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Fabletics proves trendy active wear is big business

Kate Hudson, CEO of Fabletics has made workout clothes a big business. Joining forces with CO-CEOs of Justfab Inc, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, they introduced a profound solution to the active wear arena. They successfully filled the gap in women’s fashion where active wear was not a major player. They saw an opportunity to add glamour and convenience around a stale component that existed within fashion that no one had targeted.


Starting this powerhouse just over 3 years ago, the brand has proven to be more about inspiring women to live free and look fabulous while doing so. What was once thought of as the attire for a workout enthusiast, is now the necessity of any woman as a go-to outfit for running Saturday morning errands, going to cycling class, or meeting a girlfriend for yoga and then grabbing lunch. Fabletics has made a significant footprint in the active wear industry by utilizing the reverse showroom technique. Fabletics mastered this technique by combing both the in store and online shopping experience into their business model.


Show-rooming is a strategy that many retailers use. It is however a costly strategy as most consumers will look but end up buying a cheaper version somewhere else. Reverse show-rooming is where people go online to research what they want to buy to help make their buying decision. In today’s retail market consumers want as much information as possible before making a buying decision. This means that the retail experience must take the pressure off of the consumer and have information at their finger tips that answers their questions now. This is how Fabletics used reverse show-rooming to accelerate their brand.


Their membership based platform provides exclusivity at an affordable price with high quality and trendy apparel. Fabletics understands who their customer is, what they want and how they want it. Knowing all of the specifics around their customers provided a road map to how to create the best consumer experience. Some of the main points that make reverse show-rooming work for Fabletics is their ability to have a program that tracks purchases and reward repeat buyers, utilizing current technology and engaging the power of social media marketing. Based on this, Fabletics offers more flexibility and convenience to their customers than a typical active wear retailer.


Although their online presence is probably how most consumers know the brand, they have ventured in to the traditional store front model as well. An equally added bonus to their online store, as members that shop at a traditional Fabletics store can have items they liked added to their online cart. That technology in itself is impressive as it adds another level of to the customer experience and it adds another level of marketing.


Fabletics has taken the reverse show-rooming strategy and made it their own. Focusing on their customers and understanding how to make this strategy effective for their business model.

Billy McFarland Is The Genius Behind A Successful Startup

Billy McFarland is becoming a serial entrepreneur. He was born in New York City and raised in Short Hills, New Jersey. He founded his first online business when he was 13 years old. The Outsourcing business had clients that needed designers. He studied Computer Engineering at Bucknell University in Lewisburg PA.

He is the founder and CEO of two ongoing enterprises. “Spling” is a successful company that has Universal and Discovery as a client. You can transform your text to graphics that resemble mosaic images on bulletin boards.

The second enterprise is called Magnises that Billy MacFarland launched in August 2013 along with a mobile app. The Magnises “Black Card” was launched March 2014. There are more than 10,000 members and the company has $3 million in venture capital. Magnises are being introduced into Loa Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, and London.

Billy is bringing the Millennial Generation together to enjoy their lives. The “Black Card” is a symbol of belonging to an exclusive club that has perks in their city. The seven thousand members in New York and Washington, D.C. enjoy contacting the Magnises concierge app to find out what’s going on in their city. The membership is $250 per year. The members promise to become active in the Magnises community.

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The membership of Magnise count has reached more than 12,000 in 2016. The benefits include getting hotel rooms for $79 per night and when you arrive at the hotel get a free upgrade to a suite. Tickets to sold out concerts, theaters, restaurant openings, invitations to special gallery openings are a few of the perks.

Billy added a new feature in Magnises called the WorkPass. The New York members can pay $99 monthly to use the Alley co-working offices. In the community, you can have a Shared Desk that is left vacant in the common room. The Dedicated Desk is where you can keep your computers and office supplies. The Private Office is where you and your team can work and still mingle with the Magnises community. Magnises corporate offices are operated from Alley.

Networking is an important aspect of life at Alley. You can meet with established and successful entrepreneurs, meet with marketing agents for your new product, and how to begin a startup without the pitfalls.

Become a member of Alley and enjoy the perks of coffee, cereal tea, printing and office supplies, a lunch catered weekly, mailbox, unlimited events and a dedicated manager on hand. The Alley is open 24 hours every day of the week for members and Monday thru Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for nonmembers. There are several locations where you can join the Alley community TechStars, NYU Steinhardt, Midtown, and Chelsea New York.

Visit the website for a virtual tour or schedule a visit in person.

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The Successful Career of Christanna Bevin

Christanna Bevin Tubman is a specialist in project management. She has loads of experience in providing innovative services to resource and utility sectors. Over the years, she has helped firms in these sectors with change management, process improvement, and capacity building. Currently, she works at Consulting Services as a project specialist. The company is located in Brisbane, Australia.

At Consulting Services, she has participated in several critical projects. Her efforts and knowledge has ensured that these projects have yielded the expected results. Some of these projects include Kogan Creek Power Station Major Overhaul for CS Energy, Contractor Management Workplace Health and Safety for Water NSW, and Greenfields Coal Project. She has also been involved in forensic claim review for major hospitals during their redevelopment projects.

Bevin is respected for her exceptional skills in engagement and stakeholder relationship management. These skills are supported by her excellent oral and written communication prowess. She is also good at problem solving, observation of work ethics. In addition, she has a deep passion for her job. Bevin often goes the extra mile to ensure that she exceeds both her client’s expectations and her personal objectives.

Before joining Consulting Services, Bevin worked for Phu Bia Mining Company between May 2014 and August 2015. During this period, she served as the Project Services/Project Controls Manager. At the firm, she was charged with the duty of ensuring the delivering of the set scope of mentoring, capacity development, and training. These objectives enabled her to oversee the successful transitioning of the Lao-based Capital Projects Team from one that is managed by regional expatriates to one that is administered by Lao national staff. In addition, Bevin oversaw the successful adoption of Cost Control software that helped Phu Bia Mining to manage its operating costs. This information was originally reported on Linked In as explicated in this link

Bevin was the project services manager for Universal Energy Services. She worked for the firm between May 2011 and May 2015. Bevin was in charge of providing consultation services. She was also responsible for formulating ongoing budget requests, auditing projects, and development of schedules. Formerly, Bevin worked for Oakajee Port and Rail, Chelopech Mining EAD, and UGL Limited. Christanna Bevin has a sound educational background. She holds an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business.

The Standards Set in Assisted Living

Farron Bernhardt was recently presented as the new senior living community’s new Chief Executive at The Manse on Marsh located in downtown San Luis Obispo. Bernhardt has over 30 years experience working in various senior housing leadership positions including being the Vice-chair of Assisted Living for Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND). He is well known for his active management style which fits well the Manse Marsh’s community of staff and residents. He comes to this community with the objective of setting the standards for excellence not only in the Central Coast but also far and wide. This is in relation to his core duties of improving senior care in such facilities.

The community at The Manse on Marsh has received several awards among those being the Star Award which they won in two consecutive years. Most recently, the community was designated as the “ Best 2016” by This ranks them among the best 1% of senior healthcare providers in the country. The addition of Farron Bernhardt will play a significant role in improving the conditions of the facility even further.The Manse on Marsh is situated in downtown San Luis Obispo which is regarded as the center of the Central Coast. This facility serves a home for families who are seeking assisted living care in areas like Arroyo Grande, Paso Robles, and other neighboring areas. The facility has various amenities that include private homes and flats, restaurants, transportation, maid and laundry services, social activities, caregivers, nurses and personal assistance personnel.

The staff at this facility are friendly and make sure that the residents are well catered for in a safe and conducive environment. There is a wide variety of lifestyle options to choose from which blend well with an individual’s privacy, independence, safety and comfort. Some of these lifestyle options include single bedrooms, studios, adjacent homes and cottages. In addition to these, there are also complimentary services which are offered to align with any particular lifestyle. This facility is not for permanent stays only but also accepts temporary stays as well. This also includes respite stays for those who are recuperating. This then works towards improving the welfare of respite resident’s rehabilitation program with the objective of benefiting each and every resident in the community

Why WEN Can Cleanse

If you’re interested in cleansing the best way, look into getting a cleansing conditioner. For a few reasons listed below, this is the best way to clean your hair (it’s called “co-washing,” and it is the latest thing):

  1. It is easier. Of course, you will only have to purchase one bottle this way, and so it makes it easier to remember which is which, and to cleanse your hair.
  1. It is more effective for getting every strand. You’re sure to love how just a little bit goes a long way with this product. It will make you feel so much better.

If you have any doubt, try Wen hair for their perfect cleansing conditioner. WEN has been around for a long time, and they strive to provide the best hair-care experience for you and yours. You will be sure to appreciate how easy it is to find their products, too, and the company has customer service as satisfaction as its first priority.

They’re also educated in ways to make your hair better. So, you can rely on WEN by Chaz Dean ( for all your haircare needs. Did I mention that you’ll be able to find them online? That’s another positive. And who doesn’t want to try it now? Need WEN hair care? Get the products online via eBay or Guthy-Renker beauty store.


New technology in Communications

Technology is constantly evolving in many industries today. If you want to invest for the future, this is a great way to do so. As a small business, it is vital to continue to innovate whenever possible. Talk Fusion is a company that has had success in recent years due to their investments in technology and infrastructure. Over the long term, a lot of people are excited about the new products and services that are coming out from this company. If you want to take your small business to a new level, this is the way to go.


Talk Fusion


From the time the company was started, Talk Fusion has invested a lot of time and money into the experience of customers. If you want to grow your small business, you need to make sure your current customers are satisfied with the products or services that you are providing. Over time, this is the best way to grow your business without an infusion of capital. Talk Fusion has done a great job of developing new technology that is going to take things to a new level in the world of communications.


Future Growth Plans


Talk Fusion has won a variety of awards for their work within the industry. The exciting part about their company is that they are just getting started. As their sales and profits start to increase, the overall investment within the company is just going to increase as well. Talk Fusion is a great company to work for, and they treat their employees well. Looking at the data, it is no wonder that this company is doing so well in recent years. If you want to invest for the future, you need to make sure that you are working with Talk Fusion. Their new communications technology is working to take things to a new level within the communications industry. For many years in a row, this company has done a good job of investing into the lives of others.

Lime Crime Cosmetics, A Leader In Their Field

If you have not heard about Lime Crime, you might be living in a cardboard box. Lime Crime is a makeup company created and founded by Doe Deere, and she also curates the official ILoveLimeCrime blog. Doe is a powerful business woman in her own rite. She founded Lime Crime on a hundred dollars and a dream. It was no secret that many of the makeup customers had been asking the makeup companies to develop makeup that offered more than standard nine to five colors. Doe understands the product would sell because it was something that people wanted and were asking for. She took this request and turned it into the business that is Lime Crime, which is now available in the United States from Urban Outfitters.  But Lime Crime has also found a home in UK makeup stores.


Lime Crime offers cruelty free, vegan approved makeup. What does that mean? It means that there are no animal tests and no animal products used in the making of the Lime Crime makeup line.


Lime Crime is all about the freedom of personal expression. Doe Deere often talks about this with young business people. Doe tells them to find their own path and be who they are. Her business philosophy is highly respected and sought after because it encourages people to be who they are, dress how they want to and have fun in your life and your business.

Lime Crime has been quite popular on social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest. People who use the Lime Crime Makeup line are often found posting photos and comments about how they are using the makeup line. This is a makeup that is bold and colorful. You can wear it to a rave or to the university. You can wear it to work too, just remember that this makeup is not the same makeup that your mothers mother used to wear. This makeup is new, exciting and colorful. This makeup line is about bold tones that are built to express your personal style.


If you are looking for a high quality, animal friendly makeup that is fun and exciting, Lime Crime makeup is the brand for you and you will love to express the true to life you when you wear the makeup inspired by Doe Deere.


Millennial Women Rejoice For New EOS Lip Balm

The once archaic lip balm aisles of department stores have now been spruced up with EOS’ orb-shaped containers. Unlike traditional-style lip balm, EOS lip balm products are appealing to all five senses. Users celebrate the myriad scents and flavors that EOS lip balm comes in. Additionally, the container itself is easy to hold and makes a satisfying clicking noise when closed. With several color schemes, EOS has successfully created a product that is both fun to use and functionally efficient.

Since joining the market around 7 years ago, the founders of EOS have built the company from a startup to a $250 million company. Fast Company had the opportunity to discover the methods employed to help create such a successful business. Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra didn’t randomly decide to make a lip balm product. Instead, they saw an opportunity for success in the unchanging market that had been dominated by large companies such as Chapstick. In order to create a product specifically for women, EOS redesigned the container and began to market specifically to their target demographic.

Focusing their efforts primarily on women of the millennial generation, EOS targeted their advertisements with precision. Besides traditional magazine and television ads, EOS took their marketing strategies to a whole new level. They contacted famous beauty bloggers with large social media followings to review and feature EOS lip balm. Additionally, they were able to make their way into music videos with superstars Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus. Taylor Swift even became a spokesperson for the company at one point. EOS also focused on their own social media projects by amassing millions of followers on Instagram and Facebook. These platforms give EOS valuable avenues for communication with their target demographic. With around one million units being sold per week, EOS has grown themselves to the top of the lip balm market. Today, the products are also available thru online retailers Lucky Vitamin and Racked.

EOS Website:

ULTA product link:

Securus Technology Rising To Forefront With New BBB Accreditation

The Better Business Bureau offers accreditation to willing companies around the country. Each company is held up to the light to see if it qualifies for BBB’s highest award. And the crazy thing is that accreditation is voluntary. The company that wants to be accredited has to actually pay for it and then jump through the hoops of the accreditation process. It’s not something that every business owner can afford. It’s also a big time hassle that can really put a drag on the business itself.


That’s why it is so mind blowing to see a company like Securus going through the process. Securus Technologies is a tech company that provides solutions to the law enforcement community. But most people in American know the company for servicing prisons and jails. They are the ones that run the phones connected to the walls inside of those prisons.


It’s crazy that they went out of their way for accreditation because of the way the business works. Securus, along with other telecommunications companies, bid for contracts in order to be the only company to provide telephone services in that facility. Once the contract is signed, they have no competition and they don’t really need to treat their customers well. After all, the prisoners have to use that service in order to make a call. They don’t have to happy about it.


But Securus has had an A+ rating from the BBB for a long time and they finally went through the accreditation process. It’s as if they are internally driven to run a good, ethical business despite the conditions of that business. I wish that every technology company worked like this, even on the outside of prisons. It would make my life a lot easier dealing with a company committed to customer service.


Norka Luque and Her Belief in Music being Her Fate

Norka Luque is a Venezuelan musician who is currently based in the United States. She holds a belief that everything that has happened to her in her life lessons, experiences, languages, culture and family have all played an important part in sealing her fate which is music. Norka Luque is lucky to have Emilio Stefan Jr. for a producer as he has helped her to make a great debut into the world of music. Emilio is known in the inner circles as the King Midas of music and anything he touches turns to gold. It was after meeting Emilio that Norka Luque was able to record her first ever album known as “Miracle” that got a great reception in radio stations broadcasting in Latino and those based in the United States. The album was produced with the input of the great team assembled by Emilio. The team comprised of Archie Pena, Luis Giraldo and Cuco Pena from Puerto Rico and the brothers Alberto and Ricardo Gaitan. The genre of the album took some time before it was determined. It comprises a fusion of tropical, R&B, ballads and pop and rock rhythms.

Her journey in music started from way back when she was young as she used to take part in several music competitions. Her passion for music went on when she went to high school although she was pursuing other different courses. Her mind was constantly on music and this shaped her decision to join a music band. The band, ‘Bad Moon Rising’, Funk and Rock, enabled Norka to make appearances in various platforms and this also shaped her musical career.

About NorkaLuque

The Venezuelan musician was born on February 7, 1986 in her native city Caracas, Venezuela. Her musical journey is inspirational as it follows the story of a young girl who followed her passion in music until she finally became a star. Norka aspires to create music that will bring forth a positive message that will offer hope to the many people out there undergoing through difficult patches in their lives. Her parents were very supportive of her career when she was still young by ensuring that they took her for musical training. Her sessions involved training in voice practice, ballet, academic education and flamenco.

She proceeded to France for her studies in Business Administration that also entailed Marketing, Fashion and Culinary arts. Her music career took off in a blast after she met Emilio Stefan Jr., her producer. She believes that her music will help in changing the world to become better.