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Jeunesse Global: Youth Preserving Creams, Supplements, and More

Jeunesse Global is a company that is breaking boundaries for independent business people. Their system is a marketing and selling platform that revolves around youthful products, programs, and supplements. The team members are offered more than just compensation. They receive education, leadership training, and guidance to success. Jeunesse Global stands behind its products, personel, and culture.


One product that has sold millions is Instantly Ageless. It minimizes fine wrinkles and soft folds. The product is a topical cream, not a harsh chemical. The results are almost instantaneous, hence the title. Changes in the skin take approximately two to three minutes, and the results are often very noticeable. Once applied, the changes last for several hours. The cream is dispensed in small vials, so it can be thrown in a handbag and used later on in the day if needed. The areas where it can show the most effect are:

  • Forehead line – These can be from sun damage or repeated facial gestures.
  • Eyebrow sag – This area can naturally sag over time.
  • Heavy eyes – Sometimes heavier lids are often referred to as eye hoods.
  • Crow’s feet – The familiar laugh lines.
  • Bags underneath the eye – Bags are often caused by stress or lack of sleep.
  • Pores – Instantly Ageless can help minimize the appearance of large or deep pores.

Another favorite item is the liquid supplement MonaVie. It is made from plants and fruits. The combination of the ingredients makes a powerful supplement that encourages joint health and mobility. It is a unique blend of berries, amino acids, and antioxidants. Some of the fruit juices used are apple, kiwi, and cranberry. The beverage provides glucosamine, which has been shown to contribute to healthy joints, and because it is completely derived from plants, it safe for people who are allergic to shellfish and are looking for an alternative form of glucosamine.

Jeunesse Global offers many more products, such as a flawless misting foundation and a complete weight loss system. The business model, team building power, and useful products are something the co-founders, Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, are proud to offer to people looking for youth promoting products and individuals looking to start their own business.

Wen by Chaz hair care – Wash your hair differently

Compared to other hair shampoo and products, WEN conditioner doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. The product has no sodium or cleansing soap agents. For this reason, the product takes care of your hair naturally. It adds a natural conditioning whenever you use it on your hair. The foam produced when used with traditional shampoo is not available here. The result is a soft and silky hair, so you have the most exciting washing experience.

In case you find yourself in a position where you want to manage your hair carefully, you will find many product solutions. The Chaz Dean ( hair care system should be the best product for you. Wen has received a lot of media attention lately. The product has been praised for its natural feel and other benefits. While a proper hair care is essential, other factors could ensure a good hair day. Many factors contribute to the general positive feel of your hair. These include its softness, lightweight nature, and level of grease.

The Wen hair condition system doesn’t work like ordinary shampoo and hair cleaning products. Regular shampoo comes with an instruction of washing, lather, rinse and repeat. The Wen hair product has wiped out the lather section. Once the hair is rinsed, it works into your scalp to create positive benefits.

For many women, the hair care system may seem like a stretch and hassle. Many struggle with damaged hair or hair that is color treated. Hair washed with traditional shampoo usually has less moisture. The Wen hair conditioner product promises the best solution for the hair. Women can find a final settlement to their unruly hair. All one has to do is to purchase the product and start using it. While the results are not immediate, they begin showing up after a few days of consistent use. Wen products are available online on and at the exclusive website.


CEO Doe Deere Sees Lime Crime Continue to Succeed

Lime Crime is a makeup brand that is about expression. The exciting and quickly changing trends in fashion, it is important the makeup industry keeps up with the demand for enthusiasm and creativity. That is where Lime Crime sets itself apart. Not only are they unique in the colors and styles of their cosmetics, but creator of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, has taken it upon herself to advertise in unique ways.

For the most part, cosmetic ad campaigns consist of women in high fashion wardrobes of only slightly varying styles making slow turns to the camera. This way you can see their now flawless faces in great detail. Doe Deere, on the other hand, is of the opinion that makeup should be loud and expressive, not just for concealing and accenting. Her attitude toward cosmetics, and all of fashion, really, is that it should be about the person wearing it. Believing the staunch rules of how to wear makeup are more like suggestions from one side of the conversation, Lime Crime has begun to challenge our notions of makeup with interesting, colorful, and even surprising ad style.

Another interesting approach that Lime Crime has taken in terms of spreading the good news of creative cosmetics is to employ social media, and NOT in the same way that other companies have chosen to interact with these sites. Lime Crime’s biggest spokes person is its creator, and she is not shy. Doe Deere’s photos of wild make up and edgy style can be found all over tumblr and pintrest as an unapologetic cry for more expression in fashion.

Makeup is something that a great many women use for many different reasons. Some use it to even out for a more natural look, others do it so that they can be artistic and individualistic. Regardless of the way you apply your makeup, Urban Outfitters make it clear Lime Crime is far more about the way you wear your makeup. Just ask the bright and lovely Doe Deere.

Saving Time And Money With WEN

There are so many hair care and beauty products out there it can be hard to navigate which ones will work the best for us. Some products are all hype, while some have a substantial amount of great results behind their claims. When we first saw all of those Wen hair videos with the ladies showing off their luxurious long and shiny manes, we were shocked. Could a product that really streamlines our hair care routine really be this effective at washing our hair?
Beauty writer and professional hair stylist decided to do some investigative research and let us in on the details and results. The original article can be found here:

What Emily found was that, yes, using WEN by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean did streamline her routine. She did have to use more WEN at once than her regular shampoo. While regular shampoo filled maybe a quarter’s size in her palm, the WEN totally filled up her palm. While the volume of product she had to use was more, this is no bother as WEN is filled up with luxurious botanical ingredients for the hair, the more the merrier. WEN cleansing conditioner also takes the place of a shampoo, a conditioner and a styling product, so using more cleansing conditioner all at once actually makes sense.

One thing Emily did save on was time. She was able to complete her usual shampoo and condition with just the one step of the WEN cleanse. Blow drying was even more effective after the cleanse, because she did not need to spray in a leave in conditioner or a styling gloss because her hair was already so vibrant and shiny from the WEN, also saving her money in the end. Wen hair is available on high end stores like sephora.

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