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Lithium’s Battery-Powered Moment In The Sun Is Set To Go To Shade, According To Natural Investment Crystal Ball Gazer, Matt Badiali

The light alkali metal, lithium, used in lithium ion batteries has had its moment of being a sexy player in the natural commodities market, according to the influential opining of investment forecaster and data-watcher Matt Badiali, writer of the Banyan Hill Publishing newsletter, “Real Wealth Strategist.”

Though the need for the ion batteries seemed to blossom overnight, with everything from cars to cell phones requiring the metal, Matt Badiali predicts the sexiness is now fading fast and investors should probably start looking elsewhere.

To be fair the arc that took the lightest of metals to the top of the natural resource commodity heap was impressive. It began with car companies making battery-operated cars. Between 2016 to 2018 lithium soared from 8000 a ton to more than twice that amount. One company that extracts lithium from brine saw its stock explode more than 300%.

However, Matt Badiali has a well-earned reputation as a man who doesn’t merely crunch numbers, but rather hies himself over to where the numbers hail from to see for himself why they say what they say. In short, Matt Badiali is a man who ferrets out the chinks even in seemingly solid looking armor. And, in the case of lithium, Badiali is seeing chinks.

Even the most effective lithium battery can only hold two times as much electricity as a regular battery. This power cap, according to Badiali, will eventually limit the demand for the metal. Companies that use batteries for their products will wish to move forward and inevitably start experimenting with other metals.

Although lithium prices will probably remain attractive for a while, they are expected to start an ongoing dwindling process late in 2018 that should continue to peter downward through 2019. By 2019 there should be a surplus that will only escalate the downward spiral of lithium.

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William Saito: Forcecasting Russia’s Potential Ascendance As Tech Leader

William Saito Believes Russia Is Capable Of Becoming A Tech Leader If They Pursue this Correctly


According to the link here with Hi-Tech Chronicle, William Saito has vast experience in computer programming going back to the 1970s, which also states he began programming since Saito was 10 years old. Adding to this is William Saito’s reported experience in cybersecurity itself since 1991 with the company he founded named I/O Software. With this and other ventures with various people across the world in computing, his view would expectedly be vast enough to analyze what a nation or its people that utilize technology can potentially achieve.


Thus, his focus on Russia and its possible ascendance into the technological revolution with the vast tools they already utilize in terms of mining, oil production, military and space-related ventures, ergo the Space Station, among other channels per the recent article in Gazette Day via.


How truly intriguing for Japanese-born William Saito and his research with Russia’s technological capabilities when one considers Japan and Russia’s past; in particular the Japanese rout over the Russian Fleet during the Russo-Japanese War of 1905 that many historians consider was the trigger that caused Russia to revamp their overall military and invest in modernizing to keep up with their rival imperial colonial powers of that time which eventually propelled Russia into Super Power status they presently enjoy.

Saito believes that if Russia can get past its own self-governmental restrictions regarding IT-processing, data and creating content-sharing among other items, the giant nation could enter the technological era as a large player like they had done so with their military from 1905 and on into the present time. His background in cybersecurity with METI Japan’s-Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry -would seem to lend strong credence to Saito’s viewpoint.


However, as William Saito mentioned in the Gazette Day article, this would not happen overnight at the present moment, knowing the basic mechanics of Russian governmental policy in general. This ascendance towards becoming a world technical leader may just need a massive overhaul in regards to the way the nation processes and compartmentalizes information all together to reach this foreseen potential.



Adam Milstein Studies Past Tragedies

Adam Milstein is a native of the country of Israel, and he moved his family to the United States in 1981. He works in the commercial real estate business at the firm Hagar Pacific Properties. A few months ago, Adam Milstein and his wife Gila traveled to six different countries to unveil the horrifying truths about the Holocaust. The six countries they traveled to were Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, and Estonia. They tried to figure out the Genocide that was brought out by the Nazi Army of Germany and its European Collaborators. There were several American philanthropists along with Adam Milstein and his wife Gila, trying to find out the devastating truths.

There were mass graves in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland where the Jewish families were killed off by the firing of the German killing machine. The people that lived in these areas that were non-Jewish were taken on by the German Nazi Solders. Some of these non-Jewish people betrayed their Jewish neighbors that they may have been friends with for years.


Gila and Adam Milstein learned lessons that really stood out on their trip. The Holocaust lasted for many years, and it was the result of systematic racism, discrimination, and intimidation. The Holocaust was the largest Genocide in history. The German Nazi Soldiers used hatred to humiliate and marginalize the Jewish people. The non-Jewish people were set to believe that the Jews were dehumanized by Hitler, the ruler of the German Nazi Soldiers.

Europe blames the Holocaust and everything that the Jewish people had to go thru solely on the German Nazi Soldiers. Adam Milstein learned that it is against the law in Poland to use the phrase “Polish Death Camps”. Today, the Jewish people feel like the acts of the Holocaust could happen again. They will never feel safe again. During the Holocaust, Israel did not exist. After Israel was established, the Jews used this country as a hiding spot to stay safe from threats a crossed the Middle East. It is Israel’s job to protect the Jewish people from ever having to go thru a crisis like the Holocaust ever again. The Jews need to try to put the devastation of the Holocaust behind them and just hope and pray that they are safe. The Israel Defense Forces shield the lives of the Jewish people.