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Organo Gold, Global Leader in Distribution of Coffee

Organo Gold is at the top of the charts when it comes to the manufacturing, production, and distribution of coffee. This company has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California but it is a global company that has clients from all parts of the world. Organo Gold was founded by Bernardo Chua who is a successful entrepreneur and the core strategy for forming this company was to create a healthy drink for everyone. Bernardo Chua is also the CEO at the company, and he has taken the company to the next level. This organization puts its customers first when it comes to coffee and this it does by utilizing the direct sales business model. This business model has helped the company increase its distribution network further and further into the global market. With this approach also, the company is able to deliver what the customers demand as they are able to interact with them.

Organo Gold produces Ganoderma coffee which is the best, main and leading product in the company. The Ganoderma coffee has become so popular among coffee users in different parts of the world because it is healthy. This coffee is formulated with ingredients that have health benefits when taken in by an individual. Some of its health benefits include:

  • Reduces cancer
  • Acts as antivirus and an antibacterial
  • It adds to one’s strengths
  • It has very low cholesterol
  • It boosts the immune system

Organo Gold wanted to create a coffee that would not only be a great addition to the coffee culture but one that would also be a safe and healthy alternative. With many coffee drinkers in the world, it was important that they get to enjoy a healthy drink on a daily basis.

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