affect a brand, company, and an individual’s reputation.
Online reputation management exists to ensure that a company is always aware of the reviews being given to their products, the following of their company, and also to help eliminate the negativity of customers by providing adequate and easily understandable information to their clients.
Forbes interviewed Don Sorensen who is the founder of the Big Blue Robot, through his 13 years of experience he says that there exist some ways of making sure your company does perfect in online reputation management. He says that for a company to be updated in the market, it needs to have: a number of domains, improve the content of search engine, keeping their sites up to date, automating company’s content , expand the exposure, publish an online journal and manage reviews.