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Dr. Shafik Sachedina: Dental Surgeon, Businessman And Ismaili Community Leader

For over 40 years Dr. Shafik Sachedina, an Ismaili dental surgeon and entrepreneur who owns a healthcare company in Sussex, England, has been running two successful businesses. He is also very active as a volunteer in the Ismaili community where he works with the Institute of Ismaili Studies and the Aga Khan Foundation. Through those organizations Dr. Sachedina coordinates programs and activities that help to bring the 16 primary Ismaili communities in Central Asia and worldwide closer together. The organizations teach the world about Ismaili and Islamic history and cultural achievements to promote improved international understanding.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina was born in Africa. He is a native of Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. Dr. Sachedina earned his medical degree in dental surgery at Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School at the University of London. After graduating in 1975, he went on to earn a sterling reputation for offering the highest quality dental care. Dr. Shafik Sachedina has been able to help patients throughout the United Kingdom by doing even the most complex dental surgery to give them relief. His work helps to improve the look, feel and function of people’s teeth and helps improve the quality of their lives.

Sussex Healthcare is a company owned and founded by Dr. Shafik Sachedina. He has operated the healthcare company for over 25 years. This award-winning company consists of a collection of personal care homes where people with mental and physical challenges, neurological issues and the elderly receive the highest quality 24 hour care. The company is known for its well-trained, caring staff of experienced healthcare professionals and their innovative, effective, therapies, treatment methods and programs. Sussex Healthcare’s staff of 1,100 offers specialized, person-centered care and a range of services people in the U.K. have come to depend on.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is very much committed to the work he is doing within the Ismaili community. He is an Institute of Ismaili Studies board member, a member of the Ismaili Leaders International Forum, as well as the chairman of the FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee. Plus, Dr. Sachedina plays a major role in both the Aga Khan Foundation and the Aga Khan Development Network. He was also president of the Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom for two consecutive terms.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina has long been a beloved member of the Ismaili community in the United Kingdom and gives generously to many of their projects.

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Sheldon Lavin, Raising The Bar For Retail Food Product Processing

Sheldon Lavin’s career with the OSI Group spans over 40 years. Prior to becoming the Chairman and CEO he worked in the banking industry, where he was an executive and owner of a financial consulting business. He decided to leave the financial services industry, after arranging corporate funding for Otto & Sons. Otto & Sons is the former name of the OSI group. Since these early days, Lavin has been an instrumental force into the development and growth of the OSI Group. Now that OSI Group has become a major retail food company. Lavin can look back and see how he helped transform the OSI Group from primarily a meat and protein supplier, to an international food product supplier.

Lavin and the OSI Group are most proud of their relationship with the employees. Instead of treating them like a bunch of nameless workers, the some 20,000 employees are treated like family. Sheldon Lavin said that it’s the belief that transparency in employee relations is responsible for the low turnover rate. Sheldon Lavin commented that the OSI Group has a “tremendous amount of longevity in our workforce.” In addition to having a low rate of employee turnovers, the OSI Group also maintains a “deep appreciation” for the workers. This includes the international and national employees, Lavin made it his mission to grow the company into a much larger retail food outlet. This became possible when he gained 100 percent control over all company votes. With authoritative control of all the votes, he set out to increase the presence of the OSI group.

The OSI Group has received numerous awards for outstanding service. Including a recent one for Lavin efforts to incorporate sustainability into the infrastructure of OSI. The award, the Globe of Honor was presented in 2016 by the British Safety Council, it recognized OSI for reducing safety issues, related to strategies that lessen the impact of food processing plants on the environment. At 81, Sheldon Lavin continues to be an active decision maker in the daily operational support of global customers. Customers know that they can rely on the OSI Group to deliver a higher level of retail food products. Not bad, considering that originally the company was solely deemed as a supplier of meat products for McDonalds. They’ve grown into 16 countries, with 55 facilities worldwide, Lavin continues to pursue opportunities to expand into other countries.

George Soros Continues To Battle Conservative Groups

The election of Republican and staunch conservative, Donald Trump to the position of President of the U.S. may have left supporters of Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton wringing their hands but one of her major donors has seen the election as the latest cause he must fight for the good of the world and George Soros’s lacrosse camp. The many demonstrations and protests taking to the streets of Washington D.C. in support of women’s rights and science were seen as the first signs of a rising protest movement bankrolled by Hungarian-born liberal, George Soros. Business Insider points out the work of Soros as a philanthropist stretches back many years and has empowered generations of people to seek a better future who came together in Washington to combat what Soros himself believes to be a rising right-wing influence on global politics.

George Soros has understood the problems caused by rising right-wing influences in politics from a young age when his life which started in Hungary in 1930 was blighted by Nazi and Communist forces. In 1943, Soros and his family were forced to hide their background as followers of Judaism when Nazi forces occupied the nation and began the Holocaust claiming more than 500,000 members of Hungary’s Jewish community. The Open Society Foundations reports the end of hostilities during World War II did not mean the end of the persecution of different communities in Hungary as the Stalinist era Soviet Union regime targeted Jewish peoples for their difference. It was during his time as a refugee in the U.K. where he attended the London School of Economics and studied the anti-fascism philosophical theory of the open society and read full article.

The rise of the elite political donor class has seen George Soros accused of fighting against the right-wing of U.S. politics in his attempt to provide undue influence on the work of Congress and The White House. Among the reasons, George Soros has been accused of working to provide an influence on U.S. politics comes as most political commentators are not used to the influence of a left-leaning political donor who pushes his political influence forward in a way similar to that expressed by conservative donors such as the Koch Brothers and learn more about George Soros. Conservative donors provide popular examples of political donations and influence with little response from the left-leaning media but the right-wing media have a history of attacking liberal donors such as Soros; many of the attacks on George Soros are thought to be rooted in anti-semitism as they take on many of the ideas and philosophical ideas expressed by fascist groups in the 1940s. George Soros has been called both an octopus and puppet-master in attacks by Fox News and Breitbart many described as being based on anti-semitic ideas and influences.

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Julia Jackson: The Wine Industries Rising Star

Julia Jackson


Julia Jackson stated that she has always shown interest in the family wine business. Even before she was finished with school, Julia was interested how the business was run from planting the grapes to bottling the wine. Ms. Jackson remembers picking grapes with her brothers on hot days, doing their share of the work. Her father instilled a good work ethic in all the kids and taught them that it takes hard work to be a success. Everyone participated in the family wine business. After attending both Scripps College and Stanford School of Business and spending time in France on a work study, Julia had started working full time for Jackson Family Wines as both their spokesperson and with the International Sales DepartmentJulia Jackson

Julia helps promote the Jackson Wines brands, which includes Le Desir, the families best selling line of wines.In Julie’s downtime she works with many different charities. The one that is nearest to her heart is Cambria Seeds of Empowerment which helps young women make good choices and shows them that they can do anything they set their mind to. Ms. Jackson has been instrumental in raising money for this organization. The money is used to fund grants for visionary ladies across the world who are making a difference in lives of the women in their communities. Ms. Jackson’s original artwork is also featured on the wine labels of the charities brand of wines. To read more about Ms. Julia Jackson and Jackson Family Wines, please click here.

George Soros Has Radical Views On Global Governance

Billionaire George Soros is well aware that all constructs are bound to have some flaw. The reason for this is that whether it is communism or free enterprise, it can still never be perfect. Thus these flaws need to be cured. All this can be achieved by using the good elements from them.George Soros believes that there must be a welfare structure that should exist at the global level. That becomes possible once collective interests appear that can transcend any state boundaries. This means that the states may be sovereign, but this needs to become subordinate in front of the international law. This means that international institutions must be made predominant here. In addition, George Soros maintains that the maximum opposition that has come to this idea is from the United States of America. George Soros maintains that the US is keen to determine policies that are applied to the whole world. Rather, America needs to start considering others besides respecting their interests too. This is something that America needs to do in order to retain the dominant position that it enjoys today.

He recommended that foreign influence must be enhanced to any matters which relate to political life in the United States. In this way, George Soros makes his stance on global governance clear. He prefers this over independent nations as they enjoy their constitutional sovereignty. He says that the current situation requires that the complex and challenging, and deep-rooted problems being faced today cannot be faced by a single country alone. These problems would require the creation of supranational laws. Next, institutions will have to be created whose authority is allowed to override any government anywhere in the world.He also maintains that taxes must be desirable in good as well as bad times. No tax cuts must be allowed by tax-makers even during a downturn. Else the recession will only go down deeper, and the situation will worsen.

The priorities of George Soros pertain to funding. He pursues this through Open Society Institute that has been founded by him. Several organizations have been funded by the Open Society Institute. They all are favoring high taxes. George Soros maintains that this is required in order to help the government to run a welfare state and expand it still further.He does not favor any proposals which lower or even remove estate tax. He says that this is not required as it will not interfere with the creation of wealth in any way. Rather, it would help to enhance social equality.George Soros is a big supporter of cap-and-trade. This is a tax based policy proposal that can help to reduce fossil fuels consumption by Americans in a big way.

Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne Introduces “All of the Above” New Show Hosted By Norman Lear

Norman Pattiz has announced the later induction of Norman Lear into the PodcastOne Television. Norman Pattiz is a successful American Entrepreneur, born in 1943. Norman is the founder of PodcastOne and radio Westwood One. Besides, he is an active member of National Radio Hall of Fame.

Norman Pattiz acknowledged Lear’s induction to engage the listeners in various programs that include comedy, politics, current affairs, social issues, and music among others. All of the above with Norman Lear show will precisely feature politicians and celebrities. Norman Lear will work with his co-host Paul Hipp, a renowned actor and friend to Lear.

Early celebrities to the show include Julia Louis-Dreyfus, America Ferrera, Jerrod Carmichael, and Amy Poehler. The show with Louis will explicitly cover basketball as a sport together with top talents. The show with Ferrera will focus on training for the triathlon ( Another show with Carmichael will discuss all issues that surround media race while religion will dominate in Poehler’s show. Norman Lear is a multi-talented television presenter with impressive skills in producing, writing, creating and developing shows. He managed to set up a liberal advocacy group with 300,000 members.

Norman Pattiz first established Westwood One in 1976. This radio syndication company later became one of the largest media company in the United States of America. Westwood primarily offers radio network services to its clients. In 2001, Norman Pattiz served at California University board of regents and is now the chair person at Regents Oversight Committee working in the energy department. Moreover, he chairs Lawrence Livermore board of director. Earlier in his career, Norman equally served as the president at Broadcast Education Association. He is equally a member of the Pacific Council on International policy and the council of foreign relations.

Norman Pattiz served at Broadcasting Board of Governors through President Clinton’s appointment. In 2002, President Bush re-appointed him to chair the committee of Broadcasting Board of Governors in the Middle East. While serving in this capacity, Norman managed to develop Arabic language television and radio broadcast that served over 22 Middle Eastern countries.

Norman Pattiz joined National Radio Hall of Fame through induction in 2009. Norman was heavily awarded by the Library of American Broadcasting for his competence and exemplary skills. Norman Pattiz also serves as the chief executive officer at courtside Entertainment Group. Norman founded this group in 2010. In 2012, he established Launchpad which was later branded to PodcastOne in 2013. Learn more:

José AuriemoNeto and JHSF Brazilian Projects for Growth

Jose AuriemoNeto is a leading real estate genius that is responsible for one of the largest shopping malls in Brazil. Shopping mall really doesn’t even explain it. There are so many aspects to the developments that it could really be called a city rather than a shopping mall. Perhaps Shopping experience is a better way to reference the project. Those locations have some of the best brand name stores and eateries in the world. It is truly an accomplishment to be proud of.

Neto began in Sao Paolo at the state university and began to immediately create projects that were intended to improve the area economically. Named CidadeJardin, the locations in Sao Paolo was the first. Then later in Menaus, the Ponta Negra was built. In Salvador, the Bela Vista was built for residents to enjoy. All of them are an amazing creation containing shopping, restaurants and even a hotel for people traveling to the area. It has helped the economy of each location where Neto built them. It is a truly great accomplishment.

Neto went to school at Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado and the University of Sao Paolo. His first job was with JHSF, back in 1993. That was where the plans all hatched. It has been an amazing journey of progress and accomplishment. Under JHSF, there have been accolades too. Several awards have been won for the projects that speak to the financial benefits for the local economy. The future of the project is bright for the people of Brazil and any location that Neto and JHSF work to improve economically.

It is truly an inspiration for those that follow in Neto’s steps. Any real estate project can be made better by working towards making any shopping mall project one of distinction. While it can take time, this took years to accomplish, the jobs, entertainment, and culture that it can bring the area can be truly life-changing. It can bring tourists into an area and expand the growth of any location. Remember, if Neto was able to do it, then anyone can.

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Nick Vertucci’s Resilience Through Adversity

Nick Vertucci lived an average family life as a kid. They were not extremely poor but he also did not experience any form of luxury in his early childhood. Things were even worse when Nick Vertucci was ten years old. That was around the time when he lost his father. Nick’s mother worked long days to compensate for being a single parent. By 18 years old, Nick hit his lowest point when he started living outside in his van. According to , even with these humble beginnings, Nick Vertucci doesn’t believe in letting his past dictate his future. With his mind set, he made a new path for himself, like a twist of fate.

Determined, Nick started his own PC parts business, causing his living conditions to change shortly after. He cherished the flexibility of working for himself, and finally had the time to build a life for himself as well. At this point, he had three wonderful girls with his loving wife. But paradise often has its storms. His computer equipment business plummeted due to an unforeseen crashing of his site in year 2000 at His dream was broken in front of his eyes, taking his funds with them.Instead of let the crash of 2000 crush him, it opened his eyes. Nick realized that previous to his failed business, he had a state of mind that was ill prepared for gathering his resources to put towards future ventures. What Vertucci learned from his mistakes was to invest.

Because of that valuable lief lesson, Nick Vertucci was motivated and prepared for whatever came his way. He accumulated every drop of information that he could possibly learn about real estate for more than ten years. When it came to reap what he’s been sewing from his decade of relentless research, Nick became successful. This is because it never mattered what happened to him in his past, Nick never gave up on his future. He finally was able to create a simple and plain business plan which helped him to earn a successful living off of realty.

When Nick was finally able to make millions, he made a promise to himself that he would teach others his simple plan on In turn, when they also were able to earn huge sums of money by listening to his successful real estate advice, they can do the same for others. This pay it forward system has caused so many successful people, that it is now known as Nick Vertucci’s Real Estate Academy. The only qualification required is your own desire to succeed. Once you bring that desire to the table, Nick Vertucci will remain true to his promise.