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Alastair Borthwick – Experiences Transformed in Classics

A very influential and successful journalist and broadcaster, the Scottish Alastair Borthwick is remembered for both of his very prominent books, “Always a Little Further” and “Sans Peur.” His two works are considered classics in the Scottish literature, with his second book being his Magnum Opus.

Born in 1913, the Scottish journalist was born in Rutherglen but lived in Troon for most of his childhood, later moving to Glasgow, where he attended high school. After Alastair Borthwick left high school at the age of 16, he went to work on the Glasgow Herald, where he first worked as a copytaker for the page “Evening Times.” Eventually, he became an editor and gained a small amount of popularity.

Alastair became the editor of the page “Open Air,” where he would get the inspiration for his first book, “Always A Little Further,” which discussed the practice of rock climbing and the fact that it was becoming a popular sport among the young working class. Hillwalking was the theme of his book, and he wanted to capture the nascent culture of the practice among poor people with few resources. His book was published in 1939, a continuation of his already very popular columns at Herald’s “Open Air.

At Glasgow Herald, the writer also had the duties of writing at the Glasgow Weekly Herald, where he would write about a variety of topics.

After his involvement with Glasgow Herald, he began working at the Daily Mirror, located in Fleet Street. He didn’t stay there for long, opting to instead return to his previous firm to work at a BBC radio correspondent.

Alastair Borthwick’s life as a journalist, editor and writer continued until World War 2, where the effects of the global war influenced the subjects discussed at Glasgow Herald and most of the global news at the time. Borthwick went to serve in the WW2, being part of the British Army in North Africa, Sicily, and Western Europe. Borthwick worked both as a private in the Highland Light Infantry but was later changed to the second lieutenant.

With the experience he had with the British Army and his involvement, he wrote his second book, “Sans Peur,” a regiment story that became very famous and is a classic of the national literature.

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The Business and Family Man, Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is originally from the Philippines but currently resides in Canada. He has experience in multi-level marketing and worked with Gano Excel of Hong Kong as an executive. His hard work and dedication led to the expansion of the company to the United States and Canada. Chua moved to California to head the Gano Excel USA division. Gano Excel marketed capsules, instant coffee and other food related products. Read more at about Bernardo Chua

Later in 2008, Bernardo Chua founded ORGANO GOLD in Vancouver, British Columbia, which also had operations under Coffee Connoisseur. Organo Gold sold bioactive coffee products. In 2015, Organo Gold became Organo and they sell a variety of food products that promote an active lifestyle. The company is known for its variety of coffee flavors, teas, and detoxification processes. By using Ganoderma in its products, they can help their consumers live a healthier life.

Chua originally wanted to pursue the medical field. Although this didn’t work out, he is still able to help people with the products that his company promotes and sells. He studied at the University of Santo Thomas in the Philippines and received his Bachelor of Science degree.

Bernardo Chua considers his biggest achievement the actual opening of his company. He is very proud of the progress he has made and the global expansion that has developed. He says that anyone who wants to get into the business of direct selling should like dealing with people, building relationships, and they should enjoy the roller coaster ride that is sure to happen. They should also be hungry to learn and be ready to go through many challenging situations.

Although Chua is a business man, his favorite pastime activity is playing with his grandchildren. He also loves to hear stories of how his products are helping and inspiring people to change their lives.



The CEO Of Papa John’s Steve Ritchie Is A Man Who Listens To The People

Steve Ritchie has been traveling all over the United States, of late, to meet up with the different team members and franchisees of the pizza chain Papa John’s. Ritchie has stated that the company has always believed that the people are the main priority of its business, and he has been traveling around the country in order to give them more attention. In short, Steve Ritchie and Papa John’s are working to discover what it is they can do better, and they are getting their answers directly from the people who work for them.

Steve Ritchie visited Papa John’s stores in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, and Dallas and has also been traveling to just let the people who work for Papa John’s know how much they mean to the company. Ritchie admitted in a recent article that without the people, Papa John’s would be nothing, because they are the most important part of the company. He revealed that he has met many franchisees who feel like the people who work with them are an extended part of their own families. He also admitted that he has listened closely to Papa John’s employees who have had to deal with angry or difficult customers due to the trust that the chain has lost. Here’s an information about Steve Ritchie’s salary and benefits.

After his trip, Steve Ritchie commented that he has been engaged in some difficult conversations along the way. He has also been proud when he discovered that many of the managers of Papa John’s were engaged in supporting their communities through philanthropy and other efforts. He was glad that most of the team members who work for Papa John’s are as committed as ever to helping the chain move forward. In the end, he was happy to see for himself that Papa John’s is made up of more than just one person. The pizza chain is actually made up of all of the individual team members, drivers, managers, and others who continue to improve the brand. One of the most important things that Steve Ritchie Papa John’s feels he has learned is that the people are what make Papa John’s great and that they are willing to continue to work hard and take the needed actions to give the customers what they want. Check out Papa John’s new commercial here.


Hussain Sajwani the Shrewd Leader of DAMAC Properties

Born in the early 1950’s in the United Arab Emirates, Hussain Sajwani has gone on to become an astute entrepreneur especially in the world of property development. He is the founder of DAMAC Properties, a leading property development company in the Middle East. Sajwani was born into an entrepreneurial family. Sajwani went to the University of Washington in the United States of America, with the help of a government scholarship, where he studied economics and Industrial Engineering.

Hussain Sajwani started his career in the finance department of an oil company in the early 1980’ before going on to start his catering venture. He established DAMAC Properties in 2002 and says that the company is now seeking to grow its influence in China. Sajwani, who is also the chair of the company, reasons that increased relations between China and the United Arab Emirates present an opportunity for gaining more investors.

There are various nationalities working at DAMAC Properties from different continents, and Sajwani says that this enhances diversity within the group, which is essential for the generation of quality views and ideas. He says that the company is more concerned with changes in policies that affect it directly rather than paying much attention to general politics. If there is an important change in global politics, the company strives to adapt accordingly to take advantage of any available opportunities.

Hussain Sajwani says that the idea of beginning DAMAC Properties was spurred by the country’s vision of having a sustainable social and business infrastructure. Having completed over 20,000 homes, he thinks the company can now seek to grow beyond the Middle East into the global market. Everyone is encouraged to be creative and be able to generate good ideas to move the company forward. The employees are also encouraged to practice healthy living, especially through sports so as remain mentally and physically sharp. The company uses social networks for advertisements, and Sajwani thinks that good education is essential for anyone who wants to grow professionally.

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William Saito: Forcecasting Russia’s Potential Ascendance As Tech Leader

William Saito Believes Russia Is Capable Of Becoming A Tech Leader If They Pursue this Correctly


According to the link here with Hi-Tech Chronicle, William Saito has vast experience in computer programming going back to the 1970s, which also states he began programming since Saito was 10 years old. Adding to this is William Saito’s reported experience in cybersecurity itself since 1991 with the company he founded named I/O Software. With this and other ventures with various people across the world in computing, his view would expectedly be vast enough to analyze what a nation or its people that utilize technology can potentially achieve.


Thus, his focus on Russia and its possible ascendance into the technological revolution with the vast tools they already utilize in terms of mining, oil production, military and space-related ventures, ergo the Space Station, among other channels per the recent article in Gazette Day via.


How truly intriguing for Japanese-born William Saito and his research with Russia’s technological capabilities when one considers Japan and Russia’s past; in particular the Japanese rout over the Russian Fleet during the Russo-Japanese War of 1905 that many historians consider was the trigger that caused Russia to revamp their overall military and invest in modernizing to keep up with their rival imperial colonial powers of that time which eventually propelled Russia into Super Power status they presently enjoy.

Saito believes that if Russia can get past its own self-governmental restrictions regarding IT-processing, data and creating content-sharing among other items, the giant nation could enter the technological era as a large player like they had done so with their military from 1905 and on into the present time. His background in cybersecurity with METI Japan’s-Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry -would seem to lend strong credence to Saito’s viewpoint.


However, as William Saito mentioned in the Gazette Day article, this would not happen overnight at the present moment, knowing the basic mechanics of Russian governmental policy in general. This ascendance towards becoming a world technical leader may just need a massive overhaul in regards to the way the nation processes and compartmentalizes information all together to reach this foreseen potential.



The Inspiring Story Of Victoria Doramus, A Recovery Expert

From being a successful market trend analyst to an addiction recovery expert, Victoria Doramus is making the lives of people better. She successfully recovered from addiction after long years of struggle. Her dark days of addiction did not stop her from exploring her talents. With a degree in Journalism, she jumpstarted her career with Mindshare. After gaining some experience she moved on to work for Creative Agency for a period of three years, where she was responsible for managing scheduling tasks. She has also been a personal assistant for Film Director Peter Berg. With her strong inclination towards arts and history, she did a lot of ghost-writing and wrote for world-famous publishers such as Huffington Post.

It is sad to imagine a person with such talent and accomplishments suffer a dangerous phase of addiction. Substance abuse took 20 years of her life before she finally quit cocaine and Adderall. She was already addicted before she realized it. At the age of 26, she went to rehab in Arizona for a period of 45 days. The treatment was not effective as she resorted to substance abuse again in 2016. This time she hit rock-bottom with no friends and family for support.

Later in 2017, with some assistance from family, she took the courage to visit Burning Tree, a recovery center with hope to finally get her life back on track. Burning Tree was unlike any other recovery center, with their specialized 12 step program that has a very high success rate to date. Victoria Doramus took sufficient time to destroy her dependency on substance abuse. After the program, she moved to Dallas and lived a sober life since then.

She is a big supporter and benefactor of Amy Winehouse Foundation, which was established with the purpose of raising awareness in children regarding drug abuse. She has a soft corner for animals and takes up cases related to the violation of animal rights. As a recovery expert at the AA department, she believes that her experience with addiction proves to be effective in treating addiction and healing the victims psychologically. To date, Victoria Doramus has helped many victims quit their addiction.

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All About Genucel

Genucel is a skincare line that offers treatment for bags under the eyes, wrinkles, and a few other things. There are a few steps to follow if you want to try out the Genucel regimen and have decent results. I will talk about these steps in this article.


The first step you should follow when using the Genucel regimen is to use the plant stem cell therapy that they offer. This product makes your skin appear more youthful. Around 95% of people who used this showed a reduced appearance of bags and puffiness. The next step should be to use the eyelid treatment. This tightens and firms your drooping eyelids giving you a brighter look. It also nourishes your skin and makes it smoother.

After these two steps, you should use the antiwrinkle product. This product speaks for itself it helps to diminish your wrinkles. Step four will be to use the product that they call immediate effects. This product also smoothes away wrinkles, and last 15 to 24 hours! The next and last step is step five, microdermabrasion. This product is just like the products used in spas and dermatologist offices. It treats the look of roughness in your skin and any kind of skin discoloration. This product comes in an easy to use cream and, you will see results within 2-3 minutes!


So as you can see Genucel offers products that range in use from under your eye treatment to wrinkles! A lot of their products are just like those used in doctors offices and spas. They are definitely products worth checking out.

End Citizens United Supports The Rejection Of PACs

In an age where so many politicians are in the pocket of the NRA or some other right-wing extremist group, it’s refreshing to see political candidates who are rejecting campaign contributions from corporate PACs. End Citizens United recently announced there are at least 185 Democratic candidates who refuse to accept donations from big corporations and almost half of them have already won their primaries. One of these political candidates is Conor Lamb, the US representative for Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District, who made headlines recently after winning a highly-contested race over his Republican opponent, Rick Saccone. Another candidate who is rejecting big money is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a rising star in the Democratic party after unseating the five-time incumbent, Joe Crowley, in the Democratic primary for New York’s 14th congressional district.

End Citizens United has also given its endorsement to Randy “Iron Stache” Bryce, a working-class ironmaker who is currently running for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District after initially planning to challenge Ryan for his position as Speaker of the House. Additionally, End Citizens United has thrown their support behind the Senator from New Jersey, Cory Booker, who is up for reelection in the midterms and may seek the white house in 2020. Back in February, he first announced his intention to reject any campaign contributions from corporate PACs. See more of End Citizens United on facebook

Kamala Harris has also been making headlines as of late not just for rejecting corporate money but also for being a big proponent of ending gun violence. So she is also a candidate to keep an eye on as the race for 2020 starts to heat up. She also concurs that the decision regarding Citizens United vs. FEC was incorrect. However, she is not up for reelection this year. Sheldon Whitehouse, on the other hand, will be defending his seat in the midterms and just recently announced his intention to reject any corporate contributions to his campaign. End Citizens United has since provided him with their endorsement. With the midterms looming large over Washington, the Democrats seems poised to take back the House, Senate, and Congress. So we wish them the best of luck.

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Ryan Seacrest Remained To Be The Best Host For American Idol

Ryan Seacrest is a high profile host who started his career off hosting a show titled, American Idol. Nobody knew what the outcome of the show would become considering it was new and nobody had any expectations. However, with a strong idea behind the show giving ordinary people the chance at stardom and becoming famous singers, American Idol instantly became this huge hit. Everything from Simon Cowell to Paula Abdul as judges, the show catapulted to the top of the charts. Hilariously inspiring host Ryan Seacrest lead the show and eventually became the sole host of it for the over dozen seasons after its initial start.

As per, Ryan Seacrest was kept after season one specifically because he hit the tone with his work. He created such a welcoming and lively personality with the audiences, the judges, and the camera. The people at home felt a connection he had with them but also ones that he had with the people who sang on the show. He would always be there to provide support to those people who would audition and it wouldn’t go well. His sense of respect for every contestant on the show was seen and that is what made him such a household name. They kept him on the show simply because of how well he did his job. Despite American Idol at one point ending its show, they brought it back with new judges, but only one person from the original show remained, Ryan Seacrest.

Ryan Seacrest has done well outside of American Idol having hosted his own radio show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest. He has his own production company that is currently producing shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the spinoffs of the same show, Insatiable, alongside plenty of other Netflix and other Hulu favorites. The production company has received high praise and even won an Emmy for its work and overall success.

The fashion line founder continues to surprise audiences with his work, talent, and capability. Ryan is always striving to do more with his work and name, using his general popularity to create change and provide good TV for viewers.

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Adam Milstein Studies Past Tragedies

Adam Milstein is a native of the country of Israel, and he moved his family to the United States in 1981. He works in the commercial real estate business at the firm Hagar Pacific Properties. A few months ago, Adam Milstein and his wife Gila traveled to six different countries to unveil the horrifying truths about the Holocaust. The six countries they traveled to were Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, and Estonia. They tried to figure out the Genocide that was brought out by the Nazi Army of Germany and its European Collaborators. There were several American philanthropists along with Adam Milstein and his wife Gila, trying to find out the devastating truths.

There were mass graves in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland where the Jewish families were killed off by the firing of the German killing machine. The people that lived in these areas that were non-Jewish were taken on by the German Nazi Solders. Some of these non-Jewish people betrayed their Jewish neighbors that they may have been friends with for years.


Gila and Adam Milstein learned lessons that really stood out on their trip. The Holocaust lasted for many years, and it was the result of systematic racism, discrimination, and intimidation. The Holocaust was the largest Genocide in history. The German Nazi Soldiers used hatred to humiliate and marginalize the Jewish people. The non-Jewish people were set to believe that the Jews were dehumanized by Hitler, the ruler of the German Nazi Soldiers.

Europe blames the Holocaust and everything that the Jewish people had to go thru solely on the German Nazi Soldiers. Adam Milstein learned that it is against the law in Poland to use the phrase “Polish Death Camps”. Today, the Jewish people feel like the acts of the Holocaust could happen again. They will never feel safe again. During the Holocaust, Israel did not exist. After Israel was established, the Jews used this country as a hiding spot to stay safe from threats a crossed the Middle East. It is Israel’s job to protect the Jewish people from ever having to go thru a crisis like the Holocaust ever again. The Jews need to try to put the devastation of the Holocaust behind them and just hope and pray that they are safe. The Israel Defense Forces shield the lives of the Jewish people.