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Dr. David Samadi gives an insight about the new cancer treatment

Dr. David Samadi is a star doctor and has done exceptional work in the health sector, born in Iran and later separated from his parents David did not know what the future held for him. In 1979, David moved to Belgium where he studied medicine.

David has become one of the most skilled urologists, and his skills have helped save many lives. David Samadi has conducted research and aims to invent treatments that will help treat prostate cancer and improve the patients’ lives even after the therapies.

In a recent post, Dr. Samadi has openly discussed surgery for prostate cancer and the radiotherapy method, and how the techniques are used in treating prostate cancer and the best approach to ensure minimal side effects to the patients.

A study showed that men who underwent surgery to treat prostate cancer or used radiation encountered problems with sex after the surgery. Dr. Samadi explains that during surgery patients undergo open surgery procedure and monitoring nerves during this procedure may be challenging. Due to experienced side effects doctors have come up with other ways that aim at treating prostate cancer without causing a change on the sexual drive of a man.

Robotic surgery is one of the useful methods that many doctors have now mastered; robotics surgery can save the nerves unlike the open operation making it a better mode of treatment. Dr. Samadi has performed many successful robotic surgeries on patients from all over the globe.

Dr. Samadi goes on to talk about the need to improve on equipment diagnosing cancer to avoid overtreatment or diagnosis of the condition. According to Samadi, there is a need for more studies on matters concerning genetics and advanced methods that will be used to detect cancer precisely without any assumptions.

Being the pioneer of the robotic surgery technique, David Samadi explained some of the benefits of this new procedure compared to other techniques. One of the advantages is the time, the producers takes from one hour to two hours, and one is only required to stay for 24 hours in the hospital for supervision after the process.

One of the fears that come with being diagnosed with prostate cancer is low libido or sexual disruption, Dr. Samadi’s invention ensures that the sex drive of the patients is not affected, another advantage is; the procedure gives the doctor an opportunity to save the urethra. Dr. Samadi also explains that the time one is required to stay with the catheter is shorter, and this allows patients to go back to their healthy, normal lives faster.

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Changing the Face of Cancer with Eric Lefkosfky

Tempus Labs is a company based in Chicago that was created by Eric Lefkofsky. Lefkofsky created Tempus three years ago, but since then it has been viewed as one of the top ten startups in the health field. The company has already formed collaborations with many of the different National Cancer Institute’s centers for cancer in the country. Tempus provides services that have a variety of different tests for cancer. Patients also have the opportunity to have tumor, germline DNA, and biopsy services available to them. There are also services for tumor cells, pathology, and medical imaging.

Tempus Labs was also named one of the most groundbreaking technological companies in the country. Gene therapy and gene editing are two of the technologies that can be used for diseases that were considered untreatable in the past. Vivo manipulation was recently performed with a patient who was 44 years old. This patient had Hunter syndrome. They are still doing work with this patient to determine the outcome.

There is also a lot of research of different technology for skin cancer within the company. Scientists at Stanford have created a learning algorithm that has the ability to diagnose skin cancer in accordance with the abilities of the physician to spot and malignant and benign lesions a patient may have. There is also something called the KardiaBand which was recently developed. The KardiaBand is which diagnoses the atrial fibrillation through use of an ECG-apple watch. The technology was designed and created by AliveCor. AliveCor has recently gotten the approval to use an algorithm that can track the heart rate of a person which gives alerts to the person if there are outliers.

About Lefkofsky

Lefkosfky is the co-creator as well as the CEO of Tempus. Tempus has created a specialized system and technologies to try and battle cancer. He also founded Lightbank which is a venture fund in technologies that are disruptive. Eric Lefkosfky has also co-founded other companies such as Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, Innterworkis, and Groupon.

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Men Getting Free Prostate Screens Through Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Just last September, Cancer Treatment Centers of America made health headlines by providing free and reduced cost prostate screens for promotion of preventative health tests now recommended for men. This well known cancer organization partnered with other interested in helping groups to provide this valuable health service. Many men die to prostate cancer every year. Many others are limited sexually and have frequent difficulty with urination. Often, the prostate becomes enlarged as a man ages. Prostate cancer should be ruled out early on to prevent unnecessary deaths and suffering. Prostate cancer can be treated effectively, relatively easily and often successfully when the diagnosis is made early in the disease process.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been a strong supporter of cancer screening as part of their preventative health promotion efforts. They treat adult men and women diagnosed with cancer, and this organization is invested in ongoing clinical and cancer research trials to find more treatments and cure many various cancer forms. Prostate cancer is a high occurring cancer for men. The number of cases rises as males get older. These gentlemen should seek medical treatment with any signs of urination or sex problems. Safe and simple prostate screens can detect prostate cancer early even if the individual isn’t noticing any problem symptoms.

With attention on preventative health these days, more people and their physicians are open and supportive of preventative health measures. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is continuing to provide essential cancer treatments and preventative or early diagnostic cancer tests and screens. These tests are not uncomfortable or time consuming. Every man should speak with their family doctor about this devastating disease. There are things that can be done to help slow and prevent the occurrence of this fast spreading cancer. Find out more online or call CTCA.

Eric Lefkofsky, Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

Healthcare costs are increasing in the United States. Americans paid $933 billion more on healthcare in 2013 than they did merely 17 years before that in 1996. They can blame the cost increases on care fees that are higher than ever before. They can blame the increases on medical care that’s markedly more in-depth as well.

The population is expanding. Members of the population are getting older, too. These are other elements that contributed to the significant spike in spending. Numerous components are behind the serious change. Diabetes is one of them. This medical condition was associated with a substantial boost in spending on an annual basis. Pharmaceutical costs are also a big culprit.

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is a prominent individual who established Tempus, a renowned technology firm. Tempus is in the process of constructing the biggest clinical and molecular data network on the planet. It’s in the process of constructing an in-depth operating system that aims to streamline data access as well. Eric Lefkofsky has been on this planet since September of 1969. This esteemed entrepreneur functions as Tempus’ diligent CEO (Chief Executive Officer). He’s married to a woman who is called Elizabeth.

Lefkofsky has had a long and fulfilling career so far. He started out by handling carpet sales while a young student at the University of Michigan located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He completed law school. Once he was through with law school, he asked family members for a loan. That’s precisely when he made the decision to purchase a Madison, Wisconsin-based clothing brand. The brand was called Brandon Apparel. He purchased it alongside a pal he made in college. This was Brad Keywell.

Lefkofsky is an individual who has a commitment to entrepreneurship that’s matchless in intensity. He’s also a person who has a strong penchant for philanthropy work of all kinds. He set up a charitable trust in 2006. He did this with his wife. They named the trust “The Lefkofsky Foundation.” The aim in establishing this foundation was to help educational, science and charitable causes and groups from all different corners of the globe.

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Eric Lofkofsky’s Contribution Towards Finding Better Cancer Therapies And Treatments

When Eric Lofkosfky left Groupon, he began building up the newly launched firm, Tempus. Tempus is a modern day cancer treatment facility that uses high-tech devices to diagnose and treat cancer. Tempus’ medical practitioners use real-time and customized data–based therapy machines to analyze each patient’s genetic makeup. They then use the results to determine the best molecular therapies for the particular cancer type ailing the candidate. The technology helps patients understand a patient’s tumor better to create a most suitable medication using massive amounts of statistical genomic data. The company separated itself from its parent company LightBank, which is also owned by Eric. Eric is currently serving as Tempus’ president and believes that the firm can develop next breakthrough in medicine world.

On July 18th, 2016, Eric wrote about how data collection and artificial intelligence propel the society forward in medicine. He explained the various ways that health care has reached milestones in developing new technology. In 2003, Tempus produced the first human genome with over 100 million dollars. After only 13 years they, processed the same procedure with only 5000 dollars. He estimates that in a few more years, it will be available for just a few hundred dollars. The system allows physicians to tailor the necessary treatments medicine rations for all cancers. Currently, Tempus has an employee capacity of 29, including the former director of products At HighGround, Hunter Lane and Lightbank’s former vice president, Ryan Fukushima.

Eric and his wife Liz are regular donors to the cancer research treatment movement through their organization Lofkosfky Family Foundation. In November 2016, they contributed 1 million dollars to the Robert Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of the Northwestern University. In October of the same year, they donated $500,000 to the development of immunotherapy gastric cancer at the Stanford University. They contributed 1.2 million dollars to cancer research at the University of Michigan. The New York Weill Cornell Medicine Foundation received $250,000 from the couple to treat breast cancer. Eric and his wife are members of The Giving Pledge and have a pledge to donate half of their wealth to philanthropy at the end of their lifetimes.

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