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José AuriemoNeto and JHSF Brazilian Projects for Growth

Jose AuriemoNeto is a leading real estate genius that is responsible for one of the largest shopping malls in Brazil. Shopping mall really doesn’t even explain it. There are so many aspects to the developments that it could really be called a city rather than a shopping mall. Perhaps Shopping experience is a better way to reference the project. Those locations have some of the best brand name stores and eateries in the world. It is truly an accomplishment to be proud of.

Neto began in Sao Paolo at the state university and began to immediately create projects that were intended to improve the area economically. Named CidadeJardin, the locations in Sao Paolo was the first. Then later in Menaus, the Ponta Negra was built. In Salvador, the Bela Vista was built for residents to enjoy. All of them are an amazing creation containing shopping, restaurants and even a hotel for people traveling to the area. It has helped the economy of each location where Neto built them. It is a truly great accomplishment.

Neto went to school at Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado and the University of Sao Paolo. His first job was with JHSF, back in 1993. That was where the plans all hatched. It has been an amazing journey of progress and accomplishment. Under JHSF, there have been accolades too. Several awards have been won for the projects that speak to the financial benefits for the local economy. The future of the project is bright for the people of Brazil and any location that Neto and JHSF work to improve economically.

It is truly an inspiration for those that follow in Neto’s steps. Any real estate project can be made better by working towards making any shopping mall project one of distinction. While it can take time, this took years to accomplish, the jobs, entertainment, and culture that it can bring the area can be truly life-changing. It can bring tourists into an area and expand the growth of any location. Remember, if Neto was able to do it, then anyone can.

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Nick Vertucci’s Resilience Through Adversity

Nick Vertucci lived an average family life as a kid. They were not extremely poor but he also did not experience any form of luxury in his early childhood. Things were even worse when Nick Vertucci was ten years old. That was around the time when he lost his father. Nick’s mother worked long days to compensate for being a single parent. By 18 years old, Nick hit his lowest point when he started living outside in his van. According to , even with these humble beginnings, Nick Vertucci doesn’t believe in letting his past dictate his future. With his mind set, he made a new path for himself, like a twist of fate.

Determined, Nick started his own PC parts business, causing his living conditions to change shortly after. He cherished the flexibility of working for himself, and finally had the time to build a life for himself as well. At this point, he had three wonderful girls with his loving wife. But paradise often has its storms. His computer equipment business plummeted due to an unforeseen crashing of his site in year 2000 at His dream was broken in front of his eyes, taking his funds with them.Instead of let the crash of 2000 crush him, it opened his eyes. Nick realized that previous to his failed business, he had a state of mind that was ill prepared for gathering his resources to put towards future ventures. What Vertucci learned from his mistakes was to invest.

Because of that valuable lief lesson, Nick Vertucci was motivated and prepared for whatever came his way. He accumulated every drop of information that he could possibly learn about real estate for more than ten years. When it came to reap what he’s been sewing from his decade of relentless research, Nick became successful. This is because it never mattered what happened to him in his past, Nick never gave up on his future. He finally was able to create a simple and plain business plan which helped him to earn a successful living off of realty.

When Nick was finally able to make millions, he made a promise to himself that he would teach others his simple plan on In turn, when they also were able to earn huge sums of money by listening to his successful real estate advice, they can do the same for others. This pay it forward system has caused so many successful people, that it is now known as Nick Vertucci’s Real Estate Academy. The only qualification required is your own desire to succeed. Once you bring that desire to the table, Nick Vertucci will remain true to his promise.