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Dr. Rov Rand Is The Doctor Aiming For The Bull’s Eye

Let me ask you a question; How many times have you been diagnosed with the same disease or ailment? Many will say many times. This is because the doctors only deal with the disease but not the source. The world today is filled with very many curative methods and medicine. Most doctors around the world prescribe medicine, a therapy or a certain type of a curative mechanism for the patients, but none of them go to the main source of the problem. However, there is a doctor from Newark, New Jersey in the United States of America that has found a solution to the recurring problem of sickness and his name is Dr. Rov Rand.

Dr. Rov Rand is currently the head of Healthy Aging (currently the president), the medical center found in New Jersey. The doctor is a specialist when it comes to regenerative medicine, integrated medicine and not forgetting bio-identical hormone replacement. This words might look like jargons to most people but let us break them down a little bit.

The graduate of Albert Einstein Medical Centre in New York, Dr. Rov Rand runs what he calls a Wellness Program. This program involves three fundamental steps that culminate into the wellness and ultimatimately the curing and prevention of most diseases.

The first step involves consultation with the doctor. This takes the shape of discussion between Dr. Rov Rand and the patient. The two discuss matters to do with diet, previous exercise if any and other habits. This is usually to establish a pattern or trend in your lifestyle to find out the main cause of the problem.

The second part involves testing. This part is the most important part. Dr. Rov Rand takes his patients through a series of tests which include; checking for genetic markers, reviewing the bodily system, testing and assessing for levels of vitamins and minerals and finally checking for any allergies.

The last section is the treatment. This might take the form of IV nutrients therapy, physical therapy or any other therapy that 15 years experienced doctor will recommend. Dr. Rov Rand also offers patients another form of medicine like acupuncture, which he has been duly certified to perform.