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Grossly Substandard Care With Nurses Targeted By The Department Of Justice

There is a probability of many nurses who are operating nursing care forms on a lie are facing imprisonment in the near future. Apparently Medicare fraud has been on the rise after decreased attention of the department on whistleblowers information. The elder justice initiative will spearhead the act all over the United States considering the increased home care fraud to neglects of the nurse cares and home care facilities in addition to losing focus on such legal issues that matter greatly to old. The increased focus raised by the California’s Justice Department is meant to wipe out illegal nurses and nurse care homes out of the business in addition to ensuring proper service provision for the aged.

Under the derivative of elder justice initiative, most care homes for seniors will undergo thorough checkups and more attention raised on the whistles already blows. The nurses are now forced to review their long-term plans to improve their practices and ensuring compliance. Apparently poor facilities, understaffing and poor catheter are some of the factors that will make some of the senior home cares go out of business in addition to facing imprisonment. Also, this has come as a legal jurisdiction in America to ensure that home care facilities hire qualified nurses and take care of the seniors well enough just as in their homes. Already ten legal task forces were released in March for the whole of the nation.

Senior care homes are areas of legal jurisdiction regularly ignored but affecting a greater live of the majority in the society directly or indirectly. Such aspects require the attention of famous attorneys like Sam Tabar. Sam Tabar has a very great concern for the health of the citizens and has even endorsed a non-governmental organization in Africa through a Go-Fund-Me campaign to promote accessibility to health for sick children. Tabar also has a business link with She THINX an organization founded to promote hygiene for women in Asia and Africa. shows Tabar studied a BA degree at Oxford University in addition to Masters in BA from the same institution. After he joined Columbia law school and studied law graduating in 2001. He has held top most positions as a capital strategist in Bank of America where he introduced to clients hedge fund formation and structures, family offices, pension schemes and endowments. He currently works with FullCycle Energy Fund as a chief operating officer looking forward to bringing a paradigm shift in the oil industry.  CrunchBase tells Sam’s full story, throughout his professional career.

Kyle Bass Is Undermining America’s Economy

Socialists the world over do underhanded ratty things for the purpose of undermining their enemies. It’s been their MO since Lenin in Russia. Stalin was literally a bank robber before he waltzed that mustache into a position pushing papers as a bureaucrat, and eventually managed to wheedle his way to the top. Kyle Bass is no different.

Kyle Bass started his career away from the public eye, but he very soon became centered in it. Bass used to work for Bear-Stearns; until 2008, one of the top five investment banks on Wall Street. Between the time Kyle Bass left Bear-Stearns, and the CSPAN interview that ended up collapsing the company so bad that J.P. Morgan Chase ended up absorbing them, Kyle Bass let loose some volatile information likely responsible for the bank’s demise. Bass told a journalist about a novation refused by Goldman-Sachs from Bear-Stearns. Novations are basically the transitive property of mathematics applied to legal or financial situations. “A” and “B” are the same thing. “B” and “C” are the same thing. So “A” and “C” are also the same thing. Mortgage-backed securities come from cash, which is then traded on Wall Street; so why not just trade with the securities themselves? This is basically a novation, and what all the big-ticket investment banks were doing before 2008’s meltdown. The thing is, the mortgage-backed securities were based on mortgages that had no real value, as those who had taken them out didn’t have the ability to pay them back. Still, the practice of novation was common, and not worth noting on the news. When Bass broke the story, though, it imploded Bear-Stearns.

Bass later predicted that the American economy would collapse due to the sub-prime lending market. After that he began using his human interest organization CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, to force pharmaceuticals into lowering their stock value via political pressure to drop drug prices. When their value plummets, Bass short-sells and makes a fortune.

To top it all off, Bass is involved with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, socialist despot of Argentina, a woman so bad with money and leadership that she’s defaulted Argentina twice in only thirteen years. Yet Bass praises her every financial move. Why? Because he’s a socialist stooge posing as an economic assassin in America, and very successfully gutting the country of millions. But that’s what socialists do, essentially: they steal from banks.  There are more articles of what Bass has done on ZeroHedge.

Ankle-Wrap Shoes are Literally Everywhere

We started seeing it last season with lace-up ballet flats, but with the onset of spring, a similar trend has become ubiquitous: ankle-wrap sandals and pumps. Don’t confuse these designs on with the gladiator-style flats of a few years ago, these looks all have laces you will need to tie, rather than buckle. Need further proof that you will soon be seeing this design coming to a street near you? Read on.

Exhibit A: This piece from Manrepeller
Of the five shoes the author says we need for spring, three have a tie-up element going on in the ankle region. Some designs keep the lacing close the foot, while others climb midway up the calf.

Exhibit B: This post from the popular style blog “The Girl from Panama”
She styles her lace-up heels with white jeans and a denim jacket, but they would also work for a girls’ night out or a creative office look.

Exhibit C: Zayn and Gigi’s Sexy Vogue Spread
Who cares about Zayn? The real eye candy in this spread is that pair of gorgeous Miu Miu pair Gigi is wearing.

The list goes on and on. If you are looking to get the latest shoes for spring, JustFab is for you. This subscription service delivers the newest trends at affordable prices. And they’re not just shoes. JustFab also has denim, accessories, and more. Head to and see what styles fit you.

JustFab has a complete set of fashion that every people needs. They have casual wears for boys and girls.

President Of The US Money Reserve Wants The Penny To Be Dismissed

CNBC’s Squawk Box featured an interview with Philip Diehl who currently serves as the President of the US Money Reserve. The interview covered the demise of the penny, and Diehl is the perfect person to speak on the topic given his history. This article explains how Philip Diehl rails against the pro-penny lobby, and the video of his interview is below for your viewing reference.
#1: The Penny Is No Longer Necessary

Philip has noted many times that cash transactions represent just 25% of the money people spend affect the U.S. Reserve negetively. The cents are often taken care of by credit cards or debit cards, and a penny is no longer needed in large portion of sales. The penny could be phased out easily while retailers change their prices to meet the needs of an economy with no pennies.

#2: The Penny Is Too Expensive

The penny costs nearly twice its value to produce, and the Gold News Network is losing money every time a penny is pressed. Philip served as the director of the US Money Reserve, and he has seen money fly out the door with the pressing of every penny. Philip knows the only people who benefit from the penny are the blank makers, zinc suppliers and stamp makers.

#3: The Government Must Update Itself

Nearly every modern country in the world has made changes to its currency over the years to meet the needs of the public. The US government is holding on to the tradition of the penny that could be replaced with something equally-meaningful, but the pro-penny lobby is very strong. Any time the penny seems to be ready to die, someone comes up with a reason to keep it.

The writing has been on the wall for the penny for many decades. Philip served as the director of the US Mint long ago, but he remembers moves to eliminate the penny from production. The penny is still alive because people do not want to progress with the rest of society, and Philip wants the government to make the right decision for its budget and the majority of its population.

The Results on my Fine Hair after Using the Cleansing Conditioner

You might have heard or seen the QVC infomercials meant for the hair care line at some point. You might also have an idea of the infomercials in all the great ladies who will usually do all they can to shake their hair around and claim that the cleansing conditioner is only magic placed inside a bottle. Since I am a great fanatic of the hair, I had to go all way to try and see if the rumors were in fact true. This made me to test if the WEN cleansing conditioner would be able to convert my hair into a TV worthy strands.

The Wen cleansing conditioners are known to be an all in one shampoo, styling treatments in case you have never heard or interacted with them. The brand claims that the product is capable of working for any type of hair regardless of the formulation you try to use. With me, I decided to use the fig version since it had promised to provide my hair with bounce, shine and moisture.

After having a busy day travelling on the automobiles, planes and trains, I was in need of a shower. This made me think it was a great time for me to start using the WEN Cleansing Conditioner. When I reached home, my hair was already unruly, greasy and frizzy. I was interested in seeing the sort of magic the WEN cleansing conditioner would pull off.

About Wen By Chaz

Wen By Chaz started the concept of using the shampoo back in 1993. Wen By Chaz used to be a colorist since 1985 before he started coming up with products for other firms in 1986. Wen By Chaz knew something had to be done after witnessing the results clients got after using the shampoo.

Wen has been coming up with new sephora products which have been great to his customers and have provided them with latest fashion and awards. Wen By Chaz has managed to transform the lives of many people by assisting them get the hair style they have always dreamt of.


Ross Abelow Plans to Assist New York City Shelters by Raising Funds through GoFundMe

Ross Abelow is a New York City lawyer who has recently taken it upon himself to start a campaign in support of stray animals in the city. The lawyer launched a GoFundMe site that aims to raise money that will be used to support animal shelters in the city. The campaign plans to raise about $5000 that will eventually be distributed to different shelters in the city.

Ross Abelow hopes to raise enough donations that will allow shelters to help animals get shelter, food and clothing. Furthermore, the money will be used to purchase blankets, vaccines and get medical care for animals rescued from the streets. The streets are usually mean to animals especially during the cold winter period. At this time, many animals die mot only from the biting cold but also from hunger and starvation.

Ross Abelow decided to start the fundraiser campaign due to his involvement in community development. The partner at Abelow & Cassandro LLP is very passionate about supporting community development and empowerment. The money raised will go towards alleviating the suffering of the city’s vulnerable animals.

Abelow appeals to all animal lovers as well as the general public to make donations to the site that will help meet the targeted amount and perhaps surpass it. Lack of resources is the chief culprit why shelters are not able to take in more homeless animals from the street. This is because fending for them will be difficult and may result in depletion of their current resources altogether. As a result, many shelters opt to maintain their current population because it is manageable.

About Ross Abelow

Ross Abelow is a seasoned lawyer working and living in New York City. Abelow is one of the partners at Abelow & Cassandro LLP. He has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in his 25-year law career. He specializes in several branches of law including family law, commercial litigation, entertainment law and matrimonial law.

Abelow attended and graduated with a BA from New York State University. He later attended and graduated from Brooklyn Law School with a degree in Law. He was admitted to the bar the next year. Today, Abelow is an active and avid blogger. He produces blog material for several top law blog sites located in New York City. In addition, he also writes material that is posted on his own blog. Furthermore, he maintains several media sites including Facebook and Mashable.

Madison Street Capital: A Provider Of Asset Management Industry Focus

Madison Street Capital has been releasing videos on YouTube. The videos go into more information about the company’s various specialities. One recent video that was posted was about the asset management industry focus division that Madison Street Capital has. The video started with a hand drawing a cartoon of a man with several arms sticking out of his body doing different work. The hand then went onto write, “Asset Management Industry Focus with Madison Street Capital. The page then turned and the hand wrote, “Madison Street Capital Specializes in Sell Side.” It then went on to include “buy side” and “advisory services”. The slide then went on to say that Madison Street Capital works with the asset managers at different organizations in order to increase the value of the organization.

The video then went on to say that while monetary assets are important, the people in the organizations are the true asset. Because of this, the video continued, Madison Street Capital strives to set up merger and acquisition transactions that are beneficial for everyone, including the corporate culture. The video then finished by concluding that with a combination of short and long term objectives, growth initiatives, investment strategy and aligning leadership, success can truly be achieved.

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that has been involved in industries around the world. MSC has created transactions with companies in sectors such as aviation, construction, food and beverage, media, energy, sanitation, textiles and real estate, among many others. The firm is headed up by Karl D’Cunha who is both a Chartered Accountant and a Certified Public Accountant. D’Cunha is the Senior Managing Director at MSC. He specializes in capital raising, portfolio valuation, and advising on mergers and acquisitions. He has a global network of investors for different projects, which include family offices, private pensions, public pensions, venture capital, hedge funds, private equity funds and RIA’s. D’Cunha has worked for Ernst and Young as an audit manager and for Price, Waterhouse, Coopers as an asset manager. This was all after he had received a bachelors from the University of Western Ontario. He received a degree in finance and economics and then went on to get his accounting graduate diploma from McGill University in Canada. D’Cunha has since made the news for going back to speak at the McGill University.

The Most Comfortable And Affordable Gym Wear In The Market

Many people believe that gym wear is boring and drab. For most people, these clothes hang or make you ridiculous, because they are mostly seen through, something many women do not like. Most of them make you feel very uncomfortable in almost all the ways. During exercise, an individual should feel comfortable in order to be able to work out perfectly.

Things have however changed significantly, and this all thanks to a new brand of gym wear from Fabletics. The brand is co-founded by a very famous and stylish woman known as Kate Hudson.

Ms. Kate Hudson is known to many as the iconic actress, a fashionable tastemaker, and on top of this, she is a mother of two children. She has always believed that her greatest desire is to inspire other women. She has a great passion for women, and she has always tried to motivate and support women like her to live healthy and active lives. This made her start a fashion line where she mixes and matches outfits for women to wear comfortable and feel good about themselves when going for runs, at the yoga classes and also at the gym.

To ensure that the line feels special and women appreciate it more, Kate goes out of her way to share some of her favorite outfits with her fans every month, and this gives them a feeling of wearing an outfit approved by Kate Hudson. The clothes from this line come with different eye-catching patterns, floral prints, fitting and beautiful active wear that will make the women feel comfortable during their workouts. These cloths are also fashionable, something every woman wants.

When a client looks at Fabletics line of clothes on The Clothes Maiden, they are able to see that all the clothes from there inspire them to stay healthy and also active. They will go for their training without hesitating because they are comfortable and love how they look. The clothes from this company are also of high quality, and the best is the fact that they are very affordable to the women. This also means that people who are on a tight budget can afford the clothes too.

Fabletics is a cloth line that specializes in sports wear, and it was co-founded by the famous actor known as Kate Hudson. The clothes from Fabletics are for both men and women, and they offer their clients high-quality active wear.

Popular App SKOUT Is Helping Fight Hunger

SKOUT is a very popular social app that has changed the way the world interacts. Now they are taking things to a whole new level by doing their part in the fight to end hunger in America.

Based in San Francisco, the team at SKOUT has decided to team up with the The SF-Marin Food Bank, the largest nonprofit provider of food in the San Francisco area, to serve 20,000 individuals who are currently facing hunger.

To help raise donations, SKOUT is asking all of their users to give back through a virtual gift campaign that will be running within the app on March 14, 2016. The virtual gifts will then be turned into real life donations that are used to help feed those in need in the San Francisco area.

Throughout the day users will be encouraged to send what is known as “virtual bags” full of snacks to friends via the SKOUT app. Every virtual bag will be turned into a cash donation and given to the food bank. The goal is to receive enough virtual donations to feed 20,000 people.

According to Christian Wiklund, co-founder and CEO of SKOUT, virtual gifting is very popular within the SKOUT app. Its a feature the SKOUT team loves using to help make a difference in communities all over the world. This time however its about serving the community they live in and work in.

This isn’t the first time SKOUT has teamed up with the SF-Marin Food Bank to help feed the people of San Francisco. In 2015 they teamed up in celebration of National Grilled Cheese Day. That day they were able to serve 10,000 people in need.


SKOUT was founded in 2007 and has quickly grown into the largest platform for meeting new people in the world. The app is now being used in over 180 countries and is available in 16 different languages.

Since its inception, millions of people have used the SKOUT app to connect with new people and in some cases, create blossoming romances. Many users use the app to meet new people when they are entering a new phase of their life.

For example, when people are moving to a new city, they will use the app to meet new people and make the move a lot smoother. To learn more about SKOUT visit

Original Source: SKOUT Partners With SF-Marin Food Bank to Serve 20,000 People Facing Hunger

Building a Company in Brazil

When looking for real estate in Brazil, you know you are doing something that is going to benefit you tremendously and give you the confidence to know that you are doing something that will benefit your future. For a lot of people, having this confidence enables them to build an empire, have their own business or just purchase land for a home that they would like to build for the family. First and before doing anything else, you are going to want to consider working with an expert to find the property that is right for you.

Once you begin to work with the experts to find the land that is right for you, it is time for you to think about contacting and working with Construcap. Construcap is a construction company that works well with people who are looking to build their own businesses. This is because it helps tremendously and can aid you in what you are looking to achieve as a business owner. Many people struggle to build their own businesses, but this is definitely something that you might want to think about for yourself.

The first thing to know about Construcap is that they can help with a range of different issues. They can build the building for you and let you know what it is that you are going to need. For the best results possible, it is important that you have the piece of property that is going to make the process a whole lot easier. You are also going to want to think about contacting Construcap as soon as possible so that they are able to help with what you need. There are a lot of different things to do for yourself and this is going to help when working with a company like Construcap.

There are a lot of reasons for why you might want to think about moving to Brazil and beginning to run a company there as well. This is because you will find this to be the potential that you need if you are a busy business owner and just want to do something that is right for you. There are so many different things to do for yourself and it can help a lot when you know that there is something worthwhile for you and your loved ones who are also helping to run the business alongside you.