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The American Institute Of Architects’ Impact To The Building Industry

Robert Ivy heads the American Institute of Architects as the EVP and CEO of the organization. He is a graduate of Tulane University where he did his Masters of Architecture and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Sewanee. Robert Ivy has worked in other organizations as well in his career where he is mainly a writer on architecture topics. Ivy first worked as a principal at Dean & Ivy and Dean/Dale and was a critic for some of the national publications which he did from 1981 to 1996.

In 1996, Robert Ivy moved to Architectural Record and was named as the chief editor. He again served at the McGraw-Hill Construction Media as the editorial director and vice president. Other publications that he worked on included SNAP, Magazine of Sustainability Design, and ENR among others. Robert Ivy was named as the EVP and CEO of the AIA organization after the members of the board agreed to select him on Feb, 1 2011. Again, his selection as the head of AIA was due to his extensive experience in the architecture through his numerous publications about the industry.

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Further, Ivy’s publications that have earned him publicity have seen him even get recognized by some entities such as The Art Library Society of North America. Besides, Robert Ivy has also won numerous awards due to his prowess in writing of the architectural records. Some of the awards include the recognition by the Alpha Rho Chi that is an architecture body that appointed Robert Ivy as the Master Architect. Furthermore, Robert Ivy sits at his office that is in Washington D.C. where he is in charge of over 200 employees and has control of the organization’s annual budget of $56 million.

About the American Institute of Architects and its Current Role

The American Institute of Architects is an organization that was established back in 1857 by 13 architects as a professional body to register architects. The institute was also formed as part of the architecture design developments to help in the education of architects and government advocacy among other uses. Moreover, with the selection of Robert Ivy as the CEO, he has also incorporated other sectors in the organization where he has strongly advocated for the architecture that promotes health. In addition, the AIA has since adopted in its profession a fusion between architecture and the health fraternity for the well-being of the inhabitants of the buildings.

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Richard Mishaan Shows Daring Is Good

Richard Mishaan is the designer who dares. And his ability to be daring has panned out for him in spades. Mishaan is now one of the most sought-after designers in New York with a client list that reads like the White Pages.


Mishaan is stylistically expansive. He was born in Cartegena, Columbia and raised both there and in Milan. Mishaan says the colors he was surrounded by made a huge impact on how he designs. The combination of his cultural roots and bachelors degree in architecture helps him put together some of the most aesthetic concepts seen in design.


Not only does Mishaan own a successful design firm in New York, he has authored two books — Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury. Both books show how to create a stylish abode whether you are a multimillionaire or on a shoestring budget. Mishaan includes several pictures of his own house and New York, as well as designs he has created for clients.


Mishaan says he loves to mix eras for a certain effect. “I have some items in my home from the 16th century and mix them with 1930s and it all ties together perfectly.”

Rihard Mishaan also owns a spacious Cartegena home that he’s designed from top to bottom.


Mishaan’s design studio has a full line of furniture, accessories, lighting and art. He gives a lot of great tips for individuals who have very small spaces to decorate. “I want people to learn how to make their homes come alive without having a lot of money or space.”