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Lee May Beamridge Leads 10k Run and Crowdfunding for Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club

Lee May Beamridge (previously called FS Contracting Ltd) is a private construction company established in the year of 2013 by a group of Directors boasting over 100 years of experience in the industry. This company is led by Danny Masters as Managing Director, Paul Newstead as Pre-Development Director, Shaista Maartensz as Financial Director, Kevin Young as the Land and Pre-Construction Manager and Barry Nolan and Joe Clarke as Managing Quantity Surveyors. Lee May Beamridge is based in Chislehurst, UK. The company’s approach lies in finding sustainable construction practices with a focus on their carbon footprint. They also value experience in the industry as shown and pushes for an injury free enviornment.


Recently, Lee May Beamridge has been heading the charge for funding towards the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. Their goal is £20,000 and this campaign’s funding will be accompanied by a 10K run sponsored by the company. The goal of the 10K run and the crowdfunding campaign is buy a new minibus for the boxing club, allowing them to travel further for more competitive opportunities. Lee May Beamridge has also been a sponsor of the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club for a good amount of time, which they hope will provoke them into rigorous training towards goals and new opportunities in their youth to not only compete in domestic UK tournaments, but also tournaments all over Europe. The company also feels that the boxing club encourages a family atmosphere and distills robust values into the youth participating in the club.


According to their crowdfunding page, members of the Lee May Beamridge are also huge fans of boxing in general and also sponsor this campaign in the team through love of the sport. The company truly wishes for the club to reach the goal, both from love for competitive boxing and the youth of the club. The company began raising funds on May 2 of this year. The company has also sponsored a fundraiser for the MERU Charity and is generally generous and conscientious considering their views on the environment.

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Lee May, UK Advisor to Beamridge Ltd, Uses Prosperous Career to Help Community

Perry Mandera

The Exceptional Philanthropist, Perry Mandera

From the article, Perry Mandera is the founder and chief executive officer of The Custom Companies Incorporation that has been in business for more than thirty years. It has its headquarters in Northlake at Illinois, which offers employment to very many people around the community all through the state and the society. The company deals in providing transportation for various purposes beginning from family businesses to other hundreds of company businesses. Another thing about the company is that, it offers products and services to do with logistics and services in cartage. Recently, Perry Mandera began a new turn in the business where he is involved with pursuing charitable organizations and helping in contributions and funding of these people.

Perry Mandera began a foundation which is the greatest sign of his charity known as Custom Cares, which contributes generously to Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, acting as the charitable part of the Custom Companies Incorporation. This home has been a source of shelter, providing education, basic needs and a source of mentorship, to children suffering from abuse and those at the risk of being abused. At this home, Custom Cares has helped carry out various projects including planting of flowers and vegetables to show the importance of practicing environmental sustaining practices. Another contribution is that, he has participated in provided transportation services to charity homes, where through the Custom Company Incorporation, they transported coats to thousands of children around Chicago and beyond in need.

Furthermore, having worked in the army, Perry Mandera being philanthropic therefore, is no hard work to him but rather his passion. Other activities include hiring of the veterans after service so that they can cope with the society. Additionally, Perry Mandera helps in funding cancer centers that help in researching cancer cures and supporting cancer patients, such as The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and The American Cancer Society. Other charity work include funding sports youth teams, donating supply of food to victims of natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. In conclusion, Perry Mandera is a role model to the society through his generous giving and a reputable character; he is an example to all ages in the community.