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Goettl Continues with its Expansion

Goettl air conditioning Company made its announcement on the intention of acquiring a family owned HVAC Company known as Walton’s Heating and Air, which is located in southern California. The financial details of the acquisition were however not disclosed. This deal opened up the presence of Goettl in California and at the same time created an opportunity for Walton’s to get to greater heights, which its owner Todd Longbrake could not have achieved on his own. It also helped in expanding the presence of Goettl which already had offices in Las Vegas, Tucson, as well as Phoenix.

Longbrake revealed that for a significant time, he had taken the business to as far as it was possible, but they had gotten to a standstill. The initial intention of Goettl to acquire Walton’s was expressed at the beginning of the year 2015. Todd Longbrake was hesitant to get on board. He, however, decided to give it a shot after he heard some promising comments about Ken Goodrich the owner of Goettl and the company itself, from various individuals in the HVAC industry. The deal was hence finalized in the middle of the year 2015. Mr. Longbrake was not hesitant to praise the amalgamation saying that much has been achieved since the two companies came together.

Even though the acquisition was completed two years ago, it took some time before its announcement, since there were operational issues in Walton’s. Goodrich said that it was right for these issues to be put in place before making the announcement. The values and background that Walton’s possesses were similar to those of Goettl, a fact that encouraged Goodrich to manage all the obstacles that came with the acquisition. Todd Longbrake was quickly assimilated into the Goettl culture. He became a leader in the organization.

Today, Goettl has about 306 employees, reports AZ Central. It was able to create more than 200 jobs in its largest markets in Tucson and Phoenix. Over the years, Goettl has been recognized for providing the best products, services as well as technical expertise in the Air Conditioning industry. It was founded in the year 1939 and has not moved away from its scoop of being the most trusted air conditioning company.

All of its achievements are attributed to the fact that it keeps on training its technicians and that they always have to pass the drug tests. According to PR News, one of the greatest desires of Goettl is to offer clients with the best services. Customers are assured that their money will get more values with Goettl. Follow Goettl on twitter.