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Waiakea Volcanic Water: Setting A New Standard In Bottled Water

What would life be like if there was a shortage of clean water? This liquid-substance is just as important as food, but the good things about it are that most people receive free water via their homes. As an industry, bottled water is one of the best-selling beverages on the planet as it brings in multi-millions on an annual basis. Across the globe, the bottled-water industry has reached an epic $100 billion in generated revenue. Have you ever noticed the high-amounts of bottled-water brands that line the shelves of your favorite stores? The popular brands included are Aquafina, Dasani, Aquas, Ozarka, Crystal Clear, Poland Spring, Nestle Pure Life, VEEN, Voss, Zephyrhills, Evian and Ice Mountain. The list can go on and on for days.

There’s a new contender on the market, and it has made the headlines. This brand is known as Waiakea. If you’re searching for a bottled-water brand that is strictly natural, Waiakea is the brand for you. Why does this brand stand out? Well, the truth is that Waiakea’s water comes from two main sources, including rain and snowmelt. One of its greatest attributes is that the water is being filtered through an actual volcano. The Mauna Loa volcano of the Hawaiian islands is where the water comes from, and it is purified to the max. As the water drains through the mountain, it’s naturally being cleaned by the mountain’s rocks. Yes, these rocks just so happen to be porous rocks, and porous rocks have a history of providing top-notch purification.

This is why the water is titled as Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water. On top of that, this specific water is loaded with healthy minerals as well as loaded with plenty of electrolytes. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water is rated at an 8.8 pH-level. Just imagine about all of the good things that can from drinking this amazing liquid, but it’s up to you to make the next step.

Wes Edens: The Man Behind The Establishment Of Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens has time and again demonstrated that he is the person who Fortress Investment Group can depend on, not only because he is the person who founded the company, but also because of his experience in the field. Through the course of his career, Edens has worked with a variety of big names and industries and has showcased an incredible amount of skill when it comes to the work that he does. Without a doubt, he has been hugely responsible for the position that Fortress Investment Group currently holds, and is continually trying to upgrade the services that the company provides.Having a good and robust professional life is essential for proper career development, and Edens always found a way to learn from every professional venture that he took on. One of the first jobs that he had while he was working in the corporate sector was at Lehman Brothers, which was a well-known name in the field.

Even though Edens was starting out in his career, he knew that there was a lot for him to learn if he looked up to people within the company and performed just as they did, which is the route that Edens decided to go down in. After a couple of years working in the sector, Edens slowly began to become more and more recognized as someone who knew the ins and outs of the business and who was able to deliver to the clients who wanted to seek financial services from them. These experiences greatly helped Edens with the work that he was doing and are the things that have helped him grow to become a well-known name in the industry.As he grew more into the sector, so did the clients that he took on. As he becomes, more well known, more prominent clients started to choose him over others available at the firms that he was working at.

This experience helped him professionally climb, thereby helping him reach the executive positions within the company. After spending a couple of years leading the company, he decided that it was time for him to venture out and start up his own financial and investment advisory company. He had an ample amount of knowledge and resources, which made it easier for him to build a company of this kind. With a few other business associates, Edens finally decided to start up Fortress Investment Group, which is where he currently focuses all of his efforts.Edens is someone who has contributed an incredible amount to the development and growth that the company has been seeing. Fortress Investment Group has only managed to get this far because of the contribution that Edens has made to the company and the experience that he has brought along with it.

About Fortress Group

Fortress Investment Group stands as one of the leading investment and asset management companies in the city of New York and has offered their services to several top names over the past few years.

Tony Petrello Extends His Hands Far and Wide With Plenty Of Ways To Give Back To His Community

     During Hurricane Harvey in 2017, one company who helped to keep his employees thriving in the aftermath was Nabors Industries. Many of the employees during the hurricane had to spread out and were forced to find a way to rebuild their lives when the hurricane was over. In order to make that easier on the employees, Nabors Industries offered help to their employees.

Nabors Industries helped out their employees by giving them paid time off. This time off helped them to go back to their homes and establish means to rebuild or gather their belongings in order to find a place to live. Not only did Nabors give them paid time off, they also helped them out by putting together their on site kitchen to use to help to prepare meals for the local families. Nabors Industries was able to put together large quantities to provide three meals a day for the families who were suffering from the loss of their homes and personal belongings.

A particular cause that Tony Petrello and his family are familiar with is helping to fund childhood disorders. The extensive research is a good cause for the family considering that they themselves have suffered a great deal at the hands of a disease. For the Petrello’s, their daughter was born early at 24 weeks and tipped the scale at 20 ounces. From there, she suffered from the periventricular leukomalacia. This typical premature condition affects many premature babies each year.

Another love that Tony Petrello and his wife share is the love of Broadway. One particular instance is for Houston native, Tommy Tune. In recent times, Tommy returned back to Houston to put on a private show for fans and guests. He was greeted by the Petrello family where they held a party in his honor. It was a small gathering for 50 or so guests.

For Tony Petrello, while attending Yale college, he befriended Professor Serge Lang which held him to a high regard and this left an impact on him. Lang served as a mentor to Tony Petrello. Lang was a respected author as well as a mathematician. In recent months, Lang died and this left Tony with a way to want to honor his friend. After he went to the memorial for his mentor, Tony met with a number of Yale associates and donated $150,000 to the endowment fund. Once the fund was established, more graduates and others decided to also donate to the fund.


The American Institute Of Architects’ Impact To The Building Industry

Robert Ivy heads the American Institute of Architects as the EVP and CEO of the organization. He is a graduate of Tulane University where he did his Masters of Architecture and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Sewanee. Robert Ivy has worked in other organizations as well in his career where he is mainly a writer on architecture topics. Ivy first worked as a principal at Dean & Ivy and Dean/Dale and was a critic for some of the national publications which he did from 1981 to 1996.

In 1996, Robert Ivy moved to Architectural Record and was named as the chief editor. He again served at the McGraw-Hill Construction Media as the editorial director and vice president. Other publications that he worked on included SNAP, Magazine of Sustainability Design, and ENR among others. Robert Ivy was named as the EVP and CEO of the AIA organization after the members of the board agreed to select him on Feb, 1 2011. Again, his selection as the head of AIA was due to his extensive experience in the architecture through his numerous publications about the industry.

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Further, Ivy’s publications that have earned him publicity have seen him even get recognized by some entities such as The Art Library Society of North America. Besides, Robert Ivy has also won numerous awards due to his prowess in writing of the architectural records. Some of the awards include the recognition by the Alpha Rho Chi that is an architecture body that appointed Robert Ivy as the Master Architect. Furthermore, Robert Ivy sits at his office that is in Washington D.C. where he is in charge of over 200 employees and has control of the organization’s annual budget of $56 million.

About the American Institute of Architects and its Current Role

The American Institute of Architects is an organization that was established back in 1857 by 13 architects as a professional body to register architects. The institute was also formed as part of the architecture design developments to help in the education of architects and government advocacy among other uses. Moreover, with the selection of Robert Ivy as the CEO, he has also incorporated other sectors in the organization where he has strongly advocated for the architecture that promotes health. In addition, the AIA has since adopted in its profession a fusion between architecture and the health fraternity for the well-being of the inhabitants of the buildings.

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What is next for The Chainsmokers? An Interview with Alex Pall

Andrew Taggart was in college when he was introduced to Alex Pall; Alex Pall was already DJing in New York City at the time. The two were introduced through a mutual associate and became The Chainsmokers, a DJ/producer duo that has released several hit records since their introduction.

“It was a hobby of mine,” Alex Pall said in reference to DJing. Alex Pall had already made a career for himself as a DJ in New York City. “It was more just side work that I was really passionate about,” Pall confessed. Pall was in an art gallery when he realized that music was the center of his life, and it was time to take it seriously.

Andrew Taggart first became truly invested in the music world after posting a couple of his songs to Soundcloud. Eventually, Taggart caught the eye of Interscope Records and began working as an intern. Taggart was here working at Interscope when he was introduced to Alex Pall.

Both Pall and Taggart knew from the start that their partnership would be a success. “It was mostly about what we liked musically and what we were into growing up,” Alex Pall said about their first series of conversations. “It became a chat about how drive and ambitious we were.” Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart both wanted to be a known entity in the music industry. This drive is what has turned The Chainsmokers into a sensation.

Alex Pall confessed that due to their choice of genre, it is hard for people to take them seriously. The EDM-pop music genre is generally seen as simple dance music, but almost any music can be danced to. Even though The Chainsmokers do not typically perform their own vocals, they do write their own music. Their music is a representation of how they see the world; it is a glimpse into the lives of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, despite most people simply seeing it as dance music.

The methods of song production changed for The Chainsmokers when Andrew Taggart wanted to sing on “Closer.” Alongside Halsey, Taggart provides the vocals for the first ever Chainsmokers song. With just drastic changes already in effect, the future of The Chainsmokers is always a mystery.

Jason Hope Joins The Fight Against Age And Degenerative Disease

Jason Hope is known in the business community as an entrepreneur and an investor, but he’s also a devoted philanthropist. One of the causes that means the most to him is the fight against aging in the medical community. To assist in that battle, Jason recently donated $500,000 to the SENS Research Foundation. That money has been used to construct a new laboratory, called the Cambridge SENS Laboratory.

Mr. Hope donated the money to SENS, especially because he’s interested in their anti-aging research. In addition to fighting the most common symptoms of advanced age, Jason hopes the research at SENS will also lead to better treatments for degenerative diseases. He recently expressed concern over the effects that diseases like Alzheimer’s and lung degeneration have on older adults. Hope believes these kinds of illnesses affect the mind and body in such a way that people are caused to age more rapidly.

One project at SENS that has attracted the attention of Jason Hope and many others is the AGE-Breaker standard. For any drug therapy or treatment to be considered effective under this policy, it must attack and disrupt the advanced glycation end (AGE) compounds. The body’s metabolism produces waste in the form of AGEs, which build up and contribute to the development of degenerative diseases.

Mr. Hope says too little research has been conducted into how AGE compounds can be reduced or eliminated from the body. He added that he’s happy to be among the first to donate towards this type of research, if it will generate greater interest in others. Jason would like to see SENS and similar research facilities address this topic and begin looking for better treatments.

Looking into Jason Hope

Jason attended Arizona State University, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree with a major on finance. Later, he alao attended W.P. Carey School of Business go pursue an MBA. Shortly after finishing his education, Jason launched his first company, Jawa. Although it started out as a mobile communications company, Jawa opened the door for Jason to add many more tech start-ups to his portfolio. Partnering with so many different tech businesses has helped Hope build a nice portfolio, one which allows him to make money primarily from his investments.

Mr. Hope is eager to give advice to young entrepreneurs. To them, he says the best way to market your business is through social media. He adds that Twitter is especially useful in developing your brand and broadening your customer base. It’s also a great site for networking and finding new opportunities. Jason cautions that it requires time and an understanding of how social media works. As long as you have that, you can be as successful as Jason Hope.

Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

Dr. David Samadi gives an insight about the new cancer treatment

Dr. David Samadi is a star doctor and has done exceptional work in the health sector, born in Iran and later separated from his parents David did not know what the future held for him. In 1979, David moved to Belgium where he studied medicine.

David has become one of the most skilled urologists, and his skills have helped save many lives. David Samadi has conducted research and aims to invent treatments that will help treat prostate cancer and improve the patients’ lives even after the therapies.

In a recent post, Dr. Samadi has openly discussed surgery for prostate cancer and the radiotherapy method, and how the techniques are used in treating prostate cancer and the best approach to ensure minimal side effects to the patients.

A study showed that men who underwent surgery to treat prostate cancer or used radiation encountered problems with sex after the surgery. Dr. Samadi explains that during surgery patients undergo open surgery procedure and monitoring nerves during this procedure may be challenging. Due to experienced side effects doctors have come up with other ways that aim at treating prostate cancer without causing a change on the sexual drive of a man.

Robotic surgery is one of the useful methods that many doctors have now mastered; robotics surgery can save the nerves unlike the open operation making it a better mode of treatment. Dr. Samadi has performed many successful robotic surgeries on patients from all over the globe.

Dr. Samadi goes on to talk about the need to improve on equipment diagnosing cancer to avoid overtreatment or diagnosis of the condition. According to Samadi, there is a need for more studies on matters concerning genetics and advanced methods that will be used to detect cancer precisely without any assumptions.

Being the pioneer of the robotic surgery technique, David Samadi explained some of the benefits of this new procedure compared to other techniques. One of the advantages is the time, the producers takes from one hour to two hours, and one is only required to stay for 24 hours in the hospital for supervision after the process.

One of the fears that come with being diagnosed with prostate cancer is low libido or sexual disruption, Dr. Samadi’s invention ensures that the sex drive of the patients is not affected, another advantage is; the procedure gives the doctor an opportunity to save the urethra. Dr. Samadi also explains that the time one is required to stay with the catheter is shorter, and this allows patients to go back to their healthy, normal lives faster.

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What Success Does for Equities First Holdings

Even though they have always been successful in every area they have done business in, Equities First Holdings enjoys the opportunities they get from being successful in the investment lending industry. They want people to know they are doing everything they can to help with investment capital. Equities First Holdings is among the biggest and the best firms in the world that gives capital to those who are starting out on new business ventures. They have taken the experience they have gotten from being a major player in the industry and have used it to make sure people are getting the best options possible. As long as Equities First Holdings is going to continue offering this level of service, they expect to continue to make their clients happy. They are planning on making sure clients help their business grow while they help clients with financial options for their bus.

Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Receive New Funding Through Investors

Eric Lefkofsky helped found Tempus because he wanted to see cancer treated in a new way. The company has built a new kind of operating system for the treatment of cancer and it has helped many individuals through the work that it does. Recently, the company received new funding to keep at the work that it is doing. Tempus is something that Eric Lefkofsky feels passionately about and it is something that he has dedicated much time and effort to, it is something that is special to him and something that will continue to be special to him as time goes on.

Tempus is a company that is based in Chicago and one that is there to make cancer treatment something that is personalized to the individual. This company is one that is working to improve the efficiency of cancer treatments that are being used today. Eric Lefkofsky and his company have helped to change lives, and they have done that thanks to the funding that they have received through the years. They recently were able to get set up with a new source of funding. They received $80 million from a group of investors, and that money is going to be put to good use.

Tempus is a company that is constantly adding new employees to the payroll, and they need all of the funding that they can get to do that. They are a company that has relationships with those in the healthcare system, with both individuals and with organizations. They are careful with the work that they do, and they need good funding behind them in order to do a good job. Eric Lefkofsky is someone who knows how to lead a company, and he is able to keep Tempus going thanks to the investing of others such as Kinship Trust, Co.

The Greatest Mathematician

Michael Lacey is a renowned mathematician whose life revolves around the subject. Currently, he is a mathematics professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has held this position for more than two decades. Also, Michael has held other prestigious positions in other different learning institutions across the globe.

Before joining Georgia Institute, he worked as an Ordway Professor at the Minnesota University. Also, Lacey worked as a Wallenberg Fellow in Lund and a professor at the University of Helsinki. Michael has also served as a visiting professor at the Center for Advanced Study in Norway.

His Education Background and Early Life

Born on September 26, 1959, Michael Lacey studied mathematics at the Texas University, Austin. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 1981.

Afterward, Michael Lacey went for higher education at the Illinois University and in 1987, graduated with his Ph.D. in Mathematics. Although Michael has always been enthusiast about the law of iterated logarithm, he based his thesis on Banach spaces.

Early Career

Michael Lacey’s first job was as an assistant professor working at the Lousiana University. He worked in that position for just one year and later moved to North Carolina University. There, he worked at the same position as an assistant professor. Later, he went to the Indiana University and also served at the same level.

In all the years of his career as a mathematician, Michael’s work revolved around probability, harmonic analysis, and ergodic theory.

Achievements and Awards

Michael has been very successful in his career and managed to scoop a number of awards as part of his achievements. All these are in recognition of his skills. He got an award of the National Science Foundation after his doctorate while working at the Indiana University.

While at the North Carolina University and working with Walter Philipp, they developed the proof of the theory of the central limit. His biggest achievement, however, came when he received the Prix Salem Award. The award was for both Michael and Christopher Thiele. This is one of the greatest mathematical awards out there.

There are other numerous awards that Michael has managed to win like the Guggenheim Fellow and Simons Fellow Award, among others.

Apart from teaching, Michael also carries out extensive research, gives talks, and mentors students. All this demonstrates his passion for mathematics. With such self-drive, the sky is no limit for Michael Lacey.

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