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Sheldon Lavin Steers OSI Group towards Global Expansion

Identifying an opportunity determines whether your business plan will succeed or not. As for Otto Kolschowsky, he was among the German immigrants who decided to settle in Chicago Illinois during the 20th century. After settling in Chicago Illinois, Otto saw it fit to launch a butcher shop. The butcher shop was serving the people of Chicago with quality meat. Due to the quality service, Otto was even able to expand his business, and he also opened another branch in Maryland, a neighboring city. The growth of Otto Kolschowsky’s business was gradual, and his business entity would later turn out to be one of the leading food service providers globally.

Background Check

OSI Group started out as a butcher shop, and the organization came to be one of the leading food service providers currently. Nevertheless, the journey to success has also been quite murky. To start with, the butcher shop owned by Otto Kolschowsky later became a family business. As a family business, the business was rebranded to Otto & Sons in 1928. Due to quality service by the company, they later engaged in a symbiotic relationship with the McDonald’s restaurant. Otto & Sons were tasked with the provision of freshly ground meat in the various McDonald’s joints.

McDonald’s was growing fast, and Otto & Sons found themselves in a tough situation that involved maintaining the freshness of their products while transporting them over long distances. Luckily, a breakthrough came at the opportune moment. Liquid nitrogen became the answer to the problems. The liquid nitrogen would make sure that the meat products were in a frozen state thereby making sure that the meat products were fresh at all times.

Additional Information

It is good to note that quality leadership is a great contributor to the success of any organization. As for OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin joined the company during the 1970’s as a managing partner. Since Sheldon Lavin was well versed when it came to handling financial matters, Mr. Lavin’s presence at OSI Group would prove to be invaluable. Since Sheldon Lavin saw the bigger picture, he saw it fit to direct the company towards global expansion. By being a major contributor towards the global expansion of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has showcased that he is passionate about what he does and he is dedicated to ensuring that OSI Group prospers accordingly.

NewsWatch TV Never Fails To Give A Good Review

Many companies out there have come to be grateful to the news show, NewsWatch TV. Their reviews have helped many companies and people find success and bring their brand to more people around the country. NewsWatch TV has an excellent team behind them that have perfected their techniques for news reporting and reviews. On their website, they have a huge testimonial page where many people have spoken their words about the television show the impact they have had on their business or lives. NewsWatch TV started up more than 25 years ago and has been on the air ever since every single week bringing out new information, reviews, and even interviews.

People all over the country watch NewsWatch TV to get the latest information on all sorts of topics. One of the reasons NewsWatch has such a dedicated following today is because they have always presented information correctly and accurately without giving out fake news or misrepresenting their information. NewsWatch TV has been the recipient of many different awards over the years, including a platinum and gold Marcom Award as well as a videographer award just last year in 2017. Andrew Tropeano Is the regular host for the show and has taken up a special place in the television shows history.

People watch the program to get the latest on all sorts of products and companies that are out there, whether they are longtime companies or just coming into the spotlight. NewsWatch TV presents their news in an effective manner so that their audience gets a clear picture on whether or not is it something worth supporting. The entertainment industry has been a frequent part of the NewsWatch TV program, featuring all sorts of actors and artists throughout the years to get the latest scoop in Hollywood. Some celebrities that have joined in the show have been Julianne Moore, Denzel Washington, and Will Smith, though hundreds of others have quest appeared over the years.


The Chainsmokers And What They Have Done

The Chainsmokers consists of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart who are an American duo of DJ and production. This pair got their breakthrough into the scene in the year 2014 with their song, “Selfie”.

Their single got to the top twenty which led to a series of their success. These success has enabled them to win different awards including the Grammy Award, American Music Awards, and iHeartRadio Music Awards. They have also released an album.

Earlier this year, Andrew Taggart accepted an award from ASCAP as the songwriter of the year. He is the songwriter as well as the lead singer.

The performance by the Chainsmokers during the Ultra Miami Music Festival was successful as well as epic. They got to headline the event. It was also at that time that they topped Billboard’s top 100 list of new Dance and even the duo’s second single hitting a billion streams.

In this category of Billboard listing, they are the first to have received this kind of attention and recognition for their talent and significant efforts.

In March, the Chainsmokers released, “Everybody Hates Me.” In only a month the song had been viewed more than nine million times, with having no video. Fans came in large numbers in support of the pair.

The duo released another single,” Sick Boy.” The single was different in a manner that there was, Taggart’s vocals as well as more instrumentation. New and old fans were intoxicated and captivated as the song was evocative as well as catchy. They made a video to go with the song that attained more than 136,000,000 views.

Another single by the Chainsmokers,” Owe Me,” reached position four on the Billboard’s hot top 100 singles. The video accompanying the song managed to get more than 34,000,000 views. The views were because the video had an unexpected ending.

“Somebody,” another hit, was a bit different. The duo gave the fans a view of the composition process. The vocals were pitched up. Initially, the vocal was for producing another song.

The Chainsmokers are doing all they can to better themselves by utilizing social media and maximizing on their talents. They are reaching out to their fans by bringing different things to the table and recently introducing vocals as well as live instrumentation.

Academy of Art University Gives Students Real World Runway Exposure

The Academy of Art University is a private school in San Francisco, California. It was founded in 1929, and currently claims to be the largest privately owned art and design school in the United States. It has around 12,600 students and almost 1500 teachers.

Recently, students graduating from the Academy of Art University were able to present their creations to professionals in the design and fashion industry. This is an annual event that gives students the opportunity to experience a real runway and all the pageantry that goes along with it. This is a way to help students prepare for their future outside of college.

The Academy of Art has a 100% acceptance rate. It has accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and is an institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. The school offers around 25 subjects and allows students to earn associates, bachelors, and masters degrees in them. It also offers some online courses.

At their spring show, their graduating class had students from China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Mexico, Vietnam, South Korea, and of course the United States. This thoroughly diverse population is similar to the population of the fashion world. All walks of life are pulled towards a career in fashion design.

About 58% of the Academy’s students are female, and they boast a diverse culture. They have students from 112 different countries in total. Despite being an art school, their sports teams are members of the Pacific West Conference, and compete in a total of nine different sports.

They try to provide their students with as much confidence as possible. That is where their annual spring runway show comes into play. The experience has helped some students prepare for things like competing on the Lifetime television series “Project Runway“. Students that graduate from the Academy of Art University come away with highly developed skill sets and confidence to get the job done. They also do their best to give students help in finding their own fashion identity, aesthetic and vision. All of which are important aspects in fashion.


Man Of Innovation, Man Of Vision: Marco Antonio Marques da Silva

Would such an illustrious career, Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was recently honored by the PUC-São Paulo. Nothing short of amazing, let’s take a look at the life of such a monumental figure.

From the age of 15, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva had a strong interest in law. He began his lifelong pursuit of law in 1977 while attending PUC. Graduating in 1981 paved the way for further educational attainments this man has achieved. While attending the Pontifical Catholic University, Marco pursued a masters degree and a doctorate as well. Later on, Marco became a professor at the PUC where he still teaches till this day. With such a phenomenal background in teaching as well as being a specialist in his chosen field, it can be easily seen why Judge Marco da Silva has been awarded such a prestigious honor.

What stands out about this phenomenal individual is that he has written over 35 articles and over 10 books. In this way, Mr. da Silva is able to manifest his thoughts and ambitions between pages to be absorbed by those who peruse his writings. There are many people from colleagues to students the world over that has been influenced by such an intriguing figure today. With such vigor and unrivaled excellence, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has given us a fine example of what it means to follow your dreams. Lifelong pursuits are easily attained one step at a time and with such an example we can follow in his footsteps. As being a Judge, Marco joined the State Judiciary in 1983 where he worked in various counties. After becoming a substitute Judge, he became a Court of Appeals Judge in 2007. With a firm eye for justice with a determination to provide excellent judgments, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has set the standard in the courtrooms today.

In conclusion, we have before us an example of integrity, honor, and commitment. This is just a brief overview of such an achievement being attained with an illustrious career. Many more achievements to be made, Judge da Silva has his eye on continued excellence.


Lee May Beamridge Leads 10k Run and Crowdfunding for Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club

Lee May Beamridge (previously called FS Contracting Ltd) is a private construction company established in the year of 2013 by a group of Directors boasting over 100 years of experience in the industry. This company is led by Danny Masters as Managing Director, Paul Newstead as Pre-Development Director, Shaista Maartensz as Financial Director, Kevin Young as the Land and Pre-Construction Manager and Barry Nolan and Joe Clarke as Managing Quantity Surveyors. Lee May Beamridge is based in Chislehurst, UK. The company’s approach lies in finding sustainable construction practices with a focus on their carbon footprint. They also value experience in the industry as shown and pushes for an injury free enviornment.


Recently, Lee May Beamridge has been heading the charge for funding towards the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. Their goal is £20,000 and this campaign’s funding will be accompanied by a 10K run sponsored by the company. The goal of the 10K run and the crowdfunding campaign is buy a new minibus for the boxing club, allowing them to travel further for more competitive opportunities. Lee May Beamridge has also been a sponsor of the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club for a good amount of time, which they hope will provoke them into rigorous training towards goals and new opportunities in their youth to not only compete in domestic UK tournaments, but also tournaments all over Europe. The company also feels that the boxing club encourages a family atmosphere and distills robust values into the youth participating in the club.


According to their crowdfunding page, members of the Lee May Beamridge are also huge fans of boxing in general and also sponsor this campaign in the team through love of the sport. The company truly wishes for the club to reach the goal, both from love for competitive boxing and the youth of the club. The company began raising funds on May 2 of this year. The company has also sponsored a fundraiser for the MERU Charity and is generally generous and conscientious considering their views on the environment.

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Lee May, UK Advisor to Beamridge Ltd, Uses Prosperous Career to Help Community

Perry Mandera

The Exceptional Philanthropist, Perry Mandera

From the article, Perry Mandera is the founder and chief executive officer of The Custom Companies Incorporation that has been in business for more than thirty years. It has its headquarters in Northlake at Illinois, which offers employment to very many people around the community all through the state and the society. The company deals in providing transportation for various purposes beginning from family businesses to other hundreds of company businesses. Another thing about the company is that, it offers products and services to do with logistics and services in cartage. Recently, Perry Mandera began a new turn in the business where he is involved with pursuing charitable organizations and helping in contributions and funding of these people.

Perry Mandera began a foundation which is the greatest sign of his charity known as Custom Cares, which contributes generously to Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, acting as the charitable part of the Custom Companies Incorporation. This home has been a source of shelter, providing education, basic needs and a source of mentorship, to children suffering from abuse and those at the risk of being abused. At this home, Custom Cares has helped carry out various projects including planting of flowers and vegetables to show the importance of practicing environmental sustaining practices. Another contribution is that, he has participated in provided transportation services to charity homes, where through the Custom Company Incorporation, they transported coats to thousands of children around Chicago and beyond in need.

Furthermore, having worked in the army, Perry Mandera being philanthropic therefore, is no hard work to him but rather his passion. Other activities include hiring of the veterans after service so that they can cope with the society. Additionally, Perry Mandera helps in funding cancer centers that help in researching cancer cures and supporting cancer patients, such as The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and The American Cancer Society. Other charity work include funding sports youth teams, donating supply of food to victims of natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. In conclusion, Perry Mandera is a role model to the society through his generous giving and a reputable character; he is an example to all ages in the community.


Jeff Aronin Has Been Honored With Multiple Awards That Indicate His High Level of Character

Jeff Aronin is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Paragon Biosciences, and he has more than 20 years of experience with creating biotech companies who operate in the healthcare sector. He has made a huge difference in the lives of countless people who have suffered from the effects of rare disease and desires to continue to do so. As an entrepreneur, he has used his unique talents to help brand the businesses he supports and develop them into successful ventures. His knowledge of who is who in the sector has allowed him to find some of the best scientists in the world as well as the right leadership to guide them through the startup process. (reportexpert)


Jeff Aronin sits as the Chairman, in a non-executive role, for many different portfolio companies that are under the umbrella of Paragon Biosciences. He has also received many different awards and honors, and one of these was the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award and the Frederic A. Gibbs Discovery Award, which he earned due to his many years of working as an influencer in the bioscience sector. He was also recognized by the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center with the 2010 Humanitarian Award for his good deeds and passion to help people who suffer because of rare diseases that have not been properly treated. He was also honored by the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago with the Rovner Award, and one of the companies he is a Chairman of, which is Harmony Biosciences, was honored with the Deal of Year award by Life Sciences Pennsylvania.


Jeff Aronin has supported countless organizations that work to treat rare diseases or that simply aim to make peoples’ lives better. Some of these include the JED Foundation for Depression, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Susan G. Komen Foundation, and the Pharmacological Treatment for Epilepsy. He is also a man who believes in the value of education and donates to many different charities that work to educate people including the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago, the Jewish National Fund, and the Chicago Parks Foundation. Not only has he helped to improve the city of Chicago, but also the world, at-large.


Jorge Moll Explores How Affective Relationships Can Lead To Happier And Healthier Lifestyles

Since 2006, Researcher and D’Or institute of research and education founder Jorge Moll has pursued the study of how the human brain reacts to emotional and tender feelings. Jorge seeks to prove the age-old theorem that if something feels good, it probably is the right thing. He particularly hopes to confirm the connection between good relationships and wellbeing in life. His research is, therefore, constantly pursuing individuals engaged in good deeds and examining how these contribute to their sense of mental and physical well-being.


Preliminary studies involved having different individuals recount their experiences with acts of affection, bonding with family or romantic partners or while volunteering to courses they hold close to heart. As they recount these and answer some of the questions relating to this experience from his team, Jorge observes their brain activity through Magnetic Resonance Imaging.


Early findings point out to the fact that engaging in good deeds, events, and playing a role towards the fulfillment of courses you hold dear like cheering a football match or volunteer work activates the brain’s reward centers that then trigger pleasurable sensations. Jorge Moll is f the opinion that human beings ride on a preprogrammed biological system that derives more pleasure from giving other receiving. The neurologist is, therefore, confident that understanding these core aspects of human existence can go a long way in addressing some lifestyle and mental disorders like the all-too-common depression.


More about Jorge Moll


Jorge is a highly accomplished medical researcher in the fields of pathophysiology. The Neuroscience graduate from the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro is also the founder and current president of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education headquartered in Rio De Janeiro. He also acts as the institute’s director and senior researcher.


Throughout the years, Jorge has received numerous and awards and recognition for his role in advancing awareness of the neuroscience part of medicine. For instance, in 2015, he was awarded the visiting scholar’s award by Stanford University’s Neuroscience Institute. His prowess has also seen him elected to different distinct posts within the healthcare sector such as an enjoinment as an affiliate member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences in 2013. Jorge Moll also heads Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit (CBNU).


Why IC Systems’ Value and Ethics are Powerful Elements In Its Operations

It’s easy to just dream of making it successful in the world of business. People can search online for ideas and engage on those ideas and start a business. However, that’s just the easy part. The real game of business and the hard part comes in sustaining the business operations without risking one’s survival. One of the most accomplished businesses today with abundant ideas and ventures still under their pipeline is IC Systems.


The accelerating growth of  IC Systems could be for a variety of reasons. However, one big reason may probably have to do with the fact that it offers some great value to many businesses. One of the challenges of companies today is to always be accurate in declaring their assets. The information they have to shell out to clients and the authorities would also need to pass a high level of accreditation. It is also important for these companies to have the most ethical business practices. To satisfy these needs and to make sure that each financial transaction in companies are by the books, firms seek the accounts receivable services offered by IC Systems.


For starters, IC Systems makes sure that the services affiliated to their name pass strict pertinent regulation tests. They also make sure that the compliance measures they have for their offerings are compliant to what the government requires. Their state-of-the-art tools are also revered by its patients mostly because they are trustworthy and transparent with the data they put.


The founding principles, too, that form the business model of IC Systems are commendable. The company has already undergone the mangement of different generations of families, and yet they’re still operating up to this day. This highly likely means that IC Systems offers something that is already tested by time both ethically and legally. The consumer-centered business that IC Systems also offers has given the company a more approachable and less intimidating image to its clientele.


IC Systems also works with third party companies to make sure that their drive to only give out ethically acceptable practices is ensured. This is why that the IC Systems’ Compliance Risk Management Systems have an auditing process that is only completed when the company’s experts consult a full-scale audit of the its clients’ reports.