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Organo Gold, Global Leader in Distribution of Coffee

Organo Gold is at the top of the charts when it comes to the manufacturing, production, and distribution of coffee. This company has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California but it is a global company that has clients from all parts of the world. Organo Gold was founded by Bernardo Chua who is a successful entrepreneur and the core strategy for forming this company was to create a healthy drink for everyone. Bernardo Chua is also the CEO at the company, and he has taken the company to the next level. This organization puts its customers first when it comes to coffee and this it does by utilizing the direct sales business model. This business model has helped the company increase its distribution network further and further into the global market. With this approach also, the company is able to deliver what the customers demand as they are able to interact with them.

Organo Gold produces Ganoderma coffee which is the best, main and leading product in the company. The Ganoderma coffee has become so popular among coffee users in different parts of the world because it is healthy. This coffee is formulated with ingredients that have health benefits when taken in by an individual. Some of its health benefits include:

  • Reduces cancer
  • Acts as antivirus and an antibacterial
  • It adds to one’s strengths
  • It has very low cholesterol
  • It boosts the immune system

Organo Gold wanted to create a coffee that would not only be a great addition to the coffee culture but one that would also be a safe and healthy alternative. With many coffee drinkers in the world, it was important that they get to enjoy a healthy drink on a daily basis.

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Fine Tune Your Retirement Plan with Freedom Checks

When it comes to matters of one’s hard earned money, people will often seek the guidance of a reputable investment advisor. Matt Badiali is a natural resource investor who has gained a reputation of making profitable stock picks. Many of his followers have made large profits since he first began giving out financial advice. One of his investment recommendations that first got a lot of criticism was Freedom Checks. Due to a lack of understanding, many people felt he was endorsing poor investment advice by telling people to invest their savings in Freedom Checks. This investment strategy is now recognized to make serious money in the stock market. Matt Badiali has been pushing average individuals to take advantage now of this unique investment strategy because he feels the real profits will come in the years ahead.

Receiving Freedom Checks on a regular basis is a rather simple process. Anyone can open a brokerage account and begin receiving them on a recurring basis. The important thing to know is that only Master Limited Partnerships can pay these special checks to their shareholders. There are literally thousands of corporations that are publicly traded, but only around five hundred companies are classified as MLPs. It is also wise for an individual to perform analysis to determine how profitable a particular MLP is before they invest any money. An individual who does invest in an MLP can make serious rates of return because they don’t have to pay any taxes to the IRS on any payments the company gives to them.

For those ready to retire, investing in Freedom Checks may enable them to have a stress-free retirement. Many people in retirement rely on reliable sources of income. When making an investment into an MLP, a shareholder is more than likely to receive a dividend yield that is going to be higher than average investments offer. Higher dividend yields with a combination of no income taxes are going to take a lot of the stress out of paying bills in retirement. Young investors can also plan for their retirement now with Freedom Checks and compound their tax-free earnings.

Deirdre Baggot Influence in the Healthcare Industry

Deirdre Baggot is an experienced healthcare executive and clinician. Additionally, she has expertise in healthcare business strategy development and payment. She holds an undergraduate degree in Nursing earned from the Southern Illinois University, an MBA from the Loyola University in Chicago, and a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Colorado. Her career achievements are evidence of her belief to excel in everything she undertakes.

Apart from her professional association with various organizations and bodies of authority in the healthcare sector, she has published over 20 papers discussing one of the most important matters that is happening of health reforms including bundled payment. Deirdre Baggot has been featured by various programs including All Things Considered, Morning Edition of National Public Radio and others. She has also been a speaker in many medical conferences including Bundled payment congress, Innovation Summit, Medtronic, American College of Healthcare Executives, to mention few. Visit to know more about Baggot

In 2012, she was appointed the expert reviewer by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Her most prominent contributions is the engagement in promoting the bundled payments for healthcare facilities because it is has proven more efficient than the traditional fee-for-service model. Deirdre Baggot has expressed that this new model of payment eases the financial stress experienced by patients with chronic conditions. Deirdre Baggot was once working as a nurse and severally witnessed the distress these patients go through because of the piling medical bills arising from their frequent visits to the hospital and their readmissions. Some are low income or uninsured patients and they continue to receive multiple medical bills every month. She is expectant that this model shall benefit all the stakeholders in healthcare.

Apart from her involvement in CMS initiatives, she has worked for over a decade for the University of Michigan Health System. In the same period, she has been associated with the Academic Healthcare division of Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She has been responsible for developing programs and strategies that have benefited more than 200 healthcare facilities. Deirdre expressed that she has succeeded in her career because of her mentors, who helped her in shaping her career and in learning the value of developing good relationships.

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Stay young with Jeunesse Global

Before 2009 the symptoms of aging were difficult to counter. Although there were several products formulated to stop this process, people still suffered from various conditions. Lack of energy, loss of hair, wrinkled skins, and similar problems was commonplace. However, since the launch of Jeunesse Global, a lot of people have found their perfect anti-aging products. It is now easy to purchase any of the many products on their website regardless of where you live. Let us look at what you are likely to get.

Luminesce cellular rejuvenation serum

A skin that has given in to the pressure of age will lose its natural glow. You may not have wrinkles or stretch marks. However, you will not like the appearance especially the tone. Such effects do not go away even when you oil the skin. Therefore, Jeunesse Global created the Luminesce cellular rejuvenation serum to help you with such a situation. A few applications will leave the skin glowing as if you are a teenager again.

Instantly Ageless- Vials

This micro cream from Jeunesse Global works faster than most skin care products. It is made to counter the most visible effects of aging – those that occur on the surface of the skin. When appropriately applied, it enters the cells of the skin to rejuvenate their functions. It also supports other body functions to ensure that wrinkles, stretch marks, and similar occurrences do not surface again. It is a simple-to-use cream that you do not need a professional to help you with the application.

M1ND gel packs

Are you suffering from memory loss? According to various studies, people tend to lose their memory as they advance in age. However, it is just because they do not take good care of their mental health. If you have reached that point, you should look for the M1ND gel packs from Jeunesse Global. These are dietary supplements that revitalize the brain by triggering the release of various hormones. They are made from natural supplements and work fast.

There is no doubt that Jeunesse Global has your interests at heart. Apart from the products mentioned above, you can find many other anti-aging products on their website.

Penelope Kokkinides on her success as the Chief Administrative Officer (IdeaMensch)

As the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides is an individual who knows how to get things done. The interview platform of IdeaMensch recently took note of this and decided to pick her brain for insights on her outstanding success. They asked her a number of questions, and there is no question that young entrepreneurs can definitely learn something from this driven individual.

The first question IdeaMensch wanted to know was how she makes a typical day productive. She noted that she generally enjoys each day simply because they are often different. She also realizes that traveling a lot can hamper productivity, and so she is always looking for new ways to accomplish her job duties. Interestingly enough, she actually finds that she can get a lot done when she is airborne on a plane headed to a meeting, so she often looks forward to taking advantage of those moments.

Another question posed by IdeaMensch was on how Penelope Kokkinides is able to bring ideas to life. She noted that her team at InnovaCare Health does an incredible job of developing ideas and then implementing them effectively. She said she relies on the InnovaCare Health team and they rely on her to the same degree as well. She especially noted that Rick Shinto, the CEO of InnovaCare Health, has been instrumental in keeping the team a cohesive unit. She realizes that she is only one link in a very important chain.

Finally, Penelope Kokkinides was asked about any trends that are currently very exciting to her. These would include the fact that in this day and age technology has made everything more interconnected. She feels that she can work with her team and exhibit the leadership qualities that InnovaCare Health needs much easier because of the use of iPads, laptops, cell phone apps, and the like. She knows that her healthcare organization will have to continue to rely on these and other technological mediums well into the future if they want to stay relevant and competitive. All in all, it was definitely a productive interview that IdeaMensch had with Kokkinides, and she certainly has many leadership qualities that other aspiring MBA seekers can glean from.

Doe Deere: A Real Life Dream Come True

Born in Russia as Xenia Vorotova, Doe Deere always saw the United States as the place where dreams come true. When she turned 17, Deere had the chance to see for herself when she, her mother, and her sister set out for America in hopes of finding a better life.

Deere and her family knew that America wasn’t a free-for-all—work was absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, New York is a tough place in which to “make it” so despite their strong work ethic, it was difficult to make ends meet. It was a reality that was unfamiliar to the three women, all of whom had a somewhat comfortable life back in Russia.

Defeat, however, was not an option. Doe Deere and her family persevered and continued to push on, even after being forced to live in a homeless shelter. For six months, Deere and her family dealt with insurmountable odds, huddled in a tiny room with one bed. Deere still continued to dream of one day becoming a fashion designer. This helped her get through these hard times.

After six months living in a homeless shelter, Deere and her family found Sanctuary for Families, a non-profit that helped women immigrants who were in tough situations. The three little women in the middle of the Big Apple were helped back on their feet. Deere got into the Fashion Institute of Technology and her sister got into Columbia University.

Even though things were getting better and they were now living in an apartment, the area was still rough. East Harlem was run by gangs and gunshots were commonplace at night. With the odds still against them, Deere and her family did not complain. They had their own place, a kitchen, and their own rooms. They pressed on.

By the late 2000s, Deere launched her own makeup company, Lime Crime, which is a huge international success. She worked tirelessly to achieve the “American Dream” and she finally made it. Doe Deere went from homeless shelters with her family, to living her dream. She is a true example of what immigrants come to America to achieve.

Jeunesse Global: Youth Preserving Creams, Supplements, and More

Jeunesse Global is a company that is breaking boundaries for independent business people. Their system is a marketing and selling platform that revolves around youthful products, programs, and supplements. The team members are offered more than just compensation. They receive education, leadership training, and guidance to success. Jeunesse Global stands behind its products, personel, and culture.


One product that has sold millions is Instantly Ageless. It minimizes fine wrinkles and soft folds. The product is a topical cream, not a harsh chemical. The results are almost instantaneous, hence the title. Changes in the skin take approximately two to three minutes, and the results are often very noticeable. Once applied, the changes last for several hours. The cream is dispensed in small vials, so it can be thrown in a handbag and used later on in the day if needed. The areas where it can show the most effect are:

  • Forehead line – These can be from sun damage or repeated facial gestures.
  • Eyebrow sag – This area can naturally sag over time.
  • Heavy eyes – Sometimes heavier lids are often referred to as eye hoods.
  • Crow’s feet – The familiar laugh lines.
  • Bags underneath the eye – Bags are often caused by stress or lack of sleep.
  • Pores – Instantly Ageless can help minimize the appearance of large or deep pores.

Another favorite item is the liquid supplement MonaVie. It is made from plants and fruits. The combination of the ingredients makes a powerful supplement that encourages joint health and mobility. It is a unique blend of berries, amino acids, and antioxidants. Some of the fruit juices used are apple, kiwi, and cranberry. The beverage provides glucosamine, which has been shown to contribute to healthy joints, and because it is completely derived from plants, it safe for people who are allergic to shellfish and are looking for an alternative form of glucosamine.

Jeunesse Global offers many more products, such as a flawless misting foundation and a complete weight loss system. The business model, team building power, and useful products are something the co-founders, Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, are proud to offer to people looking for youth promoting products and individuals looking to start their own business.

What Can Investors Expect From Fortress Investment Group After Softbank Acquisition?

Since its establishment four decades ago, Softbank has concentrated its efforts in funding technological startups all over the world. The Japan-based company founded by Masayoshi Son made it boldest investment move yet when it acquired Fortress Investment Group in early 2017 for $3 Billion.

A significant percentage of this amount of this amount would go towards repurchasing the shares that were already trading publicly on NYSE thus forcing the company to delist. What then can the Fortress investors who have entrusted over$40 billion to the investment company expect their new masters? Learn more at

Minimal interference

According to Wes Edens, one of Fortress Investment Group Founders and current principal, the founders’ maintain operational control of the fund that will now operate as an independent arm of Softbank. The Japanese investor will only play an oversight role in the company while the principals continue running its operations as usual. Wes went on to assure fortress clients that safe for the ownership status, everything else such as investment management team, investment decisions, and running company operations will still be handled internally by its principals.

Expanded operations

Before 2008, Fortress Investment Group banked heavily on distressed debt such as equity debt ad mortgages as their biggest revenue earners. The company has, however, been on the lookout for new more promising and investment vehicles while shying away from the distressed debts particularly after the real estate instigated financial meltdown.

The fact that Softbank has been in the investment world longer than Fortress and have a more global footprint means that they can help Fortress Investment group expound on their operations by advising on most promising opportunities. For instance, it was under Softbank’s watch that Fortress was able to bring home the Brightline and All Aboard Florida infrastructural projects.

More expertise

Wes Edens believes that having been in the investment industry for quite a long time, particularly interacting with different technology companies, Softbank has the much-needed expertise to push Fortress Investment group to the next level. The banker has access to technological tools and human expertise needed to improve the New York based investor’s efficiency. Wes, therefore, holds the opinion that the acquisition by Softbank will only result in net good for the investors in the long run.


The Career Journey of Robert Deignan, And His Thoughts on Automation

Technology is growing quickly than most people can wrap their heads around, and this has fueled mixed feelings from folks who are either excited or uncertain about the leap. Robert Deignan, the Founder of ATS Digital Services, is delighted and inspired by technology. In fact, he built his career by aligning himself to technology, and digging deep to come up with inventive ways of using technology, to solve daily life challenges. He founded ATS Digital Services in 2011 after serving iS3 for close to a decade as the Executive Vice President.

Not only is Robert Deignan a tech-enthusiast, but he is also a profound leader who has the natural charisma and charm that inspires people to give the best shot in their jobs. His demeanor and attitude are, perhaps, inspired by his natural liking for sports, a hobby he picked up at the St. Thomas Aquinas High School, where he played football. Today, amid his buzzing schedule as the chief executive officer of ATS, Robert still finds time for sports and offshore fishing. He sees his sports time very useful to his personal life, and also to his career because, it gives him time off the computers, which he uses to brainstorm on new ideas.

Robert success at ATS Digital Services is not a child of fate or by sheer luck; but it’s inspired by professionalism, and his ability to think outside the box. He shares the same outlook regarding automation and its tagging effects. According to Robert, people should not oppose automation or feel intimidated by robots. Instead, learning how to work with robots to achieve the best results is the way to go. Robert concurs that automation will trigger widespread loss and disruption of most jobs, but along it, new opportunities will crop up for those who reorient their mindset and skillset.

More about Robert Deignan

Robert studied Organizational Leadership at Purdue University after securing a football scholarship. In the earlier days during his profession, he worked with the NY Jets and Miami Dolphins, before co-founding Fanlink, Inc. However, the company did not perform as expected, and closed down after some years. Robert moved on to work with iS3, and later established ATS Digital Services.

The Ascent of Anil Chaturvedi

Success does not happen overnight for most individuals. It is usually a slow process which causes most people to merge off the busy highway which leads to a high return of time invested and settle for an easier route. The character that is reflected within Anil Chaturvedi is that of a high work drive and a blistering determination which has led him up the ranks in the banking world. The journey started in 1970 at Delhi University; by 1973 Mr. Chaturvedi had already received his undergraduate and masters degree. After years of hard work he joined the State Bank of India as a manager; responsibilities for this job included strategic planning with a focus on capturing the attention of customers in the USA. Mr. Chaturvedi and his peers were successful and captured over $500 million in new business relationships in approximately four years. He was honored with Man of the Year Award once during his tenure with his company which lasted from 1987 to 1991. In 1991 Mr. Chaturvedi accepted a job as the Vice President and Senior Representative for U.S. operations for ANZ Grindlays Bank which is located in New York; his stint here ended in 1993 after he was offered the job as a managing director for Merrill Lynch which was also located in New York. His main responsibility for his positition at Merrill Lynch was to engage with individuals with high net worth, and offer them investment solutions which would enable them to achieve a high rate of return for their investments. In 2011 Mr. Chaturvedi began the job that he has currently as the Managing Director at Hinduja Bank located in the Geneva area in Switzerland. He is responsible for developing strategic alliances between corporations in countries which includes the United States, India, and various other countries in Europe and Asia.