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Avaaz: Bringing 195 Countries Together to Bring About Positive Change

It all began as a small internet activism website with lofty goals when was born in 2007. The website has given people all over the world the opportunity to shed light on often overlooked problems. Avaaz is a platform dedicated to giving a voice to all people and to help bring international change through the combined efforts of many.

How Does Avaaz Work?

This non-profit raises funds on their website for global campaigns. Anyone in the world can start a petition for an issue that is important tothem or their community. Larger-scale campaigns are chosen by the Avaaz board with many of the suggestions coming from members. These same members get to vote on what causes they think should be funded. The result is less time for assistance to be delivered to the needy parties because Avaaz’s efficient system eliminates unnecessary delays.

What Causes Are Supported?

Avaaz has been a long time supporter of the Paris Climate Accord, they have worked together with the United Nations Secretary-General along with French ministers to fight pollution and protect the environment for future generations. Avaaz has organized many campaigns for this project to bring the people’s attention to this serious matter, and it worked with many successful People’s Climate Marches with countless participants.

Protecting the ocean along with all of the sea life and plants that calls it home has also been a huge priority for Avaaz. The non-profit has successfully helped to create two very large marine reserves plus a marine national monument. Their efforts continued to be successful as they lobbied with countries globally in order to get them to agree to protect 30% of the oceans by 2030.

There are true challenges all of the world that people are asking for help with to achieve justice. Trying to go about it independently is a daunting task with often minimal success, but with Avaaz things are much different. They unite 195 countries together on important issues such as climate change, corruption, conflict, and poverty. Avaaz gives a voice to the voiceless.

Lacey and Larkin: Heroes of Justice

It seems the least likely of people make the best heroes. There are a lot of famous people who dropped out of college and became celebrities, but few of them became famous because they did something extraordinary. That’s the kind of men that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin became.

Both are college dropouts who teamed up and co-founded Phoenix New Times, a local newspaper. The first paper that either of them published was a paper about the ultra-conservative portrayal of on-campus antiwar protests. Lacey wrote the paper with a few friends and Larkin eventually joined the team when the paper needed an advertising expert.

It didn’t take long for Phoenix New Times to earn itself a name in the industry. Eventually, the two executives co-founded another media company; Village Voice Media. That started VVM after purchasing a like-minded newspaper in Denver. That’s when they began building what is now a multimillion-dollar conglomerate. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Over the years, their success never stopped. Their companies won numerous awards and recognition. In 2012, they sold VVM to some long-time executives and focused on their philanthropies.

Their major philanthropies include human rights and freedom of speech. Being reporters, working in ultra-conservative regions, they’ve learned the importance of freedom and equality.

Their support of migrant rights and civic participation really sparked during the late 2000s. That’s when they clashed with a local sheriff, who’d been tormenting local Latinos for his own enjoyment. Despite being a man of the law, Sheriff Joe Arpaio often participated in anti-Mexican rallies and fear-mongering.

New Times could not allow a law enforcement officer to behave the way Arpaio did and not write about him. The attention New Times gave Arpaio enraged the sheriff. Over the next few weeks, they wrote more stories, detailing many of his atrocious activities and side jobs.

There are plenty of things that Arpaio did that are unforgivable. What he did to Lacey and Larkin on October 18, 2007, ended his career.

Enraged by their paper’s consisting investigating, he had them illegally arrested and taken to jail in the middle of the night.

The most shocking part about their arrests is what happened after they arrived at separate jails. Arpaio tried to use grand jury subpoenas to force them to give up the names and personal information of their employees and even their readers.

Advocacy Groups Continue To Assist Migrant Rights

The problems facing migrants have now been noticed by mainstream advocacy groups through the promotion of factual knowledge and humane treatment of immigrants. Many organizations have members who selflessly offer assistance to those affected by freedom of speech and civil rights violations.

The support for them can be found online, at local churches, and nonprofit fundraisers. Many Americans have also given charitable donations to them, and temporary housing facilities exist in nearly every major city. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Long famous for their fight to combat anti semitism, The Anti Defamation League has taken to the internet to educate the public and raise awareness of the hardships that immigrants must face in America. Their website lists a plethora of facts and citations to help clear up the myths surrounding newcomers into the country.

On the civil rights organization’s website, some of the common myths mentioned blame undocumented immigrants of crossing the northern Mexican border in large numbers, stealing jobs from naturalized Americans, and relying too heavily on entitlements.

The Anti Defamation League reveals that not only are most of the stereotypes false, but that some statistically contradict what is rumored about immigrants by a long margin. Most undocumented migrants come into the U.S. by flight, and do not contribute to higher unemployment levels from U.S. citizens. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: and

The Anti Defamation League has also publicly criticized the controversial exploits of specific Arizona police jurisdictions. In 2007, journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested by former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was infamous for advocating racial profiling in his elected district. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was founded by the columnists from a settlement as a direct result of their unlawful arrests, and seeks to advocate migrant rights.

After repeated warnings, Joe Arpaio was convicted of contempt of court for ignoring civil rights violations, for which he was recently pardoned, a headline made popular by the actions of the current presidential administration.

The Larkin and Lacey Fund, along with The Anti Defamation League, are among the many organizations that have vowed to support the migrant community to prevent acts similar to the Arizona incident from occurring at an even larger scale. Through recognizing the difficulties that migrants face from disenfranchisement, more resources could be allocated to help them prosper to a path for citizenship.

Human, Civil, and Migrant Rights: Who is standing up for you?

Groups dedicated to protecting and preserving human, civil and migrant rights are resolved to help people all over the world. These groups were created to support minorities and other groups of people unable to defend themselves. They fight for justice and equality for all people. Migrant rights pertain to people who are vulnerable in their current country of residence and also those who have immigrated to the United States.

Migrant right groups work to help them achieve fair wage, safe working conditions, and equal treatment. There are laws in place to prevent these rights from being denied, but unfortunately they are violated every year and often not withheld. Activist groups are trying to change that and make sure everyone is fairly tried. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The American Civil Liberties Union is a prominent advocate group that works tirelessly to protect individual rights and liberties as defined in the United States Constitution. They try to provide legal assistance whenever someone’s civil rights are being violated. The American Civil Liberties Union also protects women’s rights by supporting birth control and abortion.

These rights are currently being denied to many women with no regard for their rights as humans. There are millions involved in the this group and they are all working to protect individuals and minorities against civil injustice. Read more: Phoenix New Time

One of the most notable organizations in support of civil, human, and migrant rights is the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund. They support other advocate groups that work to defend and improve the lives of others. They are very involved in promoting freedom of speech and migrant rights along the Mexican border in Arizona.

Jim and Michael are trying to end killings on the border, racial profiling, and prevent the denial of due process rights. They have already helped thousands of people held in immigrant detention centers and are constantly striving to help more.

Michael and Jim started the organization following their careers as journalists fighting for the right of the freedom of speech. They were ultimately arrested but they sued the judge for unlawful arrest and used their earnings to fund migrant rights in Arizona. They have dedicated their lives to protecting the rights of everyone around them.

These two activists are trying to bring these injustices to light since they are so often swept under the rug. Their ultimate goal is to support other human, civil, and migrant right groups, as well as help the people whose voices cannot be heard.


The Great Victories of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have impressed many people due to their success in fighting for justice of journalists and other people in the society. It is through the mistreatment they experienced that they managed to launch their successful Frontera Fund. The two acquired $3.5 million from the case they had filed against Joe Arpaio, who had accused them falsely and mistreated them for publishing information about the injustices that were taking place in the county.

Through Frontera Fund, Michael and Larkin have managed to help a considerable number of immigrants so that they can rebuild their lives in their new country. The two understand the problems that people undergo when it comes to being discriminated and viewed as minors. Through their life experiences, Jim and Michael have strived to encourage people not to worry about such issues but rather report them to such organizations like the Frontera Fund, through which they can receive justice. They have gained a lot of fame and received a high accreditation in the United States due to their noticeable contributions in advocating for the rights of journalists and every individual in general.

Even after their release from the Maricopa County prison, Michael and Jim have continued to preach peace and equality of everyone through their publications in FrontPage Confidential. Besides, they have also become a reliable source of education and information to a vast number of individuals both in the United States as well as the globe. Through their Frontera Fund, they have brought happiness to people in the country and brought a sense of belonging to them. Equality has always been their main agenda and through their advocations, migrants coming to the United States from Mexico, Central America and other parts of the world do not have worries anymore as they are already protected.


The Achievements of Thor Halvorssen

Many leaders hope that once they are out of the office their succeeding generations will be successful and gain respect in their country. Thor Halvorssen is the descendant of the first president of Venezuela –Cristobal Mendoza. He comes from a family that has accomplished a lot in their life. For instance, his father Thor Halvorssen Helllum, was a Venezuelan Ambassador whose responsibility was for the antinarcotic affairs. Consequently, he was also appointed as an investigator at the international level of Venezuelan senate Commission. Thor Halvorssen grandfather, Oystein Thor Halvorssen served the Norway’s King at the position of the counsel and was a representative for the Venezuelan companies in Norway. With this success of due to the dedication of services in Venezuela, one would assume that Mendoza is happy of the rising Thor Halvorssen.

Thor Halvorssen holds a Bachelor’s as well as Mater’s degree in political science and History from University of Pennsylvania an Ivy League college. He is also very active in the government matters as well as legal affairs. Particularly Halvorssen has chosen to focus on a matter relating slavery, combating tyranny regimes as well as human trafficking.

He has also made a major impact in his own home country as well as the on the international sphere. In 1999 he was given the opportunity to serve as the chief executive officer of the America Civil liberties organization FIRE the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. It was in the same year that he campaigned to convince a U.S based Lucent Technologies to implement a policy that would eliminate slave labor in the manufacturing of its products in China. This would require that China citifies that none of the product come from its territory are made using slave labor.

One of the most recognized output to the society in his work is the work with Human Right Foundation. From time to time Halvorssen has helped in leading the foundation, it became a world recognized because of it a vocal protest against the oppressive regimes. At one particular time, he was fought for the rights of the longtime Chinese political prisoner Liu Xiaobo. As a result, he was asked to be Xiaobo guest during the Nobel Prize ceremony in 2010 in which Xiaobo was awarded in absentia.

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Performance in Angola, Africa Stirs Controversy for Nicki Minaj

Human Rights Foundations Requests Cancellation
There is much controversy being stirred up surrounding Nicki Minaj. Minaj and her girls have already jetted off to Angola, Africa. This is ahead of a scheduled performance. The event has been stirring up much controversy. The raptress is scheduled for a Christmas performance on Saturday. This is sponsored by Unitel. The Human Rights Foundation has requested That Nicki cancel this Christmas performance. This request came in an open letter.

The Communications Company Concerns
Unitel is the communications company that is controlled by the family of José Eduardo dos Santos. He has been the Angolan President since the year 1979. This controversy has come into play because the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Organization has called this president a dictator. This is the reason for the request to cancel the Christmas concert. The open letter to Nicki stated that her payment for her performance would be a direct result of government corruption along with violations of human rights. The outlined information in the letter warned Nicki of the three decade authoritarian rule. The violations include the exploited Angola’s diamond and oil wealth. This was exploited in order to maintain control over branches within the government along with civil society. It has been stated that Dos Santos had the following included into his policy for those who protested his rule. These included:
* harassment
* imprisonment
* the killing of politicians, activists, and journalists
This is the overall reason that the cancellation had been requested for the concert that that Minaj will be performing in.

Human Rights and Thor Halvorssen
Thor Halvorssen is a film producer and he is also a human rights activist. He has been described as an individual with a strong passion for the underdog and the powerless. Halvorssen started to advocate for human rights in the year 1989.

Thor Halvorssen Had Motivation
Thor Halvorssen does have an intriguing background. Perhaps his motivation for his powerful human rights passion is due to the fact that his own father had become a political prisoner. This occurred in Venezuela. Hal’s own background is Norwegian and Venezuelan. His mother had been shot while participating in a political protest. Thor does seem to have a solid and clear motivation for human rights and those who are powerless.