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The Entrepreneurial and Philanthropic Efforts of Eric Lefkofsky

The data collected by the technology company Tempus consists of molecular data from cancer patients. The information collected is made available to oncologist and cancer researchers. Tempus’ mission is in part to “accelerate cancer research” and “redefine cancer care”. It is the company’s intention that the information it gathers be used to create cancer treatment plans bespoke to the individual patient.

Tempus uses artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning to decipher genetic algorithms. Tempus co-founder Eric Lefkofsky asserts that unlocking the genetic code of a disease is the key to not only curing cancer but Alzheimer’s and diabetes as well.

A personal experience prompted Eric Lefkofsky to co-found Tempus. He learned that there was no information gathering or sharing platforms for doctors treating cancer patients. Realizing the value of such a service Eric “…knew someone had to build it.”

Referencing the technology boom that has occurred in his lifetime ie; PCs and cellphones Eric Lefkofsky expressed a belief that current technology will profoundly change medical research. It is his belief that technology will extend life by revealing the secrets of diseases that have confounded physicians since the disease was first discovered.

Eric Lefkofsky entrepreneurial endeavors include the co-founding of Lightbank. Lightbank provides funding for companies that improve upon existing technology or create an entirely new industry. Over two decades Eric and his business partner have established six companies offering a range of services from transportation logistics and outsourcing, integrated media, predictive business analytics, and print and promotional solutions. To watch video click here.

The Lefkofsky Family Foundation was created in 2006 by Eric and his wife Liz. Focusing on certain communities the foundation’s objective is to improve the lives of denizens of those communities. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation supports educational initiatives like The Academy for Urban School Leadership that works to turn around failing schools. The causes LFF supports run the charitable gamut from human and civil rights to medicine and the arts.

A University of Michigan Law School alum having earned a Juris Doctor Eric Lefkofsky is also an adjunct professor at that school. He authored “Accelerated Disruption” a guide to technology-based businesses.

The Career Journey of Robert Deignan, And His Thoughts on Automation

Technology is growing quickly than most people can wrap their heads around, and this has fueled mixed feelings from folks who are either excited or uncertain about the leap. Robert Deignan, the Founder of ATS Digital Services, is delighted and inspired by technology. In fact, he built his career by aligning himself to technology, and digging deep to come up with inventive ways of using technology, to solve daily life challenges. He founded ATS Digital Services in 2011 after serving iS3 for close to a decade as the Executive Vice President.

Not only is Robert Deignan a tech-enthusiast, but he is also a profound leader who has the natural charisma and charm that inspires people to give the best shot in their jobs. His demeanor and attitude are, perhaps, inspired by his natural liking for sports, a hobby he picked up at the St. Thomas Aquinas High School, where he played football. Today, amid his buzzing schedule as the chief executive officer of ATS, Robert still finds time for sports and offshore fishing. He sees his sports time very useful to his personal life, and also to his career because, it gives him time off the computers, which he uses to brainstorm on new ideas.

Robert success at ATS Digital Services is not a child of fate or by sheer luck; but it’s inspired by professionalism, and his ability to think outside the box. He shares the same outlook regarding automation and its tagging effects. According to Robert, people should not oppose automation or feel intimidated by robots. Instead, learning how to work with robots to achieve the best results is the way to go. Robert concurs that automation will trigger widespread loss and disruption of most jobs, but along it, new opportunities will crop up for those who reorient their mindset and skillset.

More about Robert Deignan

Robert studied Organizational Leadership at Purdue University after securing a football scholarship. In the earlier days during his profession, he worked with the NY Jets and Miami Dolphins, before co-founding Fanlink, Inc. However, the company did not perform as expected, and closed down after some years. Robert moved on to work with iS3, and later established ATS Digital Services.

The Business and Family Man, Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is originally from the Philippines but currently resides in Canada. He has experience in multi-level marketing and worked with Gano Excel of Hong Kong as an executive. His hard work and dedication led to the expansion of the company to the United States and Canada. Chua moved to California to head the Gano Excel USA division. Gano Excel marketed capsules, instant coffee and other food related products. Read more at about Bernardo Chua

Later in 2008, Bernardo Chua founded ORGANO GOLD in Vancouver, British Columbia, which also had operations under Coffee Connoisseur. Organo Gold sold bioactive coffee products. In 2015, Organo Gold became Organo and they sell a variety of food products that promote an active lifestyle. The company is known for its variety of coffee flavors, teas, and detoxification processes. By using Ganoderma in its products, they can help their consumers live a healthier life.

Chua originally wanted to pursue the medical field. Although this didn’t work out, he is still able to help people with the products that his company promotes and sells. He studied at the University of Santo Thomas in the Philippines and received his Bachelor of Science degree.

Bernardo Chua considers his biggest achievement the actual opening of his company. He is very proud of the progress he has made and the global expansion that has developed. He says that anyone who wants to get into the business of direct selling should like dealing with people, building relationships, and they should enjoy the roller coaster ride that is sure to happen. They should also be hungry to learn and be ready to go through many challenging situations.

Although Chua is a business man, his favorite pastime activity is playing with his grandchildren. He also loves to hear stories of how his products are helping and inspiring people to change their lives.



The CEO Of Papa John’s Steve Ritchie Is A Man Who Listens To The People

Steve Ritchie has been traveling all over the United States, of late, to meet up with the different team members and franchisees of the pizza chain Papa John’s. Ritchie has stated that the company has always believed that the people are the main priority of its business, and he has been traveling around the country in order to give them more attention. In short, Steve Ritchie and Papa John’s are working to discover what it is they can do better, and they are getting their answers directly from the people who work for them.

Steve Ritchie visited Papa John’s stores in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, and Dallas and has also been traveling to just let the people who work for Papa John’s know how much they mean to the company. Ritchie admitted in a recent article that without the people, Papa John’s would be nothing, because they are the most important part of the company. He revealed that he has met many franchisees who feel like the people who work with them are an extended part of their own families. He also admitted that he has listened closely to Papa John’s employees who have had to deal with angry or difficult customers due to the trust that the chain has lost. Here’s an information about Steve Ritchie’s salary and benefits.

After his trip, Steve Ritchie commented that he has been engaged in some difficult conversations along the way. He has also been proud when he discovered that many of the managers of Papa John’s were engaged in supporting their communities through philanthropy and other efforts. He was glad that most of the team members who work for Papa John’s are as committed as ever to helping the chain move forward. In the end, he was happy to see for himself that Papa John’s is made up of more than just one person. The pizza chain is actually made up of all of the individual team members, drivers, managers, and others who continue to improve the brand. One of the most important things that Steve Ritchie Papa John’s feels he has learned is that the people are what make Papa John’s great and that they are willing to continue to work hard and take the needed actions to give the customers what they want. Check out Papa John’s new commercial here.


Igor Cornelsen Reflects on his Successful Career

We are many people living this life, but our personal lives should be about our decisions. Igor Cornelsen perceives life as an independent affair for every individual. It does not matter how professional or prominent an individual is. Opinions did not influence Igor’s life and decisions. This attitude has worked well for Igor and taken him far. He is a successful financial specialist running his investment firm.

When Igor started college, he did not know he was interested in investment banking. He was studying engineering until he realized that was not his calling. Igor changed immediately and started a program in economics. After completion, it was not long before securing his first job. Igor worked for an investment bank that revealed the unexpected. His two years of engineering school were not in vain.

Igor Cornelsen combined this knowledge and managed to do what others rarely could. During his time, Igor never had the privilege of computers and calculators. He was able to calculate interest rates using his engineering and economics knowledge. This ability gained him popularity, and in no time, he had received an offer in Rio. Igor was now an investment banker.

Working at the new bank, motivated Igor to work until he attends the CEO of the bank diligently. Unfortunately, the bank was merging with another one and Igor would probably lose his position. He moved on to explore other venture when he got a job with a London firm. This was another door to rising higher and thriving.

Igor moved to London and later started his investment firm. All the knowledge he acquired over the years would be utilized in running his firm. Igor is an investment manager at his firm. He enjoys this work because it allows him to operate investment fun and help other people. Many people have thrived through Igor Cornelsen’s work.

Lori Senecal Leaves a Great Legacy in CP+B

CP+B has been fortunate to have a great leader who has its primary goals in her fingertips. The company appointed Lori Senecal to the position of Global CEO two years ago, and this has served as a new start for the successful organization. Lori Senecal knows her duties so well, and she always leaves a great legacy in all the companies she has worked for. CP+B recently announced that they will be looking for a new CEO because Lori Senecal will be stepping down at the end of the financial year.

According to an inspirery interview, when Lori Senecal took on the leadership of the prestigious company just two years ago, the competitors felt that this was just a strategy to ensure that the company remained in the good books. Two years later, everyone is talking about the milestones the company has achieved with hardships. Senecal is a leader who is always looking for ways to empower the company employees so that they can work harder and empower themselves at the personal level. Her actions were questioned at first, but she has shown the world that women leaders can accomplish so much in the male-dominated corporate world. CP+B is already looking for a personality to replace Lori Senecal.

Lori Senecal is always appreciated by people who meet her because of various reasons. First of all, the businesswoman has a robust personality, and she perfectly knows the advertising and marketing knowledge to use in the complicated market. The businesswoman has managed to device strategies that can be used to advertise and bring results in any company, regardless of the economy of the country. Lori Senecal has worked with various companies, and adds she is known for the great results she has left in international companies in the world. The businesswoman avoids staying at her comfort zone at all times, and this is why she has been so successful in her career. While women are known for having great expertise in the kitchen, the businesswoman has been brought up to compete with men in the corporate world and emerge victoriously. Lori Senecal has the educational background needed for the top positions in the corporate world.



Susan McGalla Pushes Fashion Overhaul With Pittsburgh Steelers Clothing Line

When you want you make sure that your clothing line is getting a serious upgrade you take the time to hire someone that knows about clothing. You take time to find out about what is going to attract the attention of the consumer. This is why the Pittsburgh Steelers looked to Susan McGalla. She is someone that knows a lot about clothing, and the fashion campaign for the Pittsburgh Steelers clothing line is her project. She has proven herself to be a resourceful person that knows a lot about clothing.

McGalla is someone that has been connected to big companies like Wet Seal. She has been in positions where she knows exactly what will sell when it comes to clothing. That is why she has been tapped for her expertise in this area. She is the creative director of strategic planning, and she has launched a new website for those that are interested in fan gear. This is all part of her strategy to attract those fans that would have a desire to buy various hats and clothes that allow them to support their team.

Susan McGalla decided include pink colors and other colors like neon yellow. She realized that it did not necessarily have to be the yellow and black colors in order for this to be team gear. She knew that with the Pittsburgh Steelers logo that fans could still have fan gear in other colors. This is an upgrade that allowed Susan McGalla to think outside of the box.

Louis Chenevert Helps Others

Becoming a prominent business leader is a dream for many people. Louis Chenevert is one of the most prominent business leaders in Canada. Throughout his career, he has done a great job helping other people and advancing companies. He worked for various companies throughout his career, and he made numerous friends along the way. He is the type of person who is consistently ready to make a positive impact on others.

Early Life

Louis Chenevert was born into a middle-class family in Canada. Although his parents were never wealthy, they did provide him with a ton of resources for his life. They encouraged him to learn new subjects continually.

Louis Chenevert attended college at the University of Montreal. While Louis Chenevert was in school, he learned valuable lessons about his life and career. He wanted to make a positive difference for other people during this time. He worked with various charity organizations at the school. He graduated with a business degree and immediately began working.

Rising Through his Career

Louis Chenevert rapidly rose through his career. He always looked for new ways to add value to companies that he worked for. After graduating, he started working for General Motors. General Motors is an automotive company that was one of the largest companies in the world for many years. Louis Chenevert worked at General Motors for 14 years, and he learned valuable lessons during his career. He made great friends that he still talks with to this day.


In 2008, Louis Chenevert reached the pinnacle of his career when he became CEO of United Technologies Corporation. He made numerous changes at the company. Many employees enjoyed working for Louis Chenevert. He is a firm believer in treating everyone the same. He left the company in 2014, but he still stays involved in various business deals. He is an avid investor and is leading multiple charities in the local area.

Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Receive New Funding Through Investors

Eric Lefkofsky helped found Tempus because he wanted to see cancer treated in a new way. The company has built a new kind of operating system for the treatment of cancer and it has helped many individuals through the work that it does. Recently, the company received new funding to keep at the work that it is doing. Tempus is something that Eric Lefkofsky feels passionately about and it is something that he has dedicated much time and effort to, it is something that is special to him and something that will continue to be special to him as time goes on.

Tempus is a company that is based in Chicago and one that is there to make cancer treatment something that is personalized to the individual. This company is one that is working to improve the efficiency of cancer treatments that are being used today. Eric Lefkofsky and his company have helped to change lives, and they have done that thanks to the funding that they have received through the years. They recently were able to get set up with a new source of funding. They received $80 million from a group of investors, and that money is going to be put to good use.

Tempus is a company that is constantly adding new employees to the payroll, and they need all of the funding that they can get to do that. They are a company that has relationships with those in the healthcare system, with both individuals and with organizations. They are careful with the work that they do, and they need good funding behind them in order to do a good job. Eric Lefkofsky is someone who knows how to lead a company, and he is able to keep Tempus going thanks to the investing of others such as Kinship Trust, Co.

A Brief Biography of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is the son of two emigrant-parents. His father, Hillel MIlshtein, immigrated from Argentina when he was 19; and his mother, Eva Milshtein, immigrated from Mexico when she was 18. His father immigrated the same year the State of Israel was founded and served as a combat sailor in Israel’s independence war and more information click here.

Adam Milstein was born shortly after his parents married in 1950. He was born in Haifa but spent his childhood in Kiryat Motzkin. As required, when Adam turned 18, he began his mandatory duty in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). He served in the Ariel Sharon’s Army Division during the Yom Kippur War.

After leaving the IDF, he applied to the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology. While at the Technion, he met and married Gila Elgrably. He also began working with his father in expanding the family real estate construction and development business. In 1974, Adam graduated from the Technion with a Bachelor’s of Science degree.

In 1981, Adam moved his entire family to the United States. He began pursuing higher education at the University of Southern California. In 1983, he earned a Master’s of Business Administration degree. He also began working in commercial real estate, continuing the family business and learn more about Adam.

After successfully establishing a high-ranking place in commercial real estate, Milstein began dedicated his time to helping the Jewish community. The first foundation he created was the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The foundation provides a range of services to organizations devoted to strengthening the Jewish community, the State of Israel, and U.S. – Israel relations.

View his profile on Linkedin.

Mr. Milstein also sits on the Board of Directors and serves as Chairman of many other pro-Israel organizations. He’s one of the most powerful voices in the Jewish community. He’s met with Presidents, Senators, and many other high-ranking officials to speak on behalf of Pro-Israel advocacy and his Website.

Adam uses his many organizations to further extend his own philanthropic arm. He created and supports many services, including, consulting, partnership development, fundraising, and supporting Jewish educational programs that focus on preserving Jewish heritage and Adam’s lacrosse camp.

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