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The Iconic Journey of Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot, Ph.D., MBA, BSN, is a health entrepreneur based in Denver, Colorado. She earned her PhD from the University of Colorado. Deidre is an academician who has an MBA from Loyola University and possesses a nursing degree that she obtained from Southern Illinois University based in Edwardsville.

She began working at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in 1997 where she was tasked with the responsibility of managing the hospital’s administration group. During her tenure, she also served as a staff nurse as well as a coordinator. She served the hospital for about six years before leaving for the University of Michigan where she worked as a business analyst for the institution. Her exemplary work made her get promoted to the position of administrative manager. Deirdre Baggot was awarded an award for outstanding leadership during the three years at the organization.

She then moved to Denver, Colorado where she worked as a senior administrator Cardiac and Vascular Institute, which is a subsidiary of SCL Health.

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Her Performance at Cardiac and Vascular Institute

When she went to Cardiac and Vascular Institute, Deirdre Baggot had the idea of transforming it to become one of the most sought-after health centers in Colorado. She was in charge of about 450 employees of the organization. She made efforts to improve the company’s image by recruiting qualified personnel, making acquisitions, and marketing the brand using various results-approved methods. During her time with the organization, Deirdre managed to open up 11 new clinic locations that served patients from different parts of Colorado.

Her vast experience in the health industry is what earned Deidre Baggot a vice-president position in GE Healthcare Partners in Los Angeles, California. She successfully oversaw a transition of the company’s healthcare system from analog to digital.

Deidre Baggot attributes her success to persistence and being focused on the results that ought to be achieved.


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